Experience Pussy888 – The All-New Online Slot Game Room in Malaysia That Will Reward You with Instant Cash Bonuses!

Pussy888 is a brand new online slot game room in 9KING. Other than Malaysia, it is also available to players in Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand. Naturally, Pussy888 is best known for its slot games. However, players can also get a thrill out of other games, such as fishing, table, arcade and casino.

The most exciting feature in Pussy888 is Exclusive Bonus. It rewards players with instant cash bonuses. Read on to get to know the power of the PUSSY!

What Is Special About Pussy888?

We are sure you have heard of “first impression matters”. So, have you heard of an online gaming platform named after a woman’s private part or a cat? We guess not. The name itself stands out like no other and etches to our minds so naturally.

It also makes us burn with curiosity, do you agree? Pussy888 – what kind of games does it offer, exactly? Are they explicit and provocative? The digits, 888, Chinese people’s favourite, also help players feel that fortune is in the offing.

Exclusive Bonus

The type of games might be far from what you would expect, but the money part is easier to attain than you imagine.  Pussy888 is the only online gaming platform in the industry that offers Exclusive Bonus, a feature that lets players win instant bonuses.

Exclusive Bonus, as its name implies, is personal and limited only to you. The system accumulates your bets from all of the games you play. Then, as you hit a specified target, it will reward you instantly with bonuses.  

And what is worth noting about this feature is that there is a status bar that lets you know how many bets in total you need to accumulate before reaching the specified target. Unlike most online gaming platforms that keep you in the dark, knowing how far off you are from a goal is motivating and handy in helping players keep track of their spending.

With Pussy888, there is no doubt that every player will exit the game room with some gains.

What Kind Of Games Can You Play On Pussy888 Online Slot Game Room?

Players can find an assortment of slots, fishing, table, arcade, and casino games in Pussy888. Although it sounds like what any other online gaming platform can offer, what makes Pussy888 stand out is that it guarantees significant jackpots, handsome winning prizes and high payouts.

At present, the value of the Grand Bonus jackpot is RM51,547,197, and it is increasing by the second, which players can easily view the value of at the top of the homepage.

The name of the winners and the money they have won are also displayed, stoking up the excitement!



The slot is the best-selling product on Pussy888, if not on every other online gaming platform. There is a plethora of themes and styles.

If you are into something spooky, Halloween Fortune or Halloween Party might be your cup of tea. If you are in a spirited mood, opt for Silver Bullet, Three Kingdoms, Archer, or The Riches of Don Quixote instead.

Pussy888 also offers some movie-inspired slots, such as Panther Moon, Top Gun, Safari Heat, Age of the Gods King of Olympus, Pirate Ship and more.  

Every slot game in Pussy888 is worth trying, but if you want to dive right into the hot ones, then Great Blue, Highway Kings, and Bonus Bears are your go-to.

Each game you play will have an Info button that you can click on to learn the meaning and value of each symbol, payout rates, and which payline or combination pays. There is also a ‘No Touch’ button which you can enable to lock the screen, so you don’t spin the reels accidentally.

Because there is no search option, finding a specific game can be difficult. However, Pussy888 categorizes its slot games by lines (1 – 9, 10 – 20, more than 25, All Ways). So, if you have a game in mind, skip the search and click on its category!


Online players adore fishing games because they are fun and easy to play. The fishing games in Pussy888 only have one theme, and that’s to do with being underwater; in the vast ocean.

Whether you are fighting against mermaids, mechanical fish, ghost ships, or a gigantic mollusc enveloping a white, glistening pearl, these games only require patience and a keen eye from the players. When they tick the boxes, it is shooting their way to a jackpot.

Depending on the budget, players can have their winnings multiplied 10,000 times with fishing games! Not only are they perfect stress-relievers, but they also pave the way for players to be on their way to becoming millionaires!

The next time you are angry with work, your colleagues, feeling bored or have extra time at hand, go online and start shooting your shot at Fishing Star, Monster Revenge 2, and more. You might strike it lucky!


Pussy888 may not offer live casino games, but players can expect to find some of their go-to here. Sicbo, Hulu Cock, Belangkai, Texas Holdem, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Single Pick, Casino War, and different variations of Roulette and Dragon Tiger are some of the collections in the library.

Although a live dealer is not present, each casino game is “hosted” by an animated figure dressed in a revealing white dress. If the game has been idle, the host will flutter her fingers on the screen to signal you to make a decision and continue playing.

Players can pull out the Info panel to learn the instructions of the games.


The games we used to play at the arcade now come with a breath of fresh air! Since becoming monetized, players can play their favourite childhood games with extra entertainment value and real money prizes.

The graphics, however, don’t go along the retro and classic vibes anymore. Instead, they are now dimensional with decorative backdrops.

Animal Band, Super Speed, King Derby, Thunder Bolt, and Motor Bike are some of the arcade games you can try on Pussy888.


To play casino games, alternatively known as multiplayer games, players need to tap on the “Online Games” button at the bottom left of the homepage. Once they are in the game lobby, players can choose from Roulette 36, Baccarat, Sicbo, Dragon Tiger 2, Bull Fight, Super Speed, Animal Band, Single Pick and more.

With all of that said, Pussy888 is the utopia for players that enjoy good and quality games. There is something for everyone with a fair shot at walking away with a heavy purse.

What Are The Other Features That Are Great About Pussy888 Online Game Room?

The user interface.  

It is safe to say we have introduced many online gaming platforms, but the experience Pussy888 offers come second to none.

The login page exudes a warm welcome; a purple stage with gleaming spotlights and gold coins falling from the ceiling as the backdrop. Check the ‘Remember Me’ box for a quick login next time.

Once you enter the game room, you will see a rotating wheel that displays all of the games available on the platform. You can choose the category (slots, arcade, fishing or table) on the bottom right.

On top, there is a ‘Suggestion’ button that you can click on to give your feedback about the games, login problems, and more.

And that is it; nothing more, nothing less. The platform is straightforward, thus, making it easy for players to manoeuvre and make selections.

Another notable feature of Pussy888 is its graphics. They are realistic and HD-like, with no signs of pixelation or lag. With vivid colours striking enough to catch attention but not strain the eyes, feeling motivated and upbeat is automatic when you are on the Pussy888 online slot platform.

How to Download Pussy888 and Play Anytime, Anywhere On Your Device

Aside from the web, Pussy888 is available on mobile, Android and iOS.

As a start, install the Pussy888 app on your mobile device. After, go to your phone’s Settings, followed by Device Management. There is no need to be worked up if you see your device displaying a pop-up that says the app (Asolution Software Sdn Bhd) is untrusted. Your device does not recognize the new entity, thus, the warning.

Let the app run. Once the installation completes, your Pussy888 mobile app is ready, and you can start playing!

One Is Not Enough. Check Out Our Other Favourite, Apollo Online Slot Game Room

Apollo online slot game room is a reasonably new addition in 9King. Its slot games are best known for these four attributes:

  1. Instant Rebates

You can claim these instant rebates when you play a round of slot games or any game of your liking. Keep an eye out for them so you can save some bucks.

  1. Buy Free Spins

Receiving free spins when you play slots is a given, but if you think they are insufficient, you can opt to trade some of your winnings to spin a few more times.

  1. Random Jackpot

As the name suggests, a random jackpot can appear at any point during your session, and when it does, you can bask in the fruition of your sweet success!

  1. Rocket Bonus

A Rocket bonus happens when Cai Shen Ye (God of Fortune) and Lady Luck visit to give you quick money, which allows you to play longer and win big!

Aside from slots, there are other options to participate in, including table, arcade, and social games.

Got Some Extra Time On Your Hands? Visit Pussy888 or Apollo Now!

With the lockdown continuing indefinitely, now is prime time to give online slots and other games a go and play to your heart’s content! A mundane stay-at-home might be filled with surprises and blessed with abundance!

Visit 9King to play Pussy888 or Apollo now!