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A Necessary Condition for Winning Sports Betting

Necessary Condition For Winning Sports Betting

Football has a different name in different parts of the world. The name ‘Football’ is commonly used in England, whereas, ‘soccer’ is used in regions like America and Canada. Football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players. The players have to kick and pass the ball around to score into the opposite goal. It is an ancient game that dates back to 280 AD. Football is one of the very well-loved sports in the world.
Everyone loves watching football. The football scene in Malaysia is quite prominent. Malaysians are actively involving themselves in playing football, attending to football matches and supporting their favorite teams. When the football season arrives, the football craze starts to rage. Every night, football fans will gather at the nearest Mamak stall they can find and watch the football matches together. They would cheer every time their favorite team scores the goal. These loud cheers would tear across the usually gloomy night air. For some football fans, they would utilize their football knowledge to bet on the matches for some extra cash. Soccer bet is a common scene in the world of football as people often look for the best odds from various sportsbooks to bet on. Sports betting in Malaysia is becoming more popular and a lot of people have started soccer betting. Why do people spend a considerable amount of money betting on sports?

Soccer Malaysia

Why Do People Bet On Soccer?

  • Football Season is All Year Round.
    Football matches are being scheduled very frequently. Different football leagues are playing throughout the year. Bettors do not have to wait for long before they can place another football bet. For instance, the European League normally starts in August and usually ends in late April or May and sometimes dragged to June. There are about 3 months of offseason for the European League. Even so, some other football league will fill in the gap and entertain the die-hard football fans. Football matches are usually played in all kinds of weather. Football matches can only be played when the condition of the pitch is safe for the players to play and the visibility during the game has to be sufficient. The weather should be just right so that the players and the fans do not need to wear bulky clothes to keep warm. Football matches will not be played during extreme conditions like heavy snow or in the events of the field being destroyed.
  • The Growth Of Sports Betting.
    Sports betting has been around for a long time and it could date back to 2,000 years ago. Back then, the Greeks were already betting on some Olympics games. In specific, the Romans were betting on the gladiators when it was legalized during that time. Later, when it was forbidden by the laws, sports betting went underground and it survived until this day. In the older days, football bettors have to place their bets through a football bookie, in black and white. With more and more things going digital following the advancement of technology, sports betting is slowly transitioning too. In 1996, the first online sportsbook was established, and that marked the beginning of the modern era of sports betting. More online sportsbooks are set up after the digitalization of sports betting and it has contributed towards the epic growth of online football betting. All the football bets can now be done online within the bettors’ homes. They do not have to travel anywhere and the betting time is highly flexible. Some online football bookies allow the bettors to place last minute bets which make football bets extremely convenient.
  • The Thrill Of Football Betting.
    Football betting gives a different kind of thrill that makes people want it more. Sure, watching a football match is exciting enough, but for some people, they seek for the specific kind of thrill from football betting. The football matches get more exciting when the bettor’s predictions seem to slowly come true. Football betting gives the bettors a sense of participation. If the team that they bet on wins, it also means that they win too. For some bettors, betting on football is their way of showcasing their knowledge of football. To some, it is a way of boosting their inner football fanatic ego. Just being able to name all the teams and the league winners is not enough, they want to show that they are capable of successfully predicting the match’s outcome by using their knowledge.

Types Of Soccer Bets

There are tons of varying soccer bets out there for you to bet on depending on your preferences and the odds. Higher risk bets have better payouts while lower-risk bets are generally safer. Most sports bet platforms offer various types of soccer bets. These are the more commonly seen bets that most bettors bet on.

maxbet sportsbet malaysia
  • Money Line
    This is the most common type of bet. The bettors will choose from one of these three outcomes to bet on: home wins, away wins, or draw. The bettors will win when the outcome that they have predicted comes true. Because of its simplicity, most bettors go with this type of soccer bet.
  • Draw no Bet
    This bet is very similar to the Money Line. The difference is that the draw option is not available in this bet. The bettors can only bet on the victory of either team. When a draw happens at the end of the match, the bettors get a refund because there is no bet. This bet has lower risk as compared to the other bets as the choices are quite limited.
  • Half-time / Half-time & Full-time
    This soccer bet is very similar to the Money Line bet, except, for Half-time bet, the bettors only need to predict the results for the first half of the game. While, for Half-time & Full-time bet, the bettors need to be able to successfully predict the outcomes for both the half-time and when the match ends.
  • First / Final Goalscorer
    This is rather a straightforward bet. For First Goalscorer, the bettors have to predict who will be the first player to score in the match. The player can be from either team. As for Final Goalscorer, it is simply a bet on who is the last player to score before the match ends. The sportsbook will provide odds for every player that is taking part in the match. It has a wide range of options for the bettors to choose from, therefore the chances are not as promising as the other bets.
  • Over / Under
    This is a bet where the bettors have to bet on the number of goals scored, whether it is over the number predicted or under the number predicted. For example, a football bookie has issued an odds of 3.5. If a bettor bets on Over, they will win if the total goals scored by two teams are 4 or more. If a bettor bets on Under, they will win if the total goals scored is 3 or lesser.
  • Correct Score
    This is a tougher bet to win when compared to the other soccer bets. To win, the bettors have to guess the final scores of both the teams accurately. If they get one of the scores wrong, they do not win the bet. Normally, the bookies will provide some options for the bettors to choose from. The high risks of the bet guarantee a high return.
  • Accumulators
    This is the bet with the highest risks. Some bettors like to live dangerously by betting on bets with much higher stakes. An Accumulator bet is a bet combined with several selections wagered as one. As an example, several matches might be going at the same time, and some bettors might want to bet on the matches altogether. Bettors combine the several selections into one wager, in order to multiply the odds and maximize the payout. However, the bettor has to win all the selections to claim the payout. They will lose the bet if one of the selections did not win.

Some Betting Tips For The Football Betting Dummies

One of the deadliest mistakes that people make while football betting is they did not prepare for it. Sports betting is a game of luck, but it requires some skills too. These betting tips are some of the basics that you should know if you are still very new to sports betting.

  • Have Some Knowledge About Sports Betting.
    The first thing that you need to know about football betting is the odds. Odds are the percentage of money that you can gain back if your bet is won. Generally, bets with a higher risk yield a higher odds. They might pay really well, but it is relatively harder to win. Other than betting odds, you should also do some extensive research on the teams and leagues. Get to know your players well, get a grip on their statistics and capabilities. Pay attention and follow up on the current football news, get inside of the industry and learn about the line of business. Basically everything about football.   
  • Always Draw Out a Budget For Yourself
    This applies to whatever you do that involves money, but in this case, it is football betting. As a responsible bettor, you should always plan your budget wisely. Allocate an amount of money for Sportsbet and do not, for the love of God, spend more than the allocated amount. One of the common errors that the bettors make is that they think they could recover the lost money by betting more. It almost never works. If it always does, everyone can just get into sports betting and live their lives the easy way without having to work.
  • Look Around For Better Odds
    Try not to just settle down for one bookie. Go out and have a look, you never know which sportsbook is offering a higher odds than the one you are currently sticking to. Every betting site pay slightly differently. You should shop around and look for the odds that you think suits you more. Some people prefer higher odds while some might not. The best part about Sportsbet is that there is always something for everyone.

If you are still interested in sports betting, you should read and learn more about this industry. There is so much more to soccer betting than just learning about soccer bets. Here is a pro-tip, you should read more on soccer betting tips if you are keen on improving your football betting skills.


Best Sports Betting Malaysia 9KING

Top Winning Tips for Online Sports Betting

Top Winning Tips for Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is a leisure activity where a person predicts and places a bet on the results/outcome of a sports game. Known for being passionate and obsessive on the local and international football scenes, Malaysians are not excluded from the craze of betting on their favorite teams and players during the league seasons. Based on a recent study by a reliable Malaysia Sportsbook, an astounding amount of RM 4million is wagered annually on online sports. Needless to say, 90% of that total is placed on football.

Best Sports Betting Malaysia 9KING

Online Sports Betting is More Than Meets The Eye

As straightforward as selecting a team and placing a wager on it, online sports betting requires plenty of researching and studying of the game, the team, and its players. With so many football betting tips available, punters can equip themselves with key statistics and analysis of their favourite teams. These statistics track the performances of each player throughout the football season. Overtime, punters will learn to see a familiar pattern and start wagering on matches that they stand a chance to win.
Most of the time, punters will create several accounts on different football bookies to increase their chances of winning more bonuses. Easy access to mobile betting applications, the rewarding return of investments, safe sports betting sites, and our very own feeling of excitement when placing a bet are some of the factors the online sports betting scene in Malaysia is steadily receiving its soaring popularity.

Football Betting, As Some Recognize it As Soccer Betting

Watching a football match in the comfort of one’s home (or couch) can bring fans as much suspense and excitement as watching it live on big stadiums with a roaring crowd. It allows punters to get together and toss around soccer betting tips before placing a soccer bet. The English Premier League, for instance, is one of the most spectated and anticipated football leagues by Malaysians. There are various soccer betting methods. Some of the most popular soccer betting methods punters opt for are the Point Spreads and Totals.

Soccer Betting Malaysia 9KING

Getting To Know Your Soccer Bet

Point Spreads and Totals are designed in such a way that a punter will have a 50% chance of winning. These types of soccer bet should garner punters a “fair” return that is on-par with the amount wagered. However, the bets are usually priced up by football bookies at the odds of -110. Simply put, for every bet of RM 110, there is a chance at winning RM 100.

  • Point Spread
    Point spread is a handicap that is used to create a 50/50 betting proposition. For example,
    Manchester United -3.5
    Tottenham +3.5
    This point spread indicates that Manchester United will have 3.5 points deducted from their final score. Therefore, to have a successful wager on them, Manchester United will have to win by 4 points or more. On the other hand, Tottenham will have a 3.5 point added to their final score. A bet on Tottenham is only successful if they win the game or loses by 3 points or less.
  • Totals
    With Totals, a football bookie will post an expected total of points scored by both teams. Using our previous example, a bookie can set the total at 48.50 for Manchester and Tottenham. Punters will then have to decide whether to place a wage exceeding or below the totals. Punters that place a wager on exceeding totals can only win if the combined score from Manchester United and Tottenham is 49 or over, while punters placing a wager on below totals will win if the combined score from the two teams is 48 or less. On top of Totals and Point Spread, there are other common soccer bets that punters put their wagers on such as the Moneylines, Props, and Futures.
  • Moneylines
    A Moneyline bet is straightforward. Its winning is based on each team’s relative chance of winning a match. Moneylines simply mean backing a team to win a game.
  • Props
    Props, also known as propositions, are considered the laid-back type of soccer betting. Props are bets on the outcome that are decided during a soccer match and not affected by the final results. For instance, the number of goals scored or the first team to score a goal. Football bookies offer a variety of outcomes to bet on, especially on high profile matches.
  • Futures
    Futures are bets made on how a team or its players will fare throughout a whole season. Placing a bet on Manchester United to qualify for the Champions League or Lionel Messi to win the Ballon d’Or at the beginning of the season is considered a Futures bet. Futures are not affected by the match score.
Soccer Sportsbook

Making The Most out of Your Soccer Bets

One of the pluses of online sports betting is that punters are pampered with unlimited choices. There are plenty of betting sites that allow Malaysians to shop around as they offer different welcome bonuses, promotions, and deals. Punters can take time to scout for and make a comparison between sites that offers the best deals. With so many options to choose from, the risk of becoming too heavily invested in soccer betting naturally entails. You are put in a mindset of either compensating for loses or chasing the wins with bigger bets. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how you play. Take time to research and understand the teams/games you are investing in. Utilize resources from general sports media such as stats websites, fan blogs, and sports betting forums to decide how a game or a match will pan out. In addition to that, don’t overspend. When setting a betting budget, it is a matter of how much you want to spend VS how much you can. So, think of the worst-case scenario! The betting amount should depend on how much you can afford to lose in a bet.

Furthermore, never bet on tilt. Tilting is a term used when you allow your emotions to take over when placing a bet. If you are upset after losing a few soccer bets, tilting will likely result in you making bad and hasty sports betting picks. Besides that, never bet when you are under the influence of alcohol. It may sound like something that everyone should have known to avoid, but most punters bet while consuming alcoholic beverages. Alcohol will affect their decision-making abilities and can lead them to make bets that they are not conscious of. Practicing these soccer betting tips will help you to become a winning bettor and rake in good money from your soccer bet.


Selecting A Suitable Sportsbook for Sports Betting in Malaysia

As mentioned before, to maximize the return of your investment in sports betting, shop around and find which sportsbook offers the best lines. Many punters make the mistake of having only one sportsbook to wager with. Bookies tend to set the odds however they deem fit, which means some sportsbooks will have better odds than the other. When selecting a sportsbook, remember to look at some of the criteria such as their bonus rewards for new sign-ups, payment methods, customer support, and compatibility with mobile gadgets. Pay attention while selecting a sportsbook and you will be able to find a sportsbook that fit your sports betting style best! There are a few sportsbooks available in Malaysia, some of which cater specifically to soccer bet. Depending on which online betting site you visit, each sportsbook tends to offer different perks to its punters in the hopes of attracting them to create an account. Punters will likely come across advantages such as new sign-up bonuses, greater odds pay out, multiple currencies usage, diverse deposit options, real-money wagering, in-play betting, flexible money transfer option, acceptance of MYR currency, and others.

Slow and Steady Wins The Bet

Should you follow soccer closely, understand its basics, and have some fair idea about all the players’ and teams’ competence, then you should make an adequate soccer punter. But, if you wish to make regular profits out of soccer bet, it is advisable to learn more in-depth about statistics that are relevant to the team you are betting on and take into consideration factors that can affect the performance of a match such as team schedules, current forms, passing accuracy, injury reports, and weather forecasts. Similarly, try to learn the fundamentals about soccer bet and the different features each Malaysia Sportsbook has to offer. Take Maxbet for example. Maxbet is regarded as one of the best online sportsbooks in Asia as it offers a variety of licensed products and services to its punters. Having an effective and adept operation team, Maxbet promises a safe, secure, and fair gaming experience. To learn about online sports betting is a perpetual effort. Ultimately, the best way to learn is to gain experience along the way. In no time, you will be more attentive when making decisions, able to make more accurate predictions, and more effective in implementing different strategies when betting.

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How MAXBET Rise To Fame In Malaysia?

How MAXBET Rise To Fame In Malaysia?

Malaysia is a Muslim country where laws and regulations limit the freedom in sports betting. Muslims in Malaysia are bounded by the Sharia laws which forbid them from gambling. However, there is also a vast percentage of non-Muslim locals in Malaysia which comprised of mainly Chinese and Indians. They are not restricted by the jurisdiction of the Sharia laws. They are more open to the idea of gambling.

The only legalized casino found in Malaysia is the Casino de Genting. Casino de Genting generates and contributes a huge percentage to the nation’s economic revenue. Among the various betting forms, Sports betting has appeared to be more favourable compared to others. This is most probably because sports were introduced to us since we are young and it has become part of our daily lives since then.

Today, almost everything can be done through the internet. This includes sports betting. Sports betting is fairly common among the Malaysian bettors. Each year, the sports betting scene will reach its peak when the sports season arrives. Sports fans from Malaysia can get very excited during the sports season or a sports event such as the FIFA World Cup. To get up to date with the latest sports events, several sportsbooks were set up online. Maxbet is one of the sportsbooks that is set up in Malaysia. It is one of the biggest and most efficient sportsbooks in Malaysia as it offers various types of sports gambling, for instance, online football betting. Maxbet is a preferred choice for many bettors as it provides a safe and secure platform for online sports betting. Besides this, what are the other reasons that made Maxbet so famous in Malaysia?

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Why MAXBET Is Famous For Online Sports Betting

The popularity of Maxbet has increased sharply among the Malaysian bettors. Here are the reasons that make Maxbet a crowd favourite for sports betting.

Online sports betting has become a huge economic powerhouse

The online sports betting industry has been growing and generating a huge amount of revenue each year. The annual revenue collected from online sports betting has reached such an enormous volume where it can help in the development and growth of a country. According to conducted researches, statistics show that the online sports gambling industry was worth almost $20.51 million in 2009, and it is expected to rise to about $59.79 million by the year 2020. Evidence has shown that the public demand for online sports betting is extremely high. Although unannounced, many people are involved in online sports betting activities.

Where does all this money come from? The economy has gotten better and prosperous throughout the years. People have more spare income to spend on different types of entertainment. Some of them chose to spend their money on online sports betting. More sportsbooks are popping up as the demand grows bigger. Maxbet is one of the sportsbooks that was set up in Malaysia for the convenience of Malaysian bettors.

Latest information easily available

Technology plays a pivotal role in our daily routine. These days, we can’t live without technology for more than a minute. Almost every daily items in our life rely heavily on technology. Today, we are connected with each other via the internet. People can get the latest information by accessing the internet. They will receive notifications whenever a news article is posted. As a result, people became more susceptible to receive news. It is much easier to be a sports fan today as the only way people can get the latest information previously is through the television or radio.

Various sports betting tips are created and discussed in different forum pages. Bettors are always sharing their opinions and knowledge unselfishly through the online sports betting forums. These forums have given a clearer insight to new bettors about online sports gambling. Sports betting fan base blossoms when the information is easily accessible to the public. With loads of useful information available at all times, an increasing number of Malaysian bettors are taking sports betting online.


As everything is just one click away, more sportsbooks in Malaysia are being set up online. The betting trend back in the days involved bettors making their bets to a bookie over the phone. It can be quite troublesome and mistakes can easily happen. But on Maxbet, you can place your bets easily with just a few clicks. There is a safety net for both the players and Malaysian sportsbooks. How so? A player has to deposit money before they can place any bets. This makes sure that the players have some sort of leverage before entering any game. In a way, it refrains the players from losing too much money before they proceed any further. On the other hand, the sportsbooks are protected when a player is unable to make a payment or refuse to make a payment. Credits are concluded and calculated when a match ends and the bet money will be credited to either the players or the sportsbook depending on the results. This creates a hassle-free environment that benefits both parties.


What Types Of Sports Betting Are Available On MAXBET?

Maxbet is furnished with various betting games such as E-sports betting, virtual sports betting, and football betting. Maxbet tries its best to cater to the different preferences of every player in the market. This is also why Maxbet is becoming a famous online Malaysia sportsbook.


E-sports is a type of competitive sports that are performed through video games. For instance, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, and many more. In recent years, a lot of players have gone professional in playing E-sports. They are doing it full-time, gaining popularity, and making money by winning tournaments. As video games become more appealing to the younger generations, more money is invested in it, which generates more opportunities for betting. It is not a surprise considering the number of cash prizes that can be won in leading tournaments. Following the exposure of E-sports, more sportsbooks in Malaysia are set up and all parties involved are reaping the sweet rewards from this new economic powerhouse. Maxbet is one of the sportsbooks in Malaysia that offers a diverse range of E-sports games in their server, such as CSGO and League of Legends.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are electronic games inspired by real-life sports games. Racing games are one of the popular forms of sports in virtual gaming. A few of the examples are Virtual Horse Racing, Virtual Greyhound Racing, Virtual Football, Virtual Motor Racing, Virtual Cycling, and Virtual Tennis. The diverse variety presented on Maxbet is will satiate the demand of every bettor. The best part of virtual sports is that it is operated on demand. Bettors can start a game at any time and any day. The results of every game are released extremely quickly. Players do not have to wait for long before proceeding to the next game. Moreover, bettors do not need to be an expert to bet in virtual sports as anybody can win and participate without knowing anything about sports betting. This is also one of the reasons why virtual sports betting is gaining popularity.

Online football betting

Another more favored form of sports betting is online football betting. Football is a well-loved sport in Malaysia. Football fans can be seen everywhere especially during a match night. The whole nation gets extremely excited when the football season arrives. Some sports bettors would take this opportunity to bet on their favourite teams when the season starts. According to statistics, an approximate total amount of RM 1 billion is wagered by Malaysians on football every day.

In Maxbet, various teams from different nations are featured every week. With plenty of choices to choose from, every bettor can bet on what they like.

Interested in online football betting? Here are a few helpful pointers for you to get started on winning a football bet.

Do not try to recover losses by placing more bets.

It is not advisable to keep placing bets if you start losing in a game. Most people have the mindset that by placing another bet of a higher amount, the previous lost can be covered when the bet is won. It does not work like that. Chances are, you will keep losing even more. Always keep a clear mind when it comes to online football betting.

Bet on the League that you follow.

Before making any bets, it is better to know what you are betting on. Study the leagues and the teams before betting. Get a clear understanding of their habits, their stats, their tendencies, and so on. The chance of winning will increase when you know exactly who you are betting on.

Do not bet on your favorite team.

When you bet on your favorite team, you tend to lose objectivity. You will be clouded by biased judgement and believe that your favorite team will win. It is simple psychology, we tend to convince ourselves that our favourite team will always achieve victory regardless of the chances and the opponent. Plenty of research should be done before going into a football betting instead of just relying on the feeling of your heart.

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Matthew Stafford

9KING Online Casino Guide: Top 10 Richest Athletes

Top 10 Richest Athletes

As a kid watching our favorite athletes battle it out on the sporting grounds, we can’t help but admire the price tag that comes with their career. Even as an adult, we still can’t help but go ga-ga over their salaries.

Thanks to endorsement deals and crazy intense contracts, it goes to show that anyone can make bank doing what they love. Forbes recently published their Top 10 highest paid athlete list and these numbers will blow anyone’s socks off! As predicted, many of these athletes are from popular sporting events. They include basketball, tennis, football, and even the sport with the highest betting and beatings, boxing.

Who do you think takes the crown for being the richest athlete to date?
We’ll start from the bottom up:

10. Matthew Stafford (American Football)

USD$ 59.5 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Matthew Stafford

Detroit Lions’ star quarterback Matthew Stafford, a Texas native, Stafford’s endorsements worth USD$2 million with earnings of $57.5 million. This college footballer turned pro has rightfully earned his winnings as he has been crowned the fastest player in NFL history to reach 30,000 yards (approx. 28km) in 109 games. That’s like running from KL to Shah Alam each game and still beating the record for speed!

His five-year contract deal of $135 million includes a guaranteed $60.5 million salary and a $50 million bonus on a yearly basis. As a quarterback, he leads the pack in offense and has fast become a crowd favorite. His impressive skills landed him in handsome endorsements from Nike, Pepsi Co, and Ford Motors totaling $2 million. This puts him slightly behind fellow American Footballer Matt Ryan.

9. Matt Ryan (American Football)

USD$ 67.3 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Matt Ryan

What do Nike, Gatorade, Delta Airlines, IBM, Mercedes Benz, and Banana Republic have in common? Matt Ryan. His status as NFL quarterback has won him the likes of these companies. In return, he gets a bonus $5 million in endorsement mullah.

Besides winning the hearts of his fans and sponsors, he has also won the title of First-NFL-Player-to Earn-$30-Million. His new contract, signed with the Detroit Falcons has given him a yearly income of $100 million plus an extra $46.5 million bonus.

His earnings have also come from many years of awards and recognition such as NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP), and NFL Offensive Player of the Year.
For those unfamiliar with American Football, quarterbacks are the team leaders on the offense teams, and call the shots on the field. Therefore, they’re generally paid highest in the team.

8. Stephen Curry (Basketball)

USD$ 76.9 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Stephen Curry

Six-time NBA All-Star, two-time NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP), three-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry takes the 8th spot on this list. Deemed the greatest shooter in NBA history, Curry has won the hearts of basketball fans and fellow players for his revolutionary three-pointers.

His contributions to basketball has not only earned him the nickname “the Michael Jordan of the three point era”, it has also paid off in economic status with sponsorship from Nissan, Under Armour, Chase, JBL, and Vivo worth $42 million off the courts.

His latest contract with the Golden State Warriors also landed him as the first NBA player worth $200 million, resulting in a $40 million yearly earning for five years. Off the courts, Curry has also been focused on his new production company, Unanimous Media, which aims to produce films that center around family, faith, and sports themes.

Curry may not have gotten the first place on this ranking, but he sure has a #1 spot in the hearts of many.

7. Roger Federer (Tennis)

USD$ 77 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Roger Federer

While the American MVPs make most of their financial gains from contracts, the greatest tennis player turns to his endorsement partnerships.

While his latest prize money amassed an impressive $12.2 million, his endorsements has put him on a delectable spot on this list. The Swiss native has gathered entourage sponsors across the globe from Mt Fuji to the Alps. From Barilla, Moet & Chandon, Credit Suisse, Mercedes Benz, Rolex, and Uniqlo, he has earned a whopping $65 million.

Despite his status and wealth, Federer has still made time to make guest appearances in the likes of Bear Grylls’ Running Wild on Discovery.

6. LeBron James (Basketball)

USD$ 85.5 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - LeBron James

After making is to the NBA finals eight years in a row, James stands tall as the man who has beaten legend Michael Jordan’s record. On the court, his skills have earned him $33.5 million in salaries. With his new four-year contract with the LA Lakers, he is set to gain an extra $154 million.

Besides holding the title for beating Michael Jordan’s long standing record, James also holds the NBA’s top endorsement portfolio. James has partnered with Blaze Pizza, Coca-Cola, Beats by Dr Dre, Kia Motor, Intel, and Nike. James’ Nike signature collection is also currently the most best-selling sneakers among active NBA players. But his earnings are not for keeps as he plans to spend $41 million to send kids to college for free.

5. Neymar (Football)

USD$ 90 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Neymar
After making his name in Brazil at a young age, Neymar uprooted to Barcelona to join football legends Messi and Suarez to kick start his career. However, it wasn’t till 2017 when a transfer to Paris Saint Germain bumped him into the category of Most-Expensive-Player-Ever.

The move from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain cost $600 million for a five-year transfer. The breakdown was a $250 million to Barcelona for the release, together with a $350 million salary. The am bipedal (footballer who can play with both legs) has also caught the attention of sponsors that landed him in partnerships that rake in $19 million from Red Bull, Gillette, McDonald’s, Beats by Dr Dre, and Nike. His unique skills and abilities have also given him privilege as the first soccer player with his own custom Air Jordan sneakers.

4. Conor McGregor (UFC Fighter)

USD$ 99 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Conor McGregor

Thanks to a 2017 boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, McGregor pocketed $85 million. According to reports, this sum is five times of his previous top paycheck. This is a result of an estimated $550 million revenue from 4.3 million PPV (Pay-Per-View) buys plus multiple deals in the 12 months leading up to the fight with Mayweather.

Under his belt of deals, he has a slew of partner sponsors such as Burger King, Beats by Dr Dre, Monster Energy, David August, BSN, Anheuser-Busch, HiSmile and Betsafe. Since his claim to fame, he has also developed various digital properties such as Conor McGregor FAST Program, MacMoji app, MacTalk app, and Mac Life that continues to bring in the cash.

3. Christiano Ronaldo (Football)

USD$ 108 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Christiano Ronaldo

Citing a need for a “challenge”, Ronaldo footballers moved to Italian Club. This move gained the man $117 million. Previously, during his time with Real Madrid football club, he earned a comfortable sum of $61 million.

His reputation secured him a lifetime contract with Nike worth upward of $1 billion. Besides a contract of a lifetime, he also has a strong set of sponsorships that elevated him to the Top 3 Richest Athletes list. Endorsements include Herbalife, EA Sports, and America Tourister. The list doesn’t stop there, Ronaldo also has a growing line of branded goods including shoes, underwear, fragrances, jeans, a children’s line, a chain of hotels, and restaurants in Brazil.

With an Instagram following of 322 million, it is no wonder brands and corporations are itching to get him on board with their brands.

2. Lionel Messi (Football)

USD$ 111 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Lionel Messi

Barcelona front man Messi snatches the silver, a step ahead of Portuguese Ronaldo. Upon agreeing to extend his contract with Barcelona, he banks in a combined annual income of $80 million from the contract alone.

For dessert, he has deals with Gatorade, Pepsi, Ooredoo, Huawei, and Hawkers. To top it off, akin to Ronaldo, Messi has signed a lifelong sponsorship with Adidas which lands him a sexy earning of $111 million.

Brazilian Neymar may have bagged the title of Most-Expensive-Player-Ever, but Messi still takes the lead on the financial pedestal.

1. Floyd Mayweather (Boxing)

USD$ 285 million

Top 10 Richest Athletes - Floyd Mayweather

In a sweat-breaking-Gatorade-chugging, highly anticipated match with Conor McGregor, Mayweather generated more than $550 million in revenue. Dubbed “Pretty Boy” “Money” Mayweather, he founded his own boxing promotional firm, Mayweather Productions that generated a massive 23.8 million PPV (Pay-Per-View) purchases, surpassing former top PPV big boys such as Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, and Manny Pacquiao.

In the highest anticipated fight of 2017, Mayweather rang out his younger Irish competitor with a reported earnings of $300million. Mayweather “Money” also banked a sweet deal with designer watch company Hublot and Tequila Avion worth $10 million.

With an undefeated record of 50-0 wins in his career, Mayweather now has yet another win as the richest athlete in the world.

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6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Shaolin Soccer

6 Best Football Movies Of All Time (That Every Soccer Fan Should Watch!)

6 Best Football Movie at Here

People might think that soccer and football have the same meaning but it’s wrong as we’re living in different country with different culture and so on. In America, it is called as soccer and American football in their country is known as rugby in our country.

Football is said to be one of the most famous sport in the world, it has billions of fans worldwide, people can just make friends with others easily on the street or in any restaurants by talking anything related to football or while they are watching a football match together. Every football match is very special and can’t be replaceable, it’s very exciting and beautiful, real fans will surely know how it feels.

So now, I’m going to introduce you some of the football movies that every soccer fan should know.

1) Shaolin Soccer (2001)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Shaolin Soccer

For those who live in the Asia countries, such as Malaysia or Hong Kong, they will know how good and amazing this movie is. This movie is directed by and starring the one and only Stephen Cheow, who is very famous and talented in acting and directing. Shaolin Soccer is an action-comedy that directs us along the tough journey of Sing (Stephen Cheow), one of the Shaolin kung Fu master who is famous for his “leg of steel.” But nowadays, no one needs a Shaolin warrior, in order for Sing and his fellow monks to survive, they work as a street cleaner to make a living. One day, a soccer coach passes by and he noticed Sing’s talent for kicking which is really powerful and strong. They formed a football team by gathering Sing’s former Shaolin brothers to win the big prize in a national soccer competition. A strong combination of martial arts and soccer skills helps them in facing the fearful Team Evil in the final battle for the title.
Overall, the content is really great and the plot is completely hilarious, and most importantly, this soccer movie is really different compared to the others, you’ll have no time for water and toilet because you are too busy laughing while watching this movie.

2) Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (2006)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Zidane A 21st Century Portrait

Zinedine Zidane, every football fans will definitely know who he is, he is known as one of the greatest French player in football history. Zidane, he himself cuts down some of the storylines to just a single game in his career, a Liga clash against Villarreal in 2005. This film is more likely an extravagant remake of Costard’s 1971 curio “Football as Never Before”, a documentary made in 1970, with Zidane replacing the
place of George Best. This film begins with a silent first 15 minutes observing Zidane’s football skills and movement. This film was filmed in real time using up to 17 synchronized cameras, Zidane was sent off as he is involved in a brawl at the very last minute. At the same time, it includes some arresting moments and is interesting on a technical and technological level. 
One of the best highlight came towards the end of the game, it is when Roberto Carlos smiled at him and made a joke that made Zidane’s face light up with a beautiful smile. It is the most endearing moment in the film that could only be captured off the wall.

This movie is also a lesson to all footballers as well, no matter what the stakes are in football, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself because it is just a game after all. It’s okay if you lose, as long as you get back up, push yourself to the limit and fight for the team again. This movie is highly recommended as I personally think that it brings you many morals and values.

3) The Damned United (2009)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - The Damned United

It’s okay if you have no ideas about the other soccer movies, but there are no reasons for you by not watching The Damned United, it is a must watch for all the sports fan other than the football fans. Brian Clough was known as the youngest manager in history when he took over Derby Country, he was funny and friendly. 

This film tells the story of the 44 days Clough spent as a manager of Leeds United, an infamous era in the football history. Clough is also a nervous man, his passion eats at him, he cannot force himself onto the field during an exciting match with the Leeds, he remains in the locker room and tried to interpret the chants of the crowd. Michael Sheen exposes Clough’s insecurities and unconfident as he struggled against the tide in his new club while keeping his human side undamaged. 

Lesson that can be learnt in this film is that, building a good relationship with the teammates can improve and affect a team’s presentation on field and increase the chances of getting a higher score. In order to win a football bet, a bookie player should examine all these circumstances to increase the chances of winning.

4) Fever Pitch (1997)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Fever Pitch

This film simply talks about the romantic comedy about a woman, a man and a football team. It is based on Nick Hornby’s book of the same name, follows Paul (Colin Firth) as he is working as an English teacher and a sweet relationship with his love for the Gunners that stunned him on match days. The action come
to a climax with Paul watching his beloved team, Arsenal take on Liverpool in the final match of the season. 

Fever Pitch is an exciting and enthralling film that holds the interest of the audience, it’s well worth watching if you’ve ever been passionate about anything in life, regardless of what team you are supporting. This film is more important historically than as a piece of dramatic art and it teaches us how to appreciate someone or something that is meaningful to you. 

At my point of view, the thing that struck me about this film was the reality and ‘humanness’ of it. I could see such a thing happening in actual life, and I appreciated the portrayal of the everyday struggles of learning to refocus your priorities and commit to loving someone.

5) Escape to Victory (1981)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - Escape to Victory

What can you talk about a film that is set in Nazi prisoner of war camp that stars Pele, Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone? Escape to Victory supplies plenty of entertainment to those willing to suspend their disbelief to some extent.

First of all, the plot sees Caine playing the role of a British POW (prisoner of war) and former professional footballer, roped into organizing an exhibition against the guards, which quickly turns into an exposure stunt for the German authorities. Against all odds, the untidy side, supported by the inclusion of Pele and most of the Ipswich Town first team squad of the early 1980s, come back from 4-1 down to secure an excruciating draw. 

The heroes also take advantage of a pitch invasion at the final whistle to escape from their captor’s clutches, Stallone arousing madness or anger with a directly improbable save that maintains the game level. 

There were a couple of places where the plot was rather predictable and places where I simply thought it was completely unbelievable. However, all in all I would recommend this movie. It’s fun, and at time s, touching. 

6) The Football Factory (2004)

6 Best Football Movies of All Time - The Football Factory

This football movie is totally different from all the other football movies, so I suggest you go watch it now. Not all football films deal with what happens inside the pitch. Some of the popular titles of the last few years decided to mention the dark side of our game: the hooligans. 

The film charts Danny Dyer’s decent into a condition of extreme persecution complex after an unfortunate encounter with the family of Tamer Hassan, head of the hooligan outfit for bitter competitor Millwall. The movie closes with a cruel pitched battle arranged before a Chelsea and Millwall cup clash, and I bet a performance of The Jam’ s “Going Underground” is one of the best way to end any film.  

In my opinion, I found the violence and fashion to be very realistic in this film. “The Football Factory” is more than just football, it’s about loyalty, and a sense of belonging in this dysfunctional world. This film is all about being there for your mates, never giving up, and fighting for what you believe in. You should watch this film even if you are not a football fans. Tremendous fun!

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