Experience Luxurious Online Casino Gaming in SA Gaming

SA Gaming is a Leading Online Casino in Asia

Founded in 2009, SA Gaming is an online gaming developer and provider based in Manilla.

SA Gaming is known to specialize in developing and providing games relevant to the Asia-Pacific markets. In other words, the style and fashion of their online casino games have a heavy Asian influence.

By sticking with its unique identity, SA Gaming is able to bag multiple awards throughout the years. Here are some examples:

  • Best Online Casino Solution (2017) by Asia Gaming Awards
  • Asian Platform of the Year (2019) by Malta Gaming Awards
  • Live Casino of the Year (2020) by International Gaming Awards

SA Gaming also received several nominations, such as:

  • Live Casino Supplier (2019) by EGR B2B Awards
  • Mobile Gaming Software Supplier (2019) by EGR B2B
  • Australia/Asia Focused Technology Supplier (2020) by International Gaming Awards
  • iGaming Software Supplier (2020) by International Gaming Software

These award presenters are well-known in the industry, and the online gaming community, including operators, regulators, suppliers, service providers, and users like yourself, values their acknowledgment and recognition.

SA Gaming is also a safe and secured online casino. It has the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) license. Besides, all of the games and products are certified by two regulatory bodies, GLI and BMM Test Labs.

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) provides independent world-class testing, certification, and professional services to the gaming industry globally. BMM Test Labs is the longest-established private gaming test laboratory in the world.

Seeing how SA Gaming has been nominated and presented with significant prizes, together with their quality assurance, rest assured you can expect the best, safest, and distinctive online gaming experience.

SA Gaming is now available in 9KING online casino Malaysia. Read on to find out what games you can play. Apart from that, you can also be the first to hear about SA Euro – a new gaming studio/lobby running from Europe with European dealers for an exclusive and luxurious online gaming experience.

Online Casino Gaming in SA Gaming

SA Gaming Live Online Casino Games

Frankly, SA Gaming doesn’t offer many choices if we compare it with other online casinos in the market. It sticks to the classics, which are Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, Cow Cow Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Sic Bo, and Blackjack. And playing the same old games feels boring already, right?

You are wrong! Going back to basics with SA Gaming is anything but basic. As a matter of fact, you will have a whale of a time because some of these games come in varying features. That is not all! All of the games in SA Gaming are HTML5-powered, and that means having the ultimate user convenience. More on this and other cool features of SA Gaming later. Now, let’s talk about these money-making games!

  1. Baccarat

Baccarat Malaysia is a staple online casino game. It is also popular, especially in Asia and among high rollers. With SA Gaming, you can play one of the most enjoyable and entertaining online casino games with eight decks of cards, ten main roadmaps, and a six-card draw.

Special features:

  1. a) Multiple bets: Players can bet on up to 16 Baccarat tables together with three different view modes.
  2. b) Side bets: Lucky Six is one of the side bets in SA Gaming. A player wins this side bet if the Banker has a winning total of six.

You can get a maximum payout as high as 20 times your wager!

Trial games are available. They will come in handy if you are trying to get the hang of Baccarat or “warm-up” your luck.

  1. No Commission Baccarat

In most casinos, offline and online, the house charges a 5% commission on any winning Banker bets because the Banker’s hand always has a slightly higher odds of winning than the Player’s hand.

In No Commission Baccarat, the house doesn’t charge 5%. The Banker does not receive any commission even when it wins. Thus, the match pays 1:1.  The players who bet on the Banker can get back their wagers if the result is a tie.

There is a catch you must watch out for when you are playing No Commission Baccarat, though. If you bet on the Banker and it wins with a total of six, you can only get half your wager back.  

Trial games are also available for No Commission Baccarat in SA Gaming. And just like the real deal, you get to interact with a live dealer or switch tables when you feel like your luck is getting dry.

You also get access to a roadmap. A Baccarat Malaysia roadmap is useful as it shows the results of the previous rounds. In return, you can analyse them, point out trends, and even predict future results.

  1. Cow Cow Baccarat

Cow Cow Baccarat is a combination of Baccarat and Cow Cow games. The betting odds can go as high as 9:1, and that’s very promising!

Cow Cow is also known as Niu Niu, Bull Bull, or Bullfight. It is a card game but often given a moniker as a Chinese version of Poker. It is an in-demand game in the Asian market, particularly in south-eastern China and Cambodia.

Different Asian countries like Malaysia and Vietnam offer variations of Cow Cow.

If Cow Cow Baccarat is new for you, don’t fret! You can play the demo games first before betting with real money.

  1. Dragon Tiger

An Asian-centric online casino like SA Gaming is bound to have Dragon Tiger! It is likely one of the most simple casino/gambling games.

What’s unique about Dragon Tiger is that it doesn’t take much to win, as it depends purely on luck. And unlike a typical Baccarat Malaysia, the game of Dragon Tiger progresses quickly.

The Dragon Tiger game is slightly different than the traditional Baccarat, whereby it requires only two cards, the Dragon and the Tiger, to get going. One round of Dragon Tiger lasts about a minute.

In SA Gaming, players can wager on three outcomes: Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. The respective odds are 1:1, 8:1, and 1:1. The player bets on which value amongst the cards will be higher.

Like the rest, demo games are available.

  1. Roulette

Roulette is another game of chance. Players are to guess where the ball will land in the pocket of the Roulette wheel after it finishes spinning.

SA Gaming offers a single zero Roulette, alternatively known as European style Roulette. You can bet on multiple outcomes, such as:

  • Single number
  • Two number combination
  • Three number combination
  • Four number combination
  • Five number combination
  • Six number combination
  • Column
  • Dozen
  • Even or odd
  • Red or black
  • Low or high

Trial games available.

  1. Sic Bo

Other names for Sic Bo are Tai Sai, Dai Siu, big and small, and hi-lo. Sic Bo uses three dice, all of which get shaken in an automatic chest. Much like Roulette Malaysia, you can bet on a variety of odds in Sic Bo, like:

  • Big
  • Small
  • Odd
  • Even
  • Specific Triples or All’s (a specific number appears on all three dice)
  • Specific Doubles (a certain number appears on at least two out of the three dice)
  • Any Triple or All
  • Three dice total
  • Dice combinations
  • Single dice bet
  • Four number combination
  • Three single number combination
  • Specific Double and Single Number Combination

You know the drill; demos are available.

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack needs no further introduction because it IS the most famous and adored casino game at every online or brick-and-mortar casino! Even teenagers play them for fun during Chinese New Year with small wagers. But, hey! Don’t encourage underage gambling!

The objective is to get a hand total closer to 21 than the dealer without busting. With the proper skills and strategies, your total payout could be more than what you expect.

One-on-one or multiplayer Blackjack is available in SA Gaming. However, it is not available publicly YET. We know, we know, it’s a bummer! But please be patient! Keep an eye out on 9KING and SA Gaming online casinos. Once it goes live, you can be the first to take in the fun and excitement of the highest-rated casino game!

Online Casino Gaming in SA Gaming

SA Euro is the New Euro-Style Gaming Lobby You Can Experience at the Comfort of Your Own Home

In an environment where competition is sure to happen, one must do what it takes to persevere and stand out. Such a concept applies to the world of online casino gaming too, and SA Gaming joins the industry to change the game!

As customers, no matter how loyal, we reserve the urge to hunt for the next most relevant, trendy, and IN thing to play (superficial much, but don’t act act ah, you also do the same!), and SA Gaming is here to serve with its very first European game lobby – SA Euro.

SA Euro is the mark of SA Gaming stepping into the European market. This lobby operates in Europe, and the studio comes furnished with a European flair.

When you see the guai lou dealers, you will feel as if you have travelled to Europe without days of flights! The authenticity of SA Euro cannot be topped!

SA Gaming has collaborated with Vivo Gaming, another powerhouse in the live casino software industry, to create SA Euro.

SA Euro is offering more live casino entertainment. Currently, there are five Baccarat tables and a Live Roulette table.

In an interview, SA Gaming says SA Euro is a huge success. Their business has also experienced substantial growth. SA Euro is getting an upgrade. The team also says they are expanding the lobby so they can add more tables. While you read, new games are being tested out and developed to add to the SA Euro library. Players can expect more to come!

sa gaming new baccarat

Go International Locally – SA Gaming Offers Proxy Betting

In a nutshell, proxy betting allows players to place their bets in real-time on a table game from a remote location.

These players observe the games and watch the outcomes unfold on a computer or mobile device. They give instructions to their proxies (representatives for easier understanding) to place the bets via telephone. Both parties keep in touch at all times.

Proxy betting is up and rising because of the convenience it brings to the casino operators. On the other hand, players never have to leave their homes or even their country, which is especially appealing if they reside in countries where gambling is illegal or banned. 

SA Gaming offers physical casinos the opportunity to stream their table games live and in HD video. Players like yourself will see the game take place and progress. Players can also, of course, wager from a distance.

Note: Proxy betting may not be available in Malaysia. If you are interested, get in touch with 9KING online casino Malaysia customer service to inquire.

Online Casino Gaming in SA Gaming

SA Gaming Has a Mobile App; Play Anytime, Anywhere

SA Gaming developed a mobile app for its online casino, namely SA App. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The app brings mobile gaming to the next level, literally. It launches live casino games at high speed, and they run smoother.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. What makes SA Gaming stand out is the incorporation of HTML5 in the SA App.

We are not going to get all techy and nerdy and talk about what HTML5 is. In essence, HTML5 is a programming language (abuden). It allows techy people to make modifications and adjustments to the appearance of a web page. With HTML5, they can also structure the way they want to present content or images. With that in mind, you can:

  1. Access SA App without the Internet

Online gaming without being online? YES, VERY COOL!

  1. Use SA App without worrying about the language barrier

HTML5 comes equipped with geolocation. That means SA App can detect the location from where you log in and offer native language options.

  1. Open the SA App via different gadgets

If you don’t have your mobile phone with you, HTML5 allows you to access SA App even when you change devices; to a computer or tablet.

  1. Make the most of the SA App

Any application made in HTML5 is compatible with the computer and mobile devices. And that means any online casino developer can set and modify the app the way they want.

SA App offers players two display modes, which are landscape and portrait. So, as you lay in bed with a phone in hand playing Baccarat Malaysia and you want to turn your body to the side, the screen/game will rotate too. Not only is that soothing for the eyes, but it also lets you continue the game conveniently and fluidly.

Not many online casino gaming apps support in-game screen rotation, and SA Gaming is undoubtedly one of the few to do so in the Asia market.

All of that and the quality of the streams is not compromised at all. The videos remain clear, crisp, vivid, and HD.

Some other things worth mentioning about SA App:

  1. No need for app installation

Unlike most online casino applications, SA App doesn’t require players to install or download it. All it takes to access the game lobby is a scan of a QR code. Such invention is practical, saves time and phone storage.  

  1. Alternate login

What’s a better way to log in? Use pattern! Much like having the option to unlock a phone using a distinctive sequence, you can do the same in SA App.

You can skip remembering your E-mail address and password. A pattern login method is intuitive and much easier to recall.

Online Casino Gaming in SA Gaming

SA Gaming is Available in 9KING. Time to Sit Back, Relax, and Win Money.

9KING has partnered with one of Asia’s leading online casinos! Sign up now if you’re not a 9KING online casino Malaysia member yet; you won’t want to miss out on massive fun and exclusive gambling experience!

When you do, we hope you gamble mindfully! 9KING supports responsible gaming. Before you sit back and get into action, don’t forget to a budget for yourself. Once you have exceeded, it indicates time to stop.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your time with us and win loads of money!