Learn The Secrets That Casinos Kept From You And Outsmart Them

Slot games are some of the most common games in the world. Since its creation in the late 19th century, it has evolved from a traditional three-reel slot machine to a slot machine we can play through our smart gadgets. It is safe to say that the evolution of the slot machine is a prime example of how technology brings about a new trend into our daily routine. Now, slot games have become part of the gaming culture that people cannot detach themselves from. There are plenty of video and mobile games that feature slot games, bonus games or similar ones that let players earn rewards when playing.

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Classified Secrets That the Casinos Are Hiding

Everybody is getting into live slots in Malaysia because of its incredibly easy gameplay, and this has made online slots a phenomenon in Malaysia. Nonetheless, the land-based casinos remain unbothered and continue its business despite the dwindling number of walk-in players. Little do you know; many players walk into the casinos with not knowing some of the tricks and traps casinos do.

The Slot Machine Placement in the Casino is Not Random

Yes, you read that right. The casino slot machines’ placement is not random. Casinos often pay heedful attention to minute details such as observing traffic patterns. Areas with the heaviest traffic (people passing) are labeled as valuable areas, and these spots are where the highest yielding casino slot machines will be stationed at.

With that said, the most visible slot machines are usually the slot machines that make the most money. It is disadvantageous for the players because no casino wants their featured slot machines to pay out that much to the players when they win. There is no doubt that they would tune down the payout rate on their most popular casino slot machines.

The Main Purpose of the Slot Clubs is Not to Reward the Players

Most casinos have slot clubs set up for the convenience of the players. They provide rewards and other complementary bonus such as giveaways to the players, but that is nothing but a mere marketing scheme. By offering irresistible free gifts and perks, not only does it attract the players to join the clubs and claim the rewards, but it also helps casinos retain and convert customers to loyal ones. Through this, it provides the necessary and valuable data for the marketing department that allows them to better understand their players, their betting habits, likes and dislikes, and more. From there, they can further analyze and think of better marketing plans to attract the players and make them return to the casino and continue playing. The slot club is a useful marketing scheme. While there is no harm in joining a club and enjoy the freebies that they give out, keep in mind that it is designed for the sole purpose of entertainment for the players.  

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Video Slots Tend to Pay Lesser Than the Classic Casino Slot Machines

Video slots are inclined to pay out lesser than the common slot machines. The main reason behind this is because video slots are more costly and require extra effort to maintain. Besides, they also take up more spaces than the ordinary slot machines. Therefore, to minimize the cost of revenue, the casinos have to dial down the payout rate of the video slots while still be able to make money out of it. The hypnotic video slots are one of the main money-maker for the casinos, it is obvious if the casinos are not as generous with the video slots’ payout rate as the classic slot machines. So, the next time you think of going to the casino to have a few spins, it would not hurt to walk the extra steps and search for the slot games that are placed in the back rows. It might even work in your favor!

Surveillance Sees Everything

The surveillance in the casinos is one of the many wonderful features of a casino. Their surveillance cameras cover everything from the moment you step foot into the casino. They can easily piece together your tracks if they want to. The security can keep track of your every movement within the perimeter in every corner of the casino, except for the bathroom. Under normal circumstances, the surveillance is to keep an eye out on suspicious individuals that can turn out to be conmen or criminals. Casinos are very cautious with the players that exhibit gestures and signals of cheating.

Furthermore, the security can zoom in on the cards that the players have if they want to. Somewhere behind the glam and grandeur of a casino, there are hidden rooms where security members observe every move of a player. When you are winning, the security knows. They will inspect everything to make sure that the winning players are legit and that they are not pulling any illegal stunts, such as cheating in card games or doing anything undesired to the casino slot machines. The players will get checked if they are found showing any signs that resemble the database of criminals and conmen.

Tricks to Turn the Table to Your Favor

When it comes to slot games, the outcomes are unpredictable. You do not know when you are going to win or lose. Although you are not in control of your winnings, there are things that you can control and that is the way you play it. The way you approach slot games can drastically change the outcome of your bets.

Be Smart

One of the mistakes that every slot machine player makes is not being cautious with their betting funds. Casino slot machines can be enslaving, but this is preventable. It is very important to enter the casino with a clear mind, and not get clouded by the other temptations. Set a budget for yourself. Do not gamble with the money that you cannot afford. One of the tricks to playing slot machines is to be willing to lower your bet limit for each spin if it is necessary. Slot machines spins can eat away your money very fast. Therefore, you have to keep a close eye on your betting fund and stop when you have come to a point where you have hit your limit. Casino slot machines are not like other casino games where there are opportunities to win back the losses. For instance, they do not have multiple bets that you can combine and multiply the odds like Roulette and sports betting; they also do not have shifting odds that are based on card combinations like Blackjack.

Bet on the Maximum

This tip only applies when your budget allows you to, that is, the money you still have, and you don’t chip in more when you have reached the maximum limit. Try to bet the maximum on slot machines. This equally applies to other kinds of slots, such as online slot games, mobile slots, and live slots. Nowadays, the slot machines available have multiple pay lines, unlike traditional slots where there was only one pay line in the middle row. This is where the players have to be daring with their bets. Bet on all the possible pay lines for maximum winning payout coverage. Besides, in many slots, the in-game bonus features, and the progressive jackpot can only be activated when the maximum bet is wagered. So, it is always better if you bet on all the pay lines in a slot machine because the chances of you hitting a winning payout are much higher.

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Choose the Slot Games With Smaller Jackpots

If you want to have the best shot at winning in a short time, you could go for the slot machines with a smaller jackpot. Smaller jackpots mean that it is easier for players to hit and win. If you stick to slots with a larger jackpot, it is harder for you to hit the jackpot and chances are, you might even lose faster in a shorter period because the jackpot takes a longer time to accumulate. That is why your chances of hitting the huge jackpot are not as promising as the smaller ones.

All in all, the key to playing slot games is to be able to manage your expectations and know your limits. Do not go in playing and expect you will win big by the end of the day. The tips provided serves as a guideline and suggestions for all the slots players, be it the casino slot machines, the live slots online, or the mobile slots. The ultimate goal of playing slots is none other than to enjoy and past the free time you have in a leisure manner. So, there is no need to stress over it. If you win it, congratulations! If you do not win, do not be sad and just try again next time. Luck will come in your favors one day. Just remember, dog days do not last long!

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