918Kiss – Slot Tips That Most People Don’t Know

Slot games have always been one of the most straightforward and accessible forms of online casino games. Its simplicity and accessibility allow anyone to immediately jump in and start playing. Therefore, it is no surprise that slot games have always been one of the best sources of entertainment for many online casino players, especially when going to an online platform such as 918Kiss takes only a few clicks.

With that said, online casinos boast a wide variety of slot games, and one of the perks is that players can easily try out these games for free. It is a win-win situation for many as it is an excellent opportunity for players to have a go and try out all available games on offer. Not to mention, it is also a great opportunity for serious players to test out all types of games available before they play seriously and start betting with real money.

With all these online slot games to explore, here are just a few tips courtesy of 918Kiss that you can use to make the best out of every slot-related situation.

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The Best Slot Tips to Bring You Success

  1. Understand Why Sometimes You Don’t Win

 Kicking off our list of tips is to first understand why you lose at playing slot games. While this may be a strange thing to think about from a big picture point of view, it makes sense to understand what is going on beyond what you can see. This is mainly because on average, slot games are always set to give back less than they take, and even if there is no correct way to go about each spin, you can improve your chances of winning by making good decisions and thinking on your feet as you play during each game.

An important factor to consider is the number of decisions you can make during a game. Generally speaking, the more decisions you can make during a game, the lower the advantage a casino, also known as the house edge, has over a player.

And since there is no room for decision making when playing slot games (the only decision is to press spin), the house edge will inevitably be high. Couple that with how quickly a spin lasts – on average a player will make around 400-800 spins an hour – it is a game that brings more losses than any other casino games. Every spin is independent of each other, which means the outcomes of previous spins bear no effect on that of future games. On that note, your chances of winning each spin remain unchanged whether you have lost or won.

And speaking of the house edge, there is one thing that you should be aware of when it comes to understanding why casinos always have more advantages over players, and that lies in how the Random Number Generator (RNG) works.

While earlier versions of slot machines were initially mechanical, the moment slot machines had electrical wiring in them was the time where the RNG showed up to the scene. The RNG is a computer algorithm that constantly generates complicated runs of numbers which are used to determine the outcome for slots and other online casino games. Although it is not truly random from a mathematical sense, the variance is negligible, and its consistency has proven that it is more than adequate for online gambling.

Every single online casino game nowadays has the RNG built in it, and it is constantly running. It creates a string of numbers at every second, and each number corresponds to a symbol and its position on a reel in a specific way, so when the player triggers a spin, the game takes all numbers created at that millisecond to display the selected outcome.

In short, the computer algorithm randomly generates numbers constantly with a potentially-infinite number of virtual reel positions. And when players trigger a spin, numbers selected at that time will reflect the outcome, which determines the winning or losing of a slot game. Because of how random it is, it makes it hard to determine the likelihood of achieving a spin that will lead to a payout.

RNGs have been in use in slot games for decades and improving along with advancements in computer technology. Many may argue that an online slot game might be rigged, but with refinements made over the decades, they perform better and are more secure than ever.

On that premise, even though there is not much room for a calculated strategy, don’t be discouraged. The best thing to do is to come up with a plan every time you start a new game, rather than to just play blindly.

  1. Always Bet the Maximum Number of Coins and Paylines

It might sound slightly risky, but betting maximum coins has its benefits. One of the benefits being that the jackpot’s size becomes much bigger relative to your bet, which gives you a better return from each game played. Simply put, your odds remain unchanged, but payouts increase relatively more than your bet sizes.

The other thing to remember when selecting your coin amounts is how you choose to place your bets. For example, it is always more beneficial to bet four coins worth RM0.50 each, than one coin worth RM2 because what you get in return is an increase in the multiplier, which will multiply your winnings significantly more. Betting one coin will give you a multiplier of 1x, two coins a multiplier of 2x, etc. It might not look like a big deal, but it can make a big difference in how much you can potentially win.

While we are on the subject of betting the maximum amount, as you bet, you can choose your denominations, and how many units of that denomination you wish to bet on each spin. As such, online casinos typically reward players who bet larger amounts by giving them access to larger prizes, side games, and more valuable bonus rounds. For example, a game with 40 paylines will only payout its max prizes and provide access to valuable jackpots for players who bet one unit for all 40 lines.

The other reason why you should bet maximum on every spin is that slot machines are completely random, therefore it is near impossible to know when you are going to hit a winning combination. However, you will have to bear in mind that for this strategy to work, you need to choose an online slot game that you can afford to play at a maximum bet for the duration of your session.  

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  1. Don’t Worry About Payouts ‘Due’ to You

 And speaking of random, since the result of every spin is completely random, one thing not to do is to believe that you are due to receive a payout. It will only lead you down a vicious cycle of chasing a win that may not arrive that soon, which will result in wasted time and money.

As each spin is calculated by the Random Number Generator, all slot combinations are randomly assorted and chosen only when you spin the slot. There is no way to know what each winning combination is, and you will only find out at the end of each spin.

  1. Play Higher Denominations

If you are looking to win big at slots, you can do that by always going with higher denomination slots whenever you can because these slots are more likely to give you a payout.

And this is because the payback percentages of slot games are relative to each bet’s denomination or the price of each spin. In short, the higher the denomination, the higher the payback percentage, which means you are going to have a much higher chance of hitting winning combinations.

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  1. Play Lower Denomination Machines That Interest You

 You might be thinking, didn’t we just mention to bet higher denominations earlier? Although it may sound contradictory, playing lower denominations is more geared towards extending your bankroll rather than achieving huge wins. So, to the casual players who play slots for the fun and entertainment they provide, this would be a good strategy for them.

Apart from that, many newcomers to online casinos, especially online slots, typically have a hard time trying to pick out a game to play on. They tend to gravitate towards one unit slots as it is simple and hassle-free. But what occurs after is that their bankroll quickly turns to dust after a brief session.

To surmise, the best thing to do is to take some time and do the necessary research and explore all available options before determining what denominations you are going to play. The best thing to do here is to pick a cheap slot that still piques your interest. There is no doubt that penny slots, for example, are not going to make you rich. But chances are you will not be losing that much money either as they offer the least in terms of rewards.

When it comes to the high-dollar slots, it is quite the opposite. There are more large prizes for you to win as well as vastly more side games and other features for you to explore, but the chances are high that you might lose a lot of money in a short period.

So, where does this leave us? Picking a denomination is entirely about finding out what you are comfortable with. If your pockets are lined thick, and you have a huge chunk of money to blow, then a high denomination slot game would suit you well. But if losing money is a thing that you hate the most and are just here for the fun and entertainment it provides instead, then you are better off sticking to penny slots.

  1. Know When to Call It Quits

 Once you start playing and winning, finding the discipline and self-control to call it a day can be hard to do. But if you want to keep it fun, that is exactly what you have to do. The best thing to do before you start playing is deciding how much money and time you are willing to spend on playing slots.

It can be quite an entertaining experience, but one that can get you easily carried away. Set your boundaries, define your goals before playing, and you will not have to worry about getting so caught up that you spend significantly more money than you can afford to try to chase a payout.

Since we are on the subject of setting goals, here is a tip that you would find quite beneficial to your online slot game approach.

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  1. Create a Win-Loss Limit

Avoid huge losses and preserve the fun of playing slots by limiting your losses towards your online slot game sessions. One of the ways you can do this is to start by creating a win-loss limit. A win-loss limit functions as its namesake implies – there is no budget to do up, no math is involved, you would not have to figure out a unit bet size, and it will save you plenty of time. This method requires you to create a limit for your winnings and a limit for your losses. And once you have reached either of them, bankroll management can then be off your mind.

Whenever you play an online slot game, you should always figure out realistically how much money you can afford to lose. Then, you divide that by how many hours you are hoping to be betting. Let us say that you plan to play some slots for ten hours during a lazy weekend at your favorite online casino.

After all your calculations and considerations, you have decided that you are willing to part ways with RM1,000 playing online slots. Therefore, you need to ensure that your losses do not exceed more than RM100 an hour if you wish to have enough cash to play for ten hours. And if you do lose more than RM100 during a given hour, it is advisable to take a break and start playing again until the next hour arrives.

Now that we got that covered, let us move on to win limits. Win limits are subjective for person to person, as some may start playing with a capital of RM1,000, and if they hit a winning streak that doubles their winnings, they might start to get a little bit nervous. But up to that point, they might likely keep playing or not. Regardless of what your playing style is, whether conservative or adventurous, it does not matter where you set the win limit, as long as you have a point where you walk away regardless.

And while you are on your run, one of the ways for you to keep track of your funds is by checking your remaining balance within your account’s wallet. In terms of time, one way to keep track of how you are doing is to set the alarm for say, every 45 minutes, to remind yourself of your predefined limits.

Ultimately, creating a win limit will prevent you from turning a big win into a loss. While the desire to keep betting or betting to chase your losses can be strong, there is no doubt that it does take a good amount of self-control, willpower, and discipline to stick to your limits. If this is a thing that gets the better of you, try asking a friend to keep you in check towards your win-loss limit commitments.


Enhance your strategy by incorporating these 7 tips to make the best of each slot game session whenever you are playing slots for real money, help you spin smart, and hopefully win big at 918Kiss’ games on offer. And there is no time like now to make use of these tips on some of the top-ranked slot games on 918Kiss and give yourself one of the best online slots experience that you will never forget.

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