Introduction of Malaysia’s Online Live Casino, MAYA Entertainment

MAYA live casino is a subsidiary of MAYA entertainment. Since its official launch in 2012, they have been highly regarded by industry partners and players for their dazzling game visuals and all-rounded game features. MAYA live casino provides most of the mainstream products in the market such as Baccarat, Sic bo, Roulette, and Dragon Tiger. They also have additional variations of Baccarat like Mic Baccarat, VIP Baccarat, and others to heighten the gaming experience for players. At the moment, MAYA entertainment is focusing on the Asian betting market and they are planning to expand their business reach to other regions. Besides that, they continue to elevate the quality of their products. Soon, they will release the newer and better versions of their games.

Exclusive Live Casino Games on MAYA Live Casino

Players that are new to the games and the platform might spend quite some time trying to understand the platform. Therefore, MAYA live casino has created a tutorial to guide the first time players upon entering the game. This allows the new players to be familiarized with the game quickly. For the seasoned players, they can choose to skip the tutorial and start the game right away.
Many Baccarat players like to analyze the card patterns as they play and they always have a favourite playing style. MAYA live casino has created a customized Baccarat gaming method with auto betting function. Players can select to bet on multiple gaming tables at once and use the auto bet function to bet on the tips given. After the players have set their desired betting amount, the system will automatically follow and bet according to the tips as the tips appear in each selected table.
Players might be worried that the auto betting function might use up all their credits to make bets. Please do not worry as the auto betting function has a risk setting. Players can set a time limit for the auto betting or stop the auto betting when they have either win or lose a certain amount of money.

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Permainan kasino secara langsung yang kepelbagaian untuk merangsang deria anda!

8 Specialties of MAYA Casino

MAYA live casino prioritizes the users’ experience. It is why they have created additional functions such as offline betting and dealer tipping in response to fulfilling the players’ needs. They constantly improve the quality of their games and services. Their gaming APP fully supports HTML5, allowing players to enjoy the games without downloading.

  • 360° Viewing Angle
    MAYA live casino employs a 360° omnidirectional instrument that displays ultra-high definition live broadcast. It makes the players feel as if they are in a real brick and mortar casino.
  • Tips Reminder
    If you do not want to miss out on any hot tips, players can switch on the tips reminder function. By turning on this function, players will be updated instantly on all the hot tips during the game.
  • Offline Betting
    Need to temporarily exit the game but do not want to miss out on the hot tips? All you need to do is set up the Baccarat offline betting function. This way, players can still go after the hot tips even if they have gone offline.
  • Professional Dealer
    For the best gaming experience, it is essential to have a professional dealer. MAYA live casino is extremely strict and careful with their selections of their dealers. Every dealer will go through a series of professional training so that players can admire their good looks and enjoy being serviced by the dealers.
  • Multiple Combinations
    Most skillful Baccarat players will observe the changes in the card combinations. MAYA live casino provides an index of different combinations for the players to refer to in the game interface. 
  • Video Playback
    Some players might have some doubts about the outcomes of the games as they are playing. This is why MAYA live casino provides the video playback function. It is to relieve and remove any concerns of the players.
  • Tipping Function
    Do you like the gorgeous dealer? Do you think she is your lucky goddess? Just tap on the tipping button to support your favorite dealer or you could continue tipping for more luck!
  • Instant Audit
    Players will get worried when their credits are reduced suddenly during the game. Do not worry as you do not have to exit the game table to check your balance. Players can immediately check their betting details through the instant audit function at any time.

The Most Diverse Live Casino Game-play Methods on MAYA Online Casino

MAYA live casino prioritizes the users’ experience. It is why they have created additional functions such as offline betting and dealer tipping in response to fulfilling the players’ needs. They constantly improve the quality of their games and services. Their gaming APP fully supports HTML5, allowing players to enjoy the games without downloading.

  • Traditional Baccarat
    Baccarat is the most popular game in casinos around the world. It is a card game originated from France. Baccarat uses eight decks of cards. The rules and the unique way of distributing the cards make the Baccarat gameplay very versatile.
  • Rapid Baccarat
    This is suitable for players who are like a more fast-tempo game. The gameplay and rules are almost the same as the traditional Baccarat. It does not take long to start after the bets are placed. The rounds are faster and it shortens the waiting time by a lot.
  • Insured Baccarat
    This is a rather new Baccarat variation. After the players place a bet and before the draw, the players can trigger the insurance option. This gives the players a new way of playing Baccarat while guarantees part of the bet money.
  • VIP Baccarat
    If you want to experience the one-on-one VIP level service, please go to VIP Baccarat and enjoy the services as stated below!
    1. One-on-one betting, the attractive dealer is all yours!
    2. Freedom in changing the dealers.
    3. Control the betting and card-revealing time.
    4. You get peeking rights.
  • Mic Baccarat
    Many poker players enjoy the peeking feeling and this is how this type of Baccarat came from. Players that placed the highest bet get the peeking rights. They could also transfer the peeking rights to other betting players.
  • Roulette
    Roulette is one of the iconic casino games. Various gameplay is adapted from its simple rules. Players can bet on a number or a combination of numbers. Besides, there are different types of bets with varying odds such as odd and even, red and black, big and small and so on.
  • Sic bo
    Sic bo is a very popular game. The rules are very simple. By spinning three dice in a dice cup, the players have to guess and bet on the numbers that they think could be. The most common types of bets are the exact points, odd/even, big/small. The dice will be revealed after the dice cup stop spinning. If the outcome matches the players’ bets, the players win.
  • Dragon Tiger
    Dragon Tiger is a card game that distributes one card each to two sides, namely Dragon and Tiger, and determines the victory of the sides by the points of the cards. This is a card game that is suitable for beginners because of its simple game-play. The points of the cards go from Ace to King, with Ace having the least points and King having the most points. 

9KING Provides Other Interesting Live Casino Games Too!

How do you choose a trusted online gaming website from the countless options in the market? 9KING is one of the largest online entertainment city in Malaysia and they are extremely credible. This time, 9KING has partnered up with MAYA live casino and constructed the best online live casino. Other than MAYA live casino, you can find other live casino platforms on 9KING as well, such as Spade Gaming. Spade Gaming has newly developed an “All-In-One Interaction” function that allows the players to interact with the DJs in the game. To continuously provide the players with the best gaming experience, 9KING is persistent in searching for all the game platforms with unique features.