Playtech Must-Try Online Fishing Game – Fu Fish

For many, fishing is a tedious activity. 

On top of having to wait patiently, there is no guarantee that the fish in the water will take the bait. The next thing you know, you are getting restless, frustrated, and annoyed at how you are spending the whole day out, but your hard work does not get rewarded. 

Fishing is an activity that stretches your patience. 

On the flip side of the coin, however, are people that adore and take fishing so seriously that they can make a very comfortable living out of it. How do they do it, you must wonder? They earn by joining professional fishing competitions. 

In Malaysia, a good catch can reward you with RM 10,000. But overseas, those who join can earn a prize money worth between $100,000 to $500,000. To put the money in the pocket, participants need to follow a set of criteria, and the participant who ticks most of the boxes wins. 

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Playtech Fishing

Dive into the colorful ocean world and find the treasure of winning a rewarding payout and cash out your winning at the top!

The alternative to fishing: Online fishing games

As I was doing my study on professional fishing competitions, I could not help but be in awe at the way they turn passion into a fruitful pursuit. And looking at the money that they are earning, it is even crazier to imagine how it is like to be in their shoes. 

I don’t know about you, but nothing will convince me to be in the great outdoors, and spend half of my day, fishing for possibly nothing. But my heart does itch for the ten grand. 

That is why I have devoted my time to playing online fishing games, specifically, Playtech online fishing games. 

Playtech online fishing games are great alternatives to real-life fishing. Not only do you get to have fun whenever and wherever you want to, but you also get to win money a lot more than the participants above. 

The best part about playing Playtech online fishing games is that your chances of winning are not in question. At times, Lady Luck can visit early in the game, giving you a deep pocket.

Playtech real money online fishing game – Fu Fish

Playtech Fu Fish (捕鱼多福) comes in two versions – a classic fishing game and a jackpot fishing game. You can play the jackpot version via 9King online casino Malaysia. 

If you are not ready to play Playtech Fu Fish with real money yet, you can build your confidence with the free tryout version. The tryout mirrors the actual game, which does its job in providing you and the players a realistic fish shooting game experience. 

Once you are ready to play with real money, exit the free tryout, make a deposit, select the actual game, and you are on your way.

Playtech Fu Fish – About the game

Are you ready to go on an underwater hunt? 

Fu Fish is a fishing game with an RTP (return to player) of 95.02%. You can play this game with a minimum bet of 1 credit, and a maximum bet of 1000 credits. 

Stimulate your senses 

As one of the leading online gaming innovators, Playtech prides itself on producing games that are high in quality. Be it the graphics, sounds, or gameplay, Playtech ensures to include all elements that make up a great online fishing game. You can see their effort in Fu Fish. 

Once you are in the game, you will notice a seabed full of peculiar kinds of coral reefs. Underneath the sand, you can make out the shape of a sunken ship. Fu Fish creates the ambiance of an actual seabed, where you can see the slight movement of the water and the disperse of sunlight hitting the ocean floor. The main focus of Fu Fish, the fishes, look lively and are very colorful. You can even see the intricate designs of the fishes on their bodies. If you look at the fishes swim and not play the game, it might just put you in a trance! 

The music also adds to your mood. It is bubbly and upbeat, which helps you get in a chirpy mood. 

Check the paytable before you proceed

Hunting virtually is not smooth sailing! 

Each fish in Playtech Fu Fish has a different value; the larger it is, the more value they will bring to you. But big fishes are not easy to hunt because if they were, then there would be no challenge already! 

Some of the low-value fishes are: 

  • Flying fish 
  • Jellyfish 
  • Stingray 
  • Turtle 
  • Pufferfish 
  • Clownfish 
  • Blue Tang 
  • Anglerfish 

Some of the medium-value fishes are: 

  • Chinese ingot 
  • Golden toad 
  • Black and gold whale 

Fishes/species with high value and random payout: 

  • Gold hammerhead shark: Multiplies your payout by 50x to 500x.  
  • Gold dragon: Multiplies your payout by 200x to 888x.  

As soon as the high-value species appear, you ought to shoot at them continuously! There is no denying that the good-paying species are hard to take down, but with constant shooting, their lifespan will decrease. Each ammo you shoot will lead you closer to deepening your pockets! Also, make sure you are using a suitable cannon. When hunting for high-value species, a small one won’t cut it. 

When you join a professional fishing tournament, more exotic fishes give participants a high chance of winning. Online fishing games adopt this judging criterion and reward players with the most exotic catch. 

Choose your game mode 

There are three game modes in Fu Fish, and each comes with a different bet limit: 

  • 1: 1 – 9 credits
  • 2: 10 – 90 credits
  • 3: 100 – 1000 credits

Each game mode will have one cannon that shoots one, two, and three bullets, respectively. 

Note that each ammo you release will reduce your balance in real-time. Similarly, when you take down a fish successfully, the credits/coins you collect will reflect in your balance in real-time too. If the ammo you shoot doesn’t hit any of the fishes, it will ricochet and bounce off the edge of the screen until it hits a fish. 

How to shoot effectively 

The more ammo the gun releases, the easier it will be for you to take down the fishes. But there are other ways that you can try that will help you hunt fishes more effectively.  

a) Autofire

Turning on the autofire setting will bring the cannon to continue firing at the direction where your mouse cursor rests. 

b) Target lock 

The target lock is like a paparazzi. Once you have selected a target, say, the golden whale, your cannon will keep shooting at it automatically whenever it appears. 

Special features 

a) The small goldfish with a four-bubble chain 

If you notice a goldfish with four glowing bubbles (blue, green, yellow, and pink) surrounding it, don’t let it slip away! This fish is a multiplier and will add to your payout by 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x. 

When you take down a fish with a multiplier, it will explode, after which will turn into a golden arrow. The multiplying figures will then appear on each of the bubbles. Just like a spinning wheel, your reward is random, following where the tip points at once it stops spinning. 

b) The bomb 

Just like shooting at other fishes, keep aiming at the bomb to trigger the Bomb feature. When it explodes, it will take down all of the fishes and objects within the blast zone; now, this is what I call a good day’s catch, your net will be full to the brim! 

The payouts of all fish and objects you put in your net will be accumulated and added to your balance. 

If the time you manage to make the bomb explode has no fishes/objects around, you will receive a cash prize of five times the selected number of coins either way.  

The only downside to this feature is that it doesn’t take down the golden dragon. It seems like this legendary creature is no easy feat!  

c) Fishing season 

Fishing season is when you can win until your jaw drops! 

The ocean traffic will be busy with all kinds of fishes swimming in beautiful formation. If you come across one, don’t hold back and fire away! 

A voiceover will come to play when the fishing season is about to start, and it is triggered randomly. When all of the fishes disappear, it means the season has ended, and the game will go back to normal. The golden dragon, bomb, and small goldfish with a four-bubble chain won’t appear during the fishing season. 

Play Fu Fish anytime, anywhere

When and where can you play Playtech Fu Fish online fishing game? Anytime and anywhere you feel like it! 

You can download Fu Fish and play it via your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Even when you are in the toilet doing the big business, you stand a chance at winning the jackpot; if you do win, don’t forget to pull your pants up first before rushing out of the toilet shrieking and jumping with excitement, though. 

Get hunting with Fu Fish

On your search engine, key in 9King. If you are not a member yet, you may register as one. Once you have filled in the necessary information, hover over to the left panel on the homepage, and click on Fishing. 

Upon clicking, you will notice other online fishing games, such as Fishing God and Fishing War by Spade Gaming, and Ocean King by 918Kiss  If you have the time for, give these fish shooting games a try too! Each fishing game has a distinct theme and will bring you on an immersive plus rewarding ocean adventure.