OMEGA GAMING – The Best Of 9KING’s Newest Offerings

Slot games, especially the online slot casino in Malaysia is a constant source of entertainment for many Malaysians for a long time, and OMEGA GAMING is the newest addition that has just made its way onto the slots scene. It is an accessible platform that allows players to place bets of any sizes – from smaller bets of a few ringgits to serious high stakes bets of thousands, and even up to hundreds of thousands of ringgits.

More than that, Omega also offers the best popular online slot games, allowing players to try out various types of slot games that suit their liking.

Without further hesitation, let us dive into the best of Omega’s offering of games.

4 Popular Slot Games You Must Try on Omega

As time marches forward, so does the selection and quality of online slot games. Here are a few of the most popular games to tickle your gambling hand. Keep reading on to find out more!

Stone Age

 It may look like it came from the age of dinosaurs but there is nothing old about its gameplay and exciting features it offers. Stone Age is a video slot with five reels and 20 paylines.

Stone Age does a fantastic job of providing an immersive experience for players, as its graphics are designed to fit in with the period and setting of the game. The symbols on the reels include bows, daggers, axes, and arrows made from flint, along with necklaces made from the teeth of ferocious prehistoric beasts. These symbols are made to look like they have been etched into walls of a cave.

There are also reel images depicting a caveman and cavewoman looking fearless and noble in their triumphant postures, with the beastliest symbol being no other than a woolly mammoth.

And you can say that the size of a woolly mammoth also speaks for the payouts it offers. It allows players to win a huge jackpot, which will multiply the value of line bets by 5,000x when five elephants are matched together on an active payline, proving itself to be quite generous about all prize winnings it gives out. 

The second most valuable line bet offers a multiplier of 2,000x and is triggered when five male hunter-gatherer symbols are matched on a payline. These are followed up with smaller, but still, a significant multiplier of 750x when symbols of the female hunter-gatherer are matched. Matching five stone axes also delivers a 750x multiplier, while the arrows and flint dagger symbols form to give a payout of 150x. Lastly, images of cave paintings and necklace give a smaller multiplier of 100x.

When it comes to betting, players can flexibly place their bets beginning from as little as one credit to 100 credits per line, and players can select how many active paylines they desire by clicking on the left side of the screen. For example, selecting all 20 paylines with each line bet worth 100 credits, signify that you will be playing with the maximum bet of 2,000 in-game credits. And if a player is feeling bold and adventurous, he or she can choose to “double or nothing” their winnings – whether big or small – by taking advantage of the “Gamble” feature in the form of a “Take Risk” button.

The “Gamble” feature requires you to pick one out of four cards that are facing down, and you win if the card selected is bigger than the dealer. However, if the dealer’s card is higher than yours, then you lose and will be brought back to the base game. You will repeat the round if your card matches with the dealer. You can then decide to collect your winnings after each high card is chosen.

One thing to note before you start betting is the onscreen features and how to set your bets. Players can set their desired coin size which ranges from 0.01 to five coins. Clicking on “Bet” lets you set the number of coins per line, while “Total Bet” controls your total bet. Next, you can set the number of lines to play by selecting “Lines”, and once you have done that, you can choose to spin the reels by either clicking “Spin”, or if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, then the “Auto” feature keeps the reels turning without any interruption.

And after a good day’s worth of betting, you can either call it a day and take your bets by selecting “Take Win” or go for more with the aforementioned “Take Risk” button.

Lastly, Stone Age has a spinning rock symbol which is unique, because it is both a wild and a bonus-awarding scatter in one symbol. In short, it is a best-of-both-worlds scenario as you will get winning lines easily completed while still being able to enjoy the benefits that it brings as a scatter symbol.

What’s more, a scatter is triggered when three or more of the spinning rock symbol appear on the reels regardless of their position on any payline. Hitting five of them will pay a total bet multiplier of 200x, whereas three or more rocks will award players with ten free spins.

With the opportunity to win big along with a seemingly endless amount of ways to play, take a trip back to the Pliocene epoch, and enjoy the best of what Stone Age has to offer.

Great Blue

 Do you love the ocean and marine wildlife in general? If your answer is yes, then Great Blue is one game that has everything you are looking for. Also, prepare yourself for some unexpected twists and turns. If your answer is a no, Great Blue will change your mind.

Great Blue is a game that takes place on a standard 5×3 reel grid. As its name implies, Great Blue is themed with backdrops of the ocean, with the reels themselves colored in a shade of blue. You can select how many lines you wish to play by choosing from the numbers one to 20 on each side of the screen. At the foot of the screen is where you will find controls to keep tabs on the Total Bet and Lines Bet. With Great Blue, you can play from as little as 25 to 125 credits per spin.

Moving on to the symbols of Great Blue, naturally, they would all be close to the sea. So you will find symbols such as a shark, a sea turtle, a starfish, a whale, and playing cards of 10, J, Q, K, and A.

As we break each symbol down, the shark and turtle are of-a-kind symbols, which means they give out identical pay values, allowing you to form matching combinations. If you hit two sharks and/or two turtles, you receive two credits only. If you hit three, you receive 25 credits. If you hit four or five of them, you get 125 credits and 750 credits, respectively. The payout increases if you use a wild symbol to hit a win, with pay figures for this situation, including all the above being four, 50, 250, and 1500 credits, respectively.

Next thing on your mind would probably have you wondering what the wild and scatter symbol is.

The killer whale is the wild symbol, and it substitutes all symbols to help you form pay wins except scatter symbols, and one unique feature of this wild symbol is that it can be stacked. It doubles pay wins on any lines that it is on and acts as a gateway towards winning the 10,000 jackpot. However, that is easier said than done as players will need to hit ten icons on active adjacent lines to be successful.

Lastly, the oyster shell is the game’s scatter symbol. It appears anywhere on the reels, and hitting three or more will trigger the Great Blue bonus game. In this bonus game, players will receive eight free spins with a 2x multiplier, with players having to choose two of the five oyster shells to win further free spins and/or multipliers. The best-case scenario is that players can win up to 33 free spins with a multiplier amounting to 15x.

Also, more free spins can be triggered during the free spin round. There is no limit to the number of re-spins players can win, and it also entitles them to the multiplier they possess when triggering the spin.

The last feature to note is the “Gamble” feature. Similar to the aforementioned “Gamble” feature, rather than picking a faced down card, players are required to guess the color of an upturned card instead. Get it wrong, and you end up with nothing.

Undoubtedly, Great Blue is a game with a high variance. While it promises players with huge wins, its volatility may cause some players to be hesitant at first. So if you are feeling bold, adventurous, and are determined to win big, the best thing to do in this case is to give Great Blue a try.

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Polar Fox

 Shall we say that this is a game that the girls will like too? It plays on a 5×9 grid with five reels and nine paylines. Featuring cute and furry characters such as foxes, polar foxes, rabbits, owls, mice, and squirrels, players will be awarded prizes for finding said critters.

Speaking of prizes, players are awarded up to 20,000 coins for finding mice and squirrels, and up to 40,000 coins for discovering white rabbits, and an even staggering 75,000 coins for finding snowy owls and red foxes. But what you really want is the polar fox, as finding it will give you a handsome reward of 900,000 coins.

As you might have figured, the wild symbol is the Polar Fox, and it will ring the best lucrative winning combinations to your lap. And if you happen to come across the Northern lights, that will net you an instant 450,000 coins.

Speaking of Northern Lights, it can also trigger the Free Game Bonus, which gives players 15 free games with all prizes being paid out at triple the normal rate. But if you are still seeking more, then you can double or nothing your winnings by accurately predicting whether a card will be black or red, where each prize can be double up to a maximum of five times.

One last feature to note is the variety of spin-stakes players can choose from. Players can select from one, three, five, seven, or nine paylines, then matching line bets between one to 100 coins on said lines. To the avid slot player, this means that they can do quite a lot – betting a minimum of one coin a spin with even more different choices going up to 900 coins a spin.

For anyone looking to have a go at alluring bonus rounds, cute characters, and handsome bonuses, Polar Fox is exactly what you need.


Pharaoh’s Gold 3

 You don’t have to resort to crime and rob tombs to strike it rich in this third edition of Pharaoh’s Gold. Its inspiring graphics and symbols such as snake charms, pyramids, hieroglyphics, and playing cards of 10, J, Q, K, and A, provides more than an engrossing experience nonetheless as players discover symbols such as scarab beetles, golden birds, cats, sphinx, and pyramids to then trade in for a prize.

And with scatter and wild symbols such as the all-seeing eye and Tutankhamun’s head, this will no doubt be the best Egypt themed slot game to grace a slot player’s eyes. It possesses five reels and nine paylines to activate. You can select as many as you desire, and if you don’t feel like pressing buttons anymore, just click the autoplay button and relax.

Talking about big wins, these include 25,000 coins for finding scarab beetles and cats, 40,000 for golden birds, and up to 75,000 for finding pyramids or sphinx. Pharaoh Gold’s wild symbol comes as a sarcophagus, and if you hit the super jackpot using that, you will receive a monumental prize to the tune of 900,000 coins, not to mention that you can use it to substitute for another symbol to double your winnings.

Tutankhamun’s head allows players to form more winning combinations, and if you are feeling brave, you can always double your winnings with the “Gamble” feature. This feature triggers after every win at the players’ discretion and requires the player to beat the dealer by correctly guessing what the next card is. Get it right, you are allowed to select another card, and vice versa. Players can potentially double their money to the tune of four times over, given that there are four cards to pick from.

Since it is a game filled with multiple paylines, this gives players an opportunity to make a varied combination of bets. Players can choose up to nine paylines to bet on. Players can bet between one to 100 coins, giving a maximum bet of 900 coins, good for high rollers. But newbies are not left out as the minimum bet is just one coin, meaning that players would not have to worry too much about sourcing their betting funds.

With better graphics, further refinements on its gameplay mechanics bring about a newfound level of depth, bringing the experience of Pharaoh’s Gold to greater heights. Especially with enticing prizes and crisp graphics, you would be crazy to pass up this gem of a game.


This is only a glimpse of what Omega has to offer. Whether you are an avid player looking to play big and to the limit, or someone who is looking to set foot in the world of slots, OMEGA offers an exciting experience which will leave you wanting more. You have to try it for yourself. So head on to Omega, and experience the best of its offerings!