17 Actionable Tips for Choosing the Right Live Online Casino

17 Actionable Tips for Choosing the Right Live Online Casino to Help You Generate More Bonuses and Cash Winnings Today

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Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and internet, players could play their desired games literally at anywhere and anytime as long as they have the access to internet. Many would having problems when choosing the right platform to enjoy their games. However, below are 17 tips for players as reference to choose the right online casino that help them to generate more bonuses and cash winnings.

(1) Inspect the Life Span of the Online Betting Platform

Online Betting Platform

First and foremost, the players have to inspect the life span of the particular online betting platform. Averagely, these kinds of online casino would only survive for 2 years. Therefore, players have to ensure the platform is operating at least for more than 2 years. Other than this, players have to check whether the online casino take in the opinions and feedback’s from customers. As the platform listens to the precious feedback’s from members, it could continue to enhance its features in order to meet the players’ requirements. Nevertheless, this could create win-win situation for both online casino and the players.


(2) Check the Reputation of the Online Casino

Check the Reputation of the Online Casino

Apart from this, players are strongly advised to check the reputation of the online casino before start their games with the platform. There are few techniques to spot a reputable platform. Firstly, legal platform could offer their license freely and allows players to see it easily. Also, there would be terms that fulfill with audits and also the fair online gambling association. Besides, illegal platform do not possess a proficient system. There would be not much advertising banners around their website and players hardly to spot their license.

(3) Security of the Gaming Platform

Security of the Gaming Platform

Security of the gaming website is one of the most important criteria before players select the gambling platform. As players trusted their money into gaming platform, the level of security of the platform is ultimately crucial. The players could assess the safeness of the platform by ensuring whether it has official license issued by the government or related official associations. Other than this, the system used by the platform shall be audited by independent party in a regular manners. The transaction between players and platform shall be encrypted by using end to end encryption.

(4) Fairness and Safeness of Online Casino

Fairness and Safeness of Online Casino

Next, the fairness and safeness of the gaming environment shall be taken into consideration. Players have to aware of their personal information whether would be leaked out. To avoid leakage of personal data, they could check the encryption badge on data added into the system. Aside from that, players have to check for fair draws that guarantee the fairness of the games. The players would also be encouraged to check the particular platform whether been blacklisted or not.

(5) Source of the Platform’s License

Source of the Platform's License

The source of the platforms license shall be examined by players before trusted their money and personal data to them. The platforms could simply claim that they acquired gaming license from the authority. In order to avoid any undesired circumstance, players have to inspect the source of their gaming license. In order to obtain official license from reputable association, the platforms’ system must be undergo examination and assessment by the authority. There are only less than 20 countries that can issue gambling license to the platforms. For instance, PAGCOR from Philippines, The Alderney Gambling Commission (AGC) from Alderney, IGA from Austria and so on.

(6) Online Platform’s Promotions and Bonuses

Online Platform's Promotions and Bonuses

Once the players have identified the safeness and fairness of the online betting platform, they could start to examine the promotions and bonuses offered to the players. Generally, the players would be given welcome bonus for their joining to the games. Players should get knowledge on the minimum bonus be given with deposits and without deposits. Also, the minimum rebate bonus shall be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, there could be terms and conditions attached to the bonuses offered. Apart from all these, players should be alerted on the promotion periods. Usually, it would be held during festival such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.

(7) Read Online Casino’s Terms and Conditions Attentively

Read Online Casino's Terms and Conditions Attentively

After all, the players shall read the terms and conditions in detail. Players could fall into great disappointment if they do not read the terms carefully. They should be aware especially terms and conditions related to bonus and rebate. For instance, some bonus are require minimum rolling before they are entitled to the bonus as promised. Regards online betting rebate requirements, players would have to understand the mechanism being used in their system. It is usually proportional to a player’s membership status or the effective bet amount. For instance, a member is enjoying 1% rebates and his accumulated effective betting amount is RM 150,000. The member would automatically receive cash rebate of RM 1,500 in the next day. 

(8) Quick and Easy Deposits and Withdrawals Ways in Online Casino

Quick and Easy Deposits and Withdrawals Ways in Online Casino

The time taken for deposits and withdrawals of players credits is also one of the important criteria in choosing the right platform. The purpose of playing online betting is mainly due to its conveniences such as play anytime and anywhere. However, some of the platforms take a long time to process the transaction such as deposits of credits into player’s account. This could probably disappointing the players who are excited to join the game. Let’s imagine where the FIFA World Cup I going to kick off in 30 minutes and you have huge confidence in France football team. You decided to deposit and bets on the team but the transactions was taken too long and cause you misses the opportunity to bets on the team. 

(9) Realize the Withdrawal Limits of the Platform

Realize the Withdrawal Limits of the Platform

Players shall know the withdrawal limits of the platform. Some platforms imposed a withdrawal limits where players are limited to withdraw more than or less than a certain amount. For minimum withdrawal amount, most of the platforms set at $10. For over withdrawal, the platforms usually will allow the players to withdraw daily on the maximum amount basis. For example, if player requested to withdraw $10,000 where the maximum withdrawal amount is $1,000. The player would be able to withdraw $1,000 per day until is fully withdrawn the amount of $10,000. 

(10) Offer 24HR Customer Support in Online Platform

Offer 24HR Customer Support in Online Platform

The players may face issues or problems when having fun with their games. At this moment, the customer support plays a very important role. Regarding this criteria, players could assess whether the platform offer 24 hours service throughout the week. Also, whether the customer service able to solve players’ problems effectively and efficiently. 

(11) Provides VIP or Premium Options for Members

Provides VIP or Premium Options for Members

Players is also encouraged to ensure the platform provides VIP or premium options for them. Unlike the physical casino, online casino has lower requirements to become VIP member. Generally, online casino would lower the qualifications and increase the probability to become premium or VIP member. Other than that, the platforms would also eliminate the unease caused by membership hierarchy.

(12) Provide Variety of Games Choices

Provide Variety of Games Choices

As we know, playing the same game would cause boredom. Therefore it is important to know that whether the platform provides a variety of games choices. A good and suggested platform would update their games regularly to add in new ideas in order to stimulate the players’ interest. Also, they would provide lots of gaming choices such as electronic games, sport betting, live games and lotteries.

(13) Allow Players to Enjoy Games through Mobile

Allow Players to Enjoy Games through Mobile

This is one of the important tips for those who really want to enjoy the game at anywhere and anytime. In this era of mobile device technology, some of the online casino has invested heavily to allow players play the games through mobile smart phone. Players would have to check whether the platform possess information technology that allow players to play on their Android or IOS phone.

(14) Offer Live Sports Gambling

Offer Live Sports Gambling

Sports have always been hot topics among the community throughout human history. Therefore sports gambling is considered as a must option for the players. Some platforms allow the members to watch the sport tournament live on their platform. This is totally convenient for those who want to enjoy the excitement from both the sports and betting.

(15) Popular Gifts as Gambling Rewards

Popular Gifts as Gambling Rewards

Gifts are always something that desired by most people. From the online casinos’ view, such gifts are prove of appreciation towards their loyal customers. Generally, the gifts would either be form of physical products such as vehicles and laptops or cash bonuses that could be used in the platform.

(16) Check the Online Casino’s Gift Policies in Detail

Check the Online Casino's Gift Policies in Detail

As mentioned previously, there are gifts being offered to the members as appreciation of their loyalty. However, there are players who do not know the proper way to claim the gifts due to they ignore the gift policies of the platform. The players have to read the gift policies stated over their website in order to maximise their gains from the online casino. 

(17) Difference between Online Casino and Physical Casino

Difference between Online Casino and Physical Casino

The last but not least, players have to understand the difference between online casino and physical casino. Firstly, online casino literally allows the player to play the game at anyplace and anywhere without the disturbance from people surrounded. Other than this, it would be a great option for those who do not enjoy the crowd of people. In a nutshell, people who require quite surroundings when placing bets is strongly advised to join online betting platform.

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