The Innovative Journey of a Traditional Casino Going Online

There are a lot of things that we can talk about when it comes to the field of betting. It is in and of itself a community and culture.

Culture, as defined, is a term that encompasses the social behavior and norms found in the human societies, as well as the knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, and habits of the individuals in these groups.

To some people, betting is merely an entertaining pastime that generates revenue occasionally. To some others, betting is a whole new world with endless possibilities and brings about hope.


What are the Popular Betting Slangs in the Betting Community?

One of the ways a community creates its distinct disposition is by having its slang. Just like how Malaysia is a cultural melting pot, we are used to different kinds of slangs derived from different communities. It is the same in the betting culture, where there is a list of slangs that bettors commonly use when playing in a casino. Here are some popular betting slangs:

  1. Beginner’s Luck: Refers to the new and inexperienced players winning a game when they are not expected to.
  1. Fish: A person who is new to betting.
  1. Cage: A strongbox in a casino where all the money is kept.
  1. Hot: To describe a player that is on a winning streak.
  1. Cold: To describe a player that is on a losing streak.
  1. Jackpot: A pool of accumulated bet money taken from a portion of every bet made by the players from playing slots.
  1. Juice: A commission gained by the casino from the winnings of each player that plays in the casino.
  1. George: Nope, not the name of your son, colleague, or boss. George is someone who tips the dealer.
  1. Whale: A player that places huge bets. A whale is also called a High Roller. These players are capable of placing a hefty wager for any games that they engage in.

10: Shark: A player who disguises himself or herself as a novice. Out of sympathy, a Shark will deliberately lose a few hands to give chances to other players that are on a losing streak.

  1. Nut: The minimum amount of money that a player is expected to earn from the casino.
  1. Chase: When a player attempts to recover from his or her losses by placing more wagers, at times exceeding their budgets. Players are not encouraged to chase because there is no guarantee that they will recover from the losses.
  1. Bookie/Bookmaker: A bookie facilitates the betting process by accepting bets, placing bets, setting betting odds, and paying out the winnings to the players.
  1. RFB (Room, Food, and Beverages): The rooms, foods, and beverages provided by the casino to a player that is betting in the casino. For traveling players, they might receive hotel accommodations at a discounted price to spending in the casino. Some casinos offer alcohol or soft beverages for the players on the casino floor.

Cleverly utilizing the slangs can very well make you seem like a sophisticated person when you are rolling among the players in the casino.

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The Rise and Evolution of an Online Casino

Now that we have learned about the popular betting slangs, let’s get down to understanding the dynamic trend of the casino.

There is no definitive point of time that distinctively points out when exactly the human race has begun the betting fashion. In ancient China, there is evidence that suggests that a game called the White Pigeon Ticket circulated widely among the Chinese, which later inspired the lottery and Keno games today. Then, we have the ancient Greeks that were big on dice games. On the other hand, the Old Indian manuscripts like Rigveda and Atharvaveda spoke about games that resembled dice rolling too.

On the same note, the word ‘casino’ in Italian means a small country villa, summerhouse, or social club. In the 19th century, this term was widely used to describe buildings that allowed all sorts of self-indulgence activities, such as dancing, listening to music, sports, and betting.

In 1638, the first modern casino was established in Venice. The aim of such an establishment was a way for the government to control the gambling activities during carnivals. Not long after, the formation of casino quickly took form in other parts of the world. In the United States, casinos were called saloons. Some years later, betting was banned in almost all states except Nevada. Soon, the first legalized casino was set up in Las Vegas.

At first, in Britain, the casinos were meant for members only because the law back then limited the number of slots a casino can hold. This regulation loosened in the 60s and resulted in the rising number of commercial casinos across Britain. Years later, the Gambling Act of 2005 allowed Las Vegas-style casinos to be built once every few years. Cities in Britain were welcomed to bid for the involvement of such a project.

Before there were online casinos, land-based casinos remained to be one of the hottest entertainment sources. People traveled great distances just to play a few rounds of card games or the slots. Although pleasurable, making a trip down to the nearest casino can be such a hassle. Not to mention the additional cost such as transportation, accommodation, and the likes. Until, the creation of online casinos came about, gave entertainment a new definition, and made every player’s life much convenient.

Online betting started around the time the Internet came about. Microgaming was the first software company that developed the first-ever online casino called The Gaming Club back in 1994. Although the games didn’t take off, it did pave the way for online casinos that were budding. As time went on, online betting became more prominent, and the number of online casinos increased gradually.

Nearing the end of the 90s’, online Poker started to take form and multiplayer gaming also became available. This meant that the competition between online casinos was brought to new levels. Fully utilizing the advancement of technology, the games became better, so were the bonuses and offers. Progressive jackpots and themed slots became more common too.

Perhaps a game-changing moment was when a poker player named Chris Moneymaker won in the 2003 World Series of Poker. He proved that coming from a nobody with a stable job, it is possible to make money through playing Poker online. He started his journey through an online tournament with just $86. Although this might not seem impressive due to the opulence number of online casinos nowadays, this was quite an inspirational feat back when online betting was starting to take off. His win inspired countless of average Joes to get into online betting.

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How to Choose a Good Online Casino for Slots

No doubt, there are more and more online casinos set up on the Internet, and every online casino claim to be the best. This is not entirely false, it’s just that an online casino is only good if it suits the player’s preferences. When we talk about betting, there are a lot more elements than just casino games, slots, lotto, and sports betting. Not to forget, there are also e-sports betting and bingo.

Different online casinos provide different perks. While most of it put their focus on main casino games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack, Spade Gaming caters specifically to a slots player.

When it comes to slots, you must try Spade Gaming! They are one of the best online slots providers up to date. There are a lot of reasons that make Spade Gaming one of the most preferred online casino slots for most players. We will break it down one by one here and convince you to try them out!

Spade Gaming is an Asia-based company. With the newly acquired Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), they have successfully assimilated into the European market. All their creations are incorporated with various global cultures and elements, and the games on Spade Gaming are multi-lingual, which caters to the players coming from different parts of the world. Languages such as English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Turkish are available for selection.

Like most game developers, Spade Gaming is devoted to game development and are constantly bringing out new games to the table. To date, they have produced more than 30 original slot games. Together with innovation and technology, these games are available on mobile and desktop, and are equipped with stunning visuals and exciting sound effects for the ultimate gaming enjoyment.

Nowadays, players are looking for more than just a good payout rate. Good slot games on this day have to have the ability to compete against other slots in the market for the attention of the players. What is more effective in capturing the attention of the players than an eye-catching visual? Slots are not just about pressing the button and letting the reels spin anymore. Spade Gaming invests heavily in perfecting the graphics. In line with their recent game release, Heroes: Rise of the Legends, the graphics pack a punch and do its part in introducing this latest featured online casino slots to the market.

The trailer of the game starts with a realistic view of the aftermath. It also included scenes of a supernatural war. The trailer then ends by introducing the four main featured heroes. The detailed animation exerted a graphical dominance that is unparalleled to the other competition out there.

Spade Gaming offers free trials for all the games on its platform. This is necessary because every player has their preferences, and not every slot game is suitable for all. By offering demos, the players can get a feel of the slots before they start to deposit and spin the reels with real money.

Besides, players feel more comfortable knowing that their money is spent on slots that they enjoy playing. Not to say, different games have different payout rates and paylines. Some players are more comfortable playing slots with a higher denomination, while some are more at ease playing slots with a much lower denomination. Players can find those out by trying out the free demos available on the online casino slots site.

Spade Gaming provides a detailed description for each slot game, that thoroughly writes down the features, overview, supported browser, language available, RTP rate, and the likes of a specific slot game. These are useful information that will help players in determining which slots they want to play in the long run.

The website interface is another thing that Spade Gaming takes pride in. A simpler website interface means it is easier for the players to navigate. In addition to that, Spade Gaming has a brilliant layout with interesting and refreshing color coordination. Each aspect of the website is nicely sorted, so players can get to the destination they want with just a few clicks.

On top of making a mark in the cyber world, Spade Gaming is also actively involved in gaming exhibitions. One notable involvement was the Global Gaming Expo in Asia. During the exhibition, there were fun-filled activities that allowed players the opportunity to win expensive prizes such as iPhone and MacBook on the spot. The exhibition was also a great platform for game developers to exchange innovative ideas and solutions.

A great online casino is nothing without a strong and steady customer support as its backbone. Therefore, responsive customer service is what Spade Gaming has readied to assist their players. If the players are faced with any difficulties while playing the slots in this online casino, they can reach customer support through several platforms; players can even leave a message on the website. Spade Gaming is open to all suggestions that the players have, and they are very eager in helping the players eliminate any gaming inconvenience so that the players can fully enjoy themselves when they are playing slots.

There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding on an online casino to play with. Every online casino has its perks that benefit a specific crowd of players. Therefore, it is very important for you as a player to choose the online casino that suits you personally. You would not want to be splurging your money on things that you do not exactly enjoy, right? The most popular OMEGA GAMING in Malaysia.