Play Fishing War or Fishing God by Spade Gaming For Free

Now, losing credit each time you fire your cannon can sound like a lot of money getting “wasted”, especially if you have not figured out how to take down the big guys yet. But your concerns should not prevent you from playing online fishing games because there are demo versions that you can try out! 

With the demo versions, you can play Fishing War and Fishing God by Spade Gaming for free, but still, experience the games as if playing with real money. This way, you can practice, learn the ins and outs of the game, and figure out what strategies best to implement, and get into a Fishing War fully prepared. 

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SG Fishing God

Can you brace all odds and become the ultimate Fishing God? Put your skills to test and try the Fishing God at Spade Gaming.

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SG Fishing War

Fishing War is where you can play the most immersive, imaginative, and visually-pleasing fishing game. Give it a try now!

Spade Gaming online fishing games: Fishing God & Fishing War

Spade Gaming is one of the leading gaming software developers in Asia, and it has produced some of the best and most exquisite online fishing games, namely Fishing God and Fishing War. 

Together with realistic graphics, sound effects, and voiceovers, these online fishing games are unlike any computer games or arcade games that you have played. 

With Fishing God and Fishing War online fishing games, you are sure to win a ton of money, all without having to go through the hassle of real-life fishing. 

Fishing God 

Fishing God online fishing game has an RTP (return to player) of 97%, and it has medium volatility. You can play this online fishing game with a minimum bet of 0.01 credit, and a maximum bet of 10 credits. The best part is, you can materialize your goal of winning handsome cash because Fishing God is a jackpot fishing game that multiplies your bet by 888x. 

As soon as you enter the game, you will find yourself in underwater ruins, surrounded by schools of colorful and eccentric fishes that swim energetically. As the game progresses, you will hunt above an underwater hole that seems to have no ending, an ocean floor full of coral reef, or be around tall and bulky rock pillars. 

Understanding the game 

Before you begin playing, click on the question mark (?) icon to find information about the paytable and game modes.  

a) Difficulty

You can choose from three levels; each comes with a different bet limit: 

  • Junior: 0.01 – 1 credit  
  • Expert: 0.1 – 5 credit 
  • Godlike: 1 – 10 credit 

b) Paytable 

Although fishing games are easy to play, you ought to come up with a plan and decide on which kind of fish you want to hunt because each has a different value. 

For Fishing God, some of the low-value fishes are flying fish, clownfish, pufferfish, lobster, jellyfish, turtle, sawfish, stingray, and more. 

Look out for the larger fish with vibrant and vivid golden colors instead, such as the big clownfish, blue angelfish, big pufferfish, gold clownfish, gold angelfish, gold pufferfish, gold shark, and gold whale. The gold dragon pays the highest, up to 888x your wager, but it is also the most difficult to take down. 

c) Bonus 

I don’t know about you, but when Chinese New Year comes around, one of the things I anticipate the most is my bonus because it puts a big smile on my face (:D). 

When playing online fishing games, the same rule applies, and you should always anticipate and hunt for bonuses because they will add to your payout at the end of the game. 

The bonus features you can find in Fishing God are: 

  • Laser crab: Multiplies your bet by up to 120x and gives you an electromagnetic cannon. 
  • Drill crab: Multiplies your bet by up to 120x and gives you a drill cannon. 
  • Bomb crab: Multiplies your bet by up to 120x and gives you an explosive bomb that captures fishes within the blast zone. 
  • Wheel crab: Multiplies your bet by up to 300x. A 3-tier wheel will appear, spin, and reward you with an instant prize. 
  • Flash jellyfish: Multiplies your bet by up to 120x and strikes electricity across the ocean and electrifies fishes. 
  • Firestorm: Upgrades your cannon to Rapid Fire when you take down the firestorm symbol and provides you with 60 to 100 bullets that fire in rapid succession. 
  • Golden fortune bag: You will come across two kinds of fortune bags – one that appears in the mini-game, and the other that floats among the fishes. 

(i) Mini-game fortune bag: Pick a bag at random and receive an instant cash prize.

(ii) Floating fortune bag: Multiplies your bet by up to 200x.

  • Dragon king’s treasure: Stand a chance to win prizes that are 10x to 300x your bet. When you work with other players to take the Dragon King down, all of you can stand a chance to win prizes that are 10x to 300x the initial bet, topped with a lucky bonus.

A tip for you: 

Each time you fire a bullet, your balance will decrease, reflecting the shots fired. On the other hand, when you take down a fish successfully, your balance will increase. 

For example, if you choose a cannon and set the destructive power to 60, then each shot fired will cost you 60 coins. But when you shoot a fish that is worth 500, your balance increase by 500 coins. Therefore, your profit by the end of the game is 500 – 60 = 440 coins. 

To balance the equilibrium, you ought to shoot the right fish with the right type of cannon. Also, use the Auto feature to help you increase your chances of taking down high-value fish. Auto mode lets you aim, lock, and shoot at a fish until it is defeated or swims off the screen. 

Once you get the hang of switching between cannons and utilizing the auto feature appropriately, implementing this single strategy would suffice and maximize your profit. 

Are you ready to be a Fishing God and fill your net with big fat juicy fishes? If yes, join Fishing God today and dominate the ocean world today! 

Fishing War 

Fishing War by Spade Gaming is akin to Fishing God in terms of its RTP, volatility, minimum bet credit, maximum bet credit, and jackpot multiplier. 

The first thing that will attract your attention when playing Fishing War is the tunes. It is oriental but paired with quick beats. The tune changes following the background and actions you are engaging in. Other than the immersive visuals, I must say it is hard to resist yourself from getting hyped and into the mood of hunting with the lively and animating tunes. This fishing game also uses the Chinese folklore divine figure, Sun Wu Kong, as one of the special symbols. 

The colorful coral reef is the theme of all levels of difficulty of Fishing War. 

Understanding the game 

When you click on the question mark (?) icon, you will learn about the fish paytable, special features, and game modes. 

a) Difficulty 

  • Junior: 0.01 – 1 credits 
  • Expert: 0.1 – 5 credits 
  • Godlike: 1 – 10 credits 

Each level of difficulty in the Fishing War online fishing game can have up to four players playing at once. 

b) Paytable 

There are 14 low-value fishes in Fishing War online game, some of which are the flying fish, which multiplies your bet by up to 2x only, clownfish, pufferfish, lionfish, octopus, jellyfish, turtle, stingray, and more. 

The high-paying fishes are bigger. They are the pufferfish, shark, golden shark, hammerhead shark, golden hammerhead shark, and king crab. The jade toad will reward you with the most, multiplying your initial bet by up to 400x.

c) Bonus

There are nine special symbols that you need to look out for to maximize your payout. 

  • Dragon king: Work hand in hand with the other players in the game room to win lucky bonuses. Otherwise, fire at it and win yourself up to 300x multipliers! 
  • Firestorm: Upgrades your cannon temporarily to Rapid Fire when you take down the firestorm symbol and provides you with 30 to 100 bullets that fire in rapid succession. Once the bullets finish, your cannon will go back to the original one. In an instance where your game is interrupted, a prize worth 30x your wager will automatically go into your account. 
  • Thunder hammer: Fishes will have nowhere to hide because the thunder hammer will shoot off electricity and strike at fishes randomly! You can receive a reward up to 100x your wager with this bonus feature. 
  • Azure stone: Freeze any swimming living thing in the ocean for ten seconds and shoot all of the fishes like in a war with the azure stone! If you can take down the azure stone, you get an additional 10x multiplier for your wager. 
  • Wealth packet: An Ang Pao that contains multipliers and gets triggered randomly. When you do, you can choose one out of many. The multiplier can go up to 200x. 
  • Dragon wheel: Fire at the dragon wheel so you can spin it. You can receive a multiplier of up to 300x. 
  • Awakening Dragon: One of the easiest ways to catch all kinds of fishes because once you capture the Awakening dragon, the entire ocean will turn into a blast zone. You can receive multipliers of 100x to 488x. 
  • Monkey King (Sun Wu Kong): This feature is the same as Awakening Dragon, but it rewards you from 100x up to 688x your wager. 
  • Pirate ghost ship: All players in the game room can work together in taking down the ghost ship. Once it is defeated, a voiceover will say, “you don’t belong here!” in a vengeful tone, and an earthquake will follow. During the earthquake, the gold coins will fill the screen, and that is when you can receive prizes worth up to 888x your wager. 

A tip for you: 

Switch up your attack modes to hunt effectively. There are four modes you can pick from, which are the Target, Auto, Double, and Lightning modes. 

The Target mode lets you place a target on any fish, and your cannon will fire at it non-stop, and other fishes swimming in the way will not block the bullets. The Auto mode allows you to select as many fishes as you wish, and your cannon will automatically target these fishes and ignore the rest. 

The Double mode upgrades your cannon so that it is more powerful. However, the cost per shot will be more expensive, though. Lastly, the Lightning mode lets you zap any fish with, as its namesake implies, lightning. 

Your target will swim out of reach or gets taken down by another player, and subconsciously, you will try to shoot at them until the last bit, hoping to take them down. So, don’t just shoot blindly! Strategize and fire with a plan. 

What other online fishing games can you play?

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