Play the Latest Online Slots at XE88 and Stand a Chance to Hit the Jackpot!

A majority of slot players will reach a point in time whereby they don’t know what slot games to play anymore, and this is because they have tried every slot game the website has to offer or grown lukewarm towards playing the same ones over and over. Either one is common, but it does not mean that they are falling out of love with slots. It only denotes the need to switch things up, and XE88 can do just that.

Switching Things Up with the ALL-NEW XE88

XE88 is a brand new online casino in Malaysia, and sure enough, it offers the most recent slot games. Other than the slots, XE88 offers casino games too. You may not be able to find a designated XE88 website but fret not, as 9KING is offering it as one of the game rooms.

XE88 is a breath of fresh air for many because the games it has are nothing like what players have seen or played before. When you enter the XE88 game room in 9KING, you will notice that all of the slots have a stamp on the bottom left that says NEW. Without question, new and old players will have a hard time containing their excitement, knowing that there is close to a hundred new slots to explore.

Aztec, Crystal Waters, Enchanted Garden, Wealth Treasure, Orient Express, Triple Twister, Big Prosperity, Iceland, Bonus Bears, and God of Wealth are some of the most popular slot games in XE88. From these titles, you can tell that each slot game has a distinctive theme, so there is no need for you to frown your brows because you will never play slots with similar storylines, illustrations, and themes anymore!

Although XE88 is the latest addition to the 9KING portfolio, it is rapidly catching up with the rest, building a rapport of its own, and making an impact in the slots industry. XE88 establishes itself as one of the highest and most-frequent paying slots platform, with enticing perks that players can claim daily.

XE88 Slot Games

Play Progressive Jackpot Slots, Receive Daily Bonus, and More with XE88

Progressive Jackpot Slots

If winning big is your intention when playing slots, then you ought to play some of the progressive jackpot slots XE88 online casino Malaysia brings to the table.

Progressive jackpot slots are no stranger to many, if not all, slots players. They have the biggest payouts of all the jackpots out there, some which amount to millions of Ringgit Malaysia. If all of the lucky stars align, and a player lucks out and plays the right slot at an opportune moment, the dream of becoming an overnight millionaire is within the bounds of possibility. For instance, one of the XE88 frequent visitors has won RM 35,000 in a day from playing slots. And when that happens, sceptics that take “playing games will never get you far” as gospel will drop their jaws.

Progressive jackpot slots can offer such astronomical payouts because they combine other slot games to the same prize pool. In simpler terms, the payout increases a lot faster when more players join different slots. You cannot expect this from a regular jackpot, whose amount is set and remains the same throughout the slot game.

Some of the progressive jackpot slots in XE88 are Striper Night, Crystal Waters, Glamorous World, Green Light, Wealth Treasure, Victory, and many others.

If you play slots for entertainment sake and winning isn’t in your itinerary, then there are other games like Thai Paradise, Money Bunny, Cheese in Trap, and a lot more for you to try. These games have jackpots only.

Promotions and Bonuses

In addition to providing progressive jackpots and giving players the chance to break the bank, XE88 online casino Malaysia also offers all sorts of promotions and bonuses in which players can claim seven days a week.

The XE88 Welcome Bonus and other perks either help players fork out less money from their own pockets or thicken their wallets to the point of no folding them.

There are two other *features that players ought to look out for when playing in XE88:

(a) Daily social bingo – This is a brand new feature that allows players to join bingo sessions for free.

(b) Daily random spins – Players that participate in this get rewarded with free stars, which they can then use to join Lucky Wheel or Mystery Box, in exchange for more free prizes. Players can choose to use the stars sparingly or all at once to collect more rewards!

The great thing about these added features is that players can join them every day for free, all the while standing a chance to win a little something extra that can boost their accounts.  

*Terms and conditions may apply. Features may not be available in 9KING online casino at the moment.

Features of the Slot Games

The slot games you play on other websites are usually very lively and animated. The symbols are 3D, and the backdrop moves, with the music blasting and extra sound effects coming to play now and then to add to the atmosphere.

Some players find these extra touches interrupting, and if you are one of them, then you will love the games in XE88. The backdrop is merely a stagnant wallpaper that reflects the theme of the slot game you have picked. The symbols are 2D, flat, you may say, but nothing short of charm. The slot symbols take up most of the screen, with the other functions intuitively laid out on the sides. All of these details help players focus solely on the game, keeping distractions at a minimum.

The information/help page thoroughly explains to you which symbols to look out for, what they do, how much they pay, how certain features can be triggered, the winning combination for each payline you subscribe to, and much more.

At the top of the screen is the ‘Random Jackpot’ column. It is a jackpot that can be triggered and won at any time, and its amount fluctuates all the time.

XE88 Slot Games

Bring XE88 Online Casino Malaysia With You Everywhere, Anytime

You can download XE88 and play all of the games on your mobile devices, Android, or iOS. To download, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On your search tab, type XE88 APK or XE88 APK Download.

Step 2: Click on any link that gives you a QR code to scan that will begin the download or a button that differentiates the download between Android and iOS.

Step 3: Scan or click on the button following the operating system of your mobile device. A pop up will appear. Allow the install to proceed.

Step 4: When the installation finishes, another pop up will appear. Click [CANCEL].

Step 5: Head over to Setting in your mobile and click on [GENERAL]. Then, click on [DEVICE MANAGEMENT], followed by the developer.

Step 6: Click [TRUST] when a pop up appears.

In six simple steps, you can download XE88 into your mobile and play with the slots whenever you like, wherever you are. Alternatively, you can enter the XE88 game room via 9KING. If you are not a 9KING member yet, this is how you can register:

Step 1: On your search bar, type 9KING. Click on the first link; it should state

Step 2: On the left panel, click on Register.

Step 3: Fill in your information, and proceed with the registration.

These three steps will register you as a 9KING member. To enter the Game Intact game room, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the homepage, click on [SLOTS] on the top panel.

Step 2: Select XE88 game room.

Step 3: Key in your betting amount, and click on [PLAY]; alternatively, you can deposit. If you are entitled to a rebate, click on [CLAIM REBATE] instead.

XE88 ID Test

If you are not ready to play XE88 slots with your own money yet or wish to keep risks at a minimum, you can use the XE88 ID Test account instead. It is a demo account that lets you play all of the games for free. You can get in touch with the customer service to ask how you can sign in using this free account, and if you come across any problems, you can also reach out to them, and they will help you there and then.   

XE88 Slot Bonus

What Are You Waiting For? Try the New Games Today!

Chinese people believe that anything brand new will bring good luck. Visit XE88 today so you can enjoy more ong and huat

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918Kiss is another slot game room, and it is available in 9KING, or you can download the 918Kiss app and play all of the slot games on your mobile.

There are hundreds of slot games to pick from, so you are sure to find one that ticks all of the boxes and fits your style of play. Not to forget, all of the slot games reward players generously. Other than slots, 918Kiss offers casino games too.

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