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5 Western Movies Teach You How to Win in Online Casino Games

5 Western Movies Teach You How to Win in Online Casino Games

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Because of the process of gambling and what it can bring them, gambling is a hobby that many people can’t deny. Most of us always dream of getting more money so that we can spend more on what we desire. Therefore, casino games or online betting gradually became one of the ways to get rich. No matter what kind of casino games, the most important thing is that, we are able to enjoy the moment and the joy that gambling bring.

Relating to the topic of gambling, Hollywood did release a few movies that are related to gambling. Besides, it correctly targets at the audiences who like gambling-themed movies. Without hesitation, let’s see the movies that are ranked to be the famous ones of all time.

Casino (1995)

CASINO (1995)

Watching Casino (1995) is like creating a whole new invigorating experience. Because most of the people who watched this movie gave good comments on it. According to the statistics, it got a rating of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 8.2/10 on IMDb.

This movie is directed by Martin Scorsese in 1995. The main actor are Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. The plot of the story is influenced and inspired by the real-life story of Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal, who was managing Fremont, Hacienda and Stardust Casinos in Las Vegas for the mob back of Chicago during the period of 70s and 80s. Owing the nice storyline, most viewers gave thumbs up to this wonderful gambling-themed movie.

Plot summary: Early 1800, The Mafia had huge stake in Las Vegas. The ran the casinos, but didn’t run the town. They used run to get their men in to run everything related to casinos. A Jewish gambling prodigy, Sam “Ace” Rothstein (De Niro) is one of the fronts that make money for his Mafia associates in the past. He is sent to manage the Tangiers casino-hotel in Vegas. He is soon managed to make the Tangiers into a successful and profitable organization for Mob bosses due to his logical and efficient characteristics. However, things start to go insecure when Rothstein in love with Ginger (Stone), who is a pretty and seductive but devious casino hustler and when Rothstein’s old friend Nicky Santoro (Pesci) arrives in town. Nicky is sent by the bosses to make sure that no one interferes with Rothstein’s operation but soon decided to make Las Vegas his own kingdom and bring trouble to Rothstein himself and create tension between both men that will make whole thing crashed down on top of them.

Casino portrays a tale of greed, betrayal, power control, money and murder that occurred between two best friends. It also shows the story of mafia enforcer and casino executive that compete each other over a gambling empire over a fast living socialite in the country.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

This movie brings out the whole new level of “Gambling is Cool” as it redefines how people react and comment on gambling and also online casino. When Ocean’s eleven hit the screen, it could be one of the remarkable heist movies. The entire casino is like their playground, from poker, baccarat, slots and any games…… that can be found in casino shown in the movie and any gambling enthusiasts would admire that. This movie creates the feeling of excitement and also fun whenever the audiences watch it.

Plot summary: Conman Danny Ocean, the main character (George Clooney) who is just fresh out from the prison had planned his next heist. He wants to rob three Las Vegas casinos that belong to Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia). He conspires his old pal Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) to rob about 150 million dollars from underground vault that serves the three biggest casinos. To make the mission success, he recruited nine other members to assist in this mission and all members have their personal
profession. They faced a lot of obstacles when they are trying to achieve their goals.

This movie also gives advice and tips on poker for online casino players and gambling fans from Malaysia. It also creates a trend, reminding people it’s worth to take the risk and try sometimes.

The Gambler (2014)

The Gambler (2014)

The Gambler is released in 2014 and starred by Mark Wahlberg. Rupert Wyatt is the director of this movie. This movie emphasizes on the spirit of gambling and betting so well that makes audiences enjoy the most thrilling and captivating pastimes.

Plot summary: Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) is a literature professor with simple outlook on his life. After Jim Bennett’s grandfather died, he goes straight to Mr. Lees illegal casino. He plays few hands of blackjack, winning at first but ends up owning a massive value of money to Mr. Lee and a gangster Baraka. Jim goes to his wealthy mother for money but she refused to give him money, knowing of his addiction to gambling. He ends up going to a loan shark Frank, who agrees to loan him the desired amount of money but things don’t always seem so straightforward and
what happens next is all depending on the decision that Jim is going to make.

This movie creates the scenario and situation which shows the risks the main character takes and the desperation in trying to get out of the mess that he created first. The desperation and risks that happened to Jim is literally what the movie is trying to convey.

21 (2008)

21 (2008)

“21” is inspired by a true story. It talks about six M.I.T students who were trained to become professional experts in counting the cards and took million dollars from Vegas casinos after winning. After watching this movie, people start to search for the ways on how to count cards, by doing so, they hope can also be the experts like the main characters in the movie.

Plot summary: Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) is a young, talented M.I.T student in Boston who needs money to pay off his tuition fees which about $300,000. Professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) who sees Ben intelligent skill and then recruits him to be part of the blackjack poker club, including 5 other gifted students. Due to their talented counting skill, the team able to turn the odds of 21 blackjack in their favor and they won thousands of dollars in live casinos in Las Vegas. Ben wants to stop after making enough money for his tuition fee and then back out but being seduced by the money and fancy lifestyle he might get as well as the beautiful teammate, Jill Taylor (Kate Bosworth), Ben decided to stay as he thinks counting cards isn’t illegal. After Ben has the taste of big life, it affects Ben’s original plan and starts to disunite with his friends and he is also unaware of casino security consultant, Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne) is on their tail and this make them fall into a serious situation.

The feeling of self-satisfaction, greed, ego, desperation and revenge play a role in the movie and how they overcome all these obstacles are the viewpoints of this fascinating movie.

Casino Loyale (2006)

Casino Loyale (2006)

Casino Royale is not just a gambling-themed movie, it also showcases more realistic and brutal take on Bond series. It is not just a normal poker card movie, but added with a lot of intense action scenes that will leave the audiences on the edge of the seat. If you like this kind of action plus gambling movie, you should definitely not miss this movie.

Plot summary: The British secret service agent, James Bond (Daniel Craig) who discovered a financier, Le Chiffre (MAds Mikkelsen) who is from the
terrorist organizations has the intention to raise money in poker games, so he takes to the high-stakes poker table of Casino Royale to overturn the plan of the financier to recover the big amount of money of his clients’ money he lost in a failed plot that a British spy took down. In the movie, 007 not just realizes and discovers on the threatening organization behind his enemy, but the truths that he needs to accept is, there is no one can be trusted.

Back in 2006, when this movie was first premiered, there were a lot of film critics and also audiences weren’t able to stop discussing the work of Daniel Craig as the new 007 secret agent. Besides, since there were a lot of high-stakes showdowns in the movie, it helped to set the trend of “Texas Hold’em Poker” in the whole gambling world. Casino Royale is not just showcasing about the story of high-stakes gambling world, but also portrays Bond-style romance and spying as well as be one of the best movies in Bond series.

If you have no ideas about the other soccer movies, but there are no reasons for you by not watching

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17 Actionable Tips for Choosing the Right Live Online Casino

17 Actionable Tips for Choosing the Right Live Online Casino to Help You Generate More Bonuses and Cash Winnings Today

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Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and internet, players could play their desired games literally at anywhere and anytime as long as they have the access to internet. Many would having problems when choosing the right platform to enjoy their games. However, below are 17 tips for players as reference to choose the right online casino that help them to generate more bonuses and cash winnings.

(1) Inspect the Life Span of the Online Betting Platform

Online Betting Platform

First and foremost, the players have to inspect the life span of the particular online betting platform. Averagely, these kinds of online casino would only survive for 2 years. Therefore, players have to ensure the platform is operating at least for more than 2 years. Other than this, players have to check whether the online casino take in the opinions and feedback’s from customers. As the platform listens to the precious feedback’s from members, it could continue to enhance its features in order to meet the players’ requirements. Nevertheless, this could create win-win situation for both online casino and the players.


(2) Check the Reputation of the Online Casino

Check the Reputation of the Online Casino

Apart from this, players are strongly advised to check the reputation of the online casino before start their games with the platform. There are few techniques to spot a reputable platform. Firstly, legal platform could offer their license freely and allows players to see it easily. Also, there would be terms that fulfill with audits and also the fair online gambling association. Besides, illegal platform do not possess a proficient system. There would be not much advertising banners around their website and players hardly to spot their license.

(3) Security of the Gaming Platform

Security of the Gaming Platform

Security of the gaming website is one of the most important criteria before players select the gambling platform. As players trusted their money into gaming platform, the level of security of the platform is ultimately crucial. The players could assess the safeness of the platform by ensuring whether it has official license issued by the government or related official associations. Other than this, the system used by the platform shall be audited by independent party in a regular manners. The transaction between players and platform shall be encrypted by using end to end encryption.

(4) Fairness and Safeness of Online Casino

Fairness and Safeness of Online Casino

Next, the fairness and safeness of the gaming environment shall be taken into consideration. Players have to aware of their personal information whether would be leaked out. To avoid leakage of personal data, they could check the encryption badge on data added into the system. Aside from that, players have to check for fair draws that guarantee the fairness of the games. The players would also be encouraged to check the particular platform whether been blacklisted or not.

(5) Source of the Platform’s License

Source of the Platform's License

The source of the platforms license shall be examined by players before trusted their money and personal data to them. The platforms could simply claim that they acquired gaming license from the authority. In order to avoid any undesired circumstance, players have to inspect the source of their gaming license. In order to obtain official license from reputable association, the platforms’ system must be undergo examination and assessment by the authority. There are only less than 20 countries that can issue gambling license to the platforms. For instance, PAGCOR from Philippines, The Alderney Gambling Commission (AGC) from Alderney, IGA from Austria and so on.

(6) Online Platform’s Promotions and Bonuses

Online Platform's Promotions and Bonuses

Once the players have identified the safeness and fairness of the online betting platform, they could start to examine the promotions and bonuses offered to the players. Generally, the players would be given welcome bonus for their joining to the games. Players should get knowledge on the minimum bonus be given with deposits and without deposits. Also, the minimum rebate bonus shall be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, there could be terms and conditions attached to the bonuses offered. Apart from all these, players should be alerted on the promotion periods. Usually, it would be held during festival such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.

(7) Read Online Casino’s Terms and Conditions Attentively

Read Online Casino's Terms and Conditions Attentively

After all, the players shall read the terms and conditions in detail. Players could fall into great disappointment if they do not read the terms carefully. They should be aware especially terms and conditions related to bonus and rebate. For instance, some bonus are require minimum rolling before they are entitled to the bonus as promised. Regards online betting rebate requirements, players would have to understand the mechanism being used in their system. It is usually proportional to a player’s membership status or the effective bet amount. For instance, a member is enjoying 1% rebates and his accumulated effective betting amount is RM 150,000. The member would automatically receive cash rebate of RM 1,500 in the next day. 

(8) Quick and Easy Deposits and Withdrawals Ways in Online Casino

Quick and Easy Deposits and Withdrawals Ways in Online Casino

The time taken for deposits and withdrawals of players credits is also one of the important criteria in choosing the right platform. The purpose of playing online betting is mainly due to its conveniences such as play anytime and anywhere. However, some of the platforms take a long time to process the transaction such as deposits of credits into player’s account. This could probably disappointing the players who are excited to join the game. Let’s imagine where the FIFA World Cup I going to kick off in 30 minutes and you have huge confidence in France football team. You decided to deposit and bets on the team but the transactions was taken too long and cause you misses the opportunity to bets on the team. 

(9) Realize the Withdrawal Limits of the Platform

Realize the Withdrawal Limits of the Platform

Players shall know the withdrawal limits of the platform. Some platforms imposed a withdrawal limits where players are limited to withdraw more than or less than a certain amount. For minimum withdrawal amount, most of the platforms set at $10. For over withdrawal, the platforms usually will allow the players to withdraw daily on the maximum amount basis. For example, if player requested to withdraw $10,000 where the maximum withdrawal amount is $1,000. The player would be able to withdraw $1,000 per day until is fully withdrawn the amount of $10,000. 

(10) Offer 24HR Customer Support in Online Platform

Offer 24HR Customer Support in Online Platform

The players may face issues or problems when having fun with their games. At this moment, the customer support plays a very important role. Regarding this criteria, players could assess whether the platform offer 24 hours service throughout the week. Also, whether the customer service able to solve players’ problems effectively and efficiently. 

(11) Provides VIP or Premium Options for Members

Provides VIP or Premium Options for Members

Players is also encouraged to ensure the platform provides VIP or premium options for them. Unlike the physical casino, online casino has lower requirements to become VIP member. Generally, online casino would lower the qualifications and increase the probability to become premium or VIP member. Other than that, the platforms would also eliminate the unease caused by membership hierarchy.

(12) Provide Variety of Games Choices

Provide Variety of Games Choices

As we know, playing the same game would cause boredom. Therefore it is important to know that whether the platform provides a variety of games choices. A good and suggested platform would update their games regularly to add in new ideas in order to stimulate the players’ interest. Also, they would provide lots of gaming choices such as electronic games, sport betting, live games and lotteries.

(13) Allow Players to Enjoy Games through Mobile

Allow Players to Enjoy Games through Mobile

This is one of the important tips for those who really want to enjoy the game at anywhere and anytime. In this era of mobile device technology, some of the online casino has invested heavily to allow players play the games through mobile smart phone. Players would have to check whether the platform possess information technology that allow players to play on their Android or IOS phone.

(14) Offer Live Sports Gambling

Offer Live Sports Gambling

Sports have always been hot topics among the community throughout human history. Therefore sports gambling is considered as a must option for the players. Some platforms allow the members to watch the sport tournament live on their platform. This is totally convenient for those who want to enjoy the excitement from both the sports and betting.

(15) Popular Gifts as Gambling Rewards

Popular Gifts as Gambling Rewards

Gifts are always something that desired by most people. From the online casinos’ view, such gifts are prove of appreciation towards their loyal customers. Generally, the gifts would either be form of physical products such as vehicles and laptops or cash bonuses that could be used in the platform.

(16) Check the Online Casino’s Gift Policies in Detail

Check the Online Casino's Gift Policies in Detail

As mentioned previously, there are gifts being offered to the members as appreciation of their loyalty. However, there are players who do not know the proper way to claim the gifts due to they ignore the gift policies of the platform. The players have to read the gift policies stated over their website in order to maximise their gains from the online casino. 

(17) Difference between Online Casino and Physical Casino

Difference between Online Casino and Physical Casino

The last but not least, players have to understand the difference between online casino and physical casino. Firstly, online casino literally allows the player to play the game at anyplace and anywhere without the disturbance from people surrounded. Other than this, it would be a great option for those who do not enjoy the crowd of people. In a nutshell, people who require quite surroundings when placing bets is strongly advised to join online betting platform.

Is there any strategy to Baccarat?
As much as 3 Card Baccarat is easy, simple and highly entertaining, playing the game always requires a lot of luck.

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How to Have a Professional Casino Poker Career Online?

How to Have a Professional Casino Poker Career Online?

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Poker and online poker is perhaps the premier energizing and money making amusement that draws card sharks in online live casino. For one, it’s a round of capacity and offers loads of potential outcomes to win. Besides, it’s a well-enjoyed diversion with assortment of competitions and rivalries, at entirely unexpected dimensions, wherever players will win enormous cash prizes. On the off chance that you might want to savor the prizes of betting at learned dimension, you wish to put amid a huge amount of exertion and time. With the right amount of watch and aptitude, even the weakest of poker players will develop to be fruitful experts.

Research and Perceive the Sport

Research and Perceive the Sport

In case you’re not used to the planet of poker or betting regularly, the essential advance is to discover all that you simply will concern the game and the best approach to play it. The net is brimming with enlightening aides and articles concerning totally extraordinary poker variations, the principles, and strategies for winning.

Know the Foundations And Play Truthful

Know the Foundations And Play Truthful

Playing while not realizing the establishments will be of no utilization once you have to turned into A talented inside the amusement. When you see the establishments, honest and out of line, and discover an idea concerning an approach to play the game, you’ll have the capacity to move to the accompanying advance, that is to play the game for money or watch.

Practice For the Important Games

Practice For the Important Games

A complex round of poker can’t be impeccable with hypothesis. While perusing concerning it will offer you a decent arrangement of the game, truly partaking in causes you get AN understanding into the game and furthermore the strategies that are used in it. In this manner if feasible, get a play-cash poker set and watch the game together with your companions or family. As an option, you’ll have the capacity to play watch poker diversions that are offered by differed online betting locales.

Play Solely Winning Hands

Play Solely Winning Hands

A significant advance to changing into a specialist poker player is realizing which hands to play and once to overlap. Abstain from endeavoring to play each hand, and don’t endeavor to debilitate to win. You can’t probably win every one of the recreations you play; in this way, you’d spare yourself heaps of money by partaking in the best possible hands.



Feigning could be a poker methodology that works just you perceive in any case and when to utilize it. Talented poker players utilize this procedure sparingly, anyway once they do, they in some cases succeed. Tenderfoot players, on the contrary hand, don’t utilize it appropriately and end up losing. The learners will in general utilize this procedure a touch an extreme measure of, and every so often once there’s no need for it. Accordingly, before you are endeavoring this procedure, take care to discover all concerning it and abstain from abusing it. 

Stay Alert

Stay Alert

Know about what’s going on round the table. it’s basic to see wherever you stand. though you’ll not be prepared to see the contrary players’ a card game, being perceptive of the contrary cards and players’ conduct will abandon you with a decent arrangement concerning your probabilities of winning.

Managing Your Bankroll

Managing Your Bankroll

Bankroll the executives is one among the key things that you simply need to perceive to play at a specialist level. The tables you settle on and furthermore the stakes you wish to play should rely on your ability level and your financial limit. it’s ideal to abstain from tinkering with high stakes inside the beginning, when you are as yet learning the game. Additionally, partaking in at littler stake tables, much the same as the £2/4 tables, can transform you to watch a great deal of, though downplaying the misfortunes. 

Choosing the Proper Games

Choosing the Proper Games

Texas Hold’em is likewise the first trendy amusement out there, anyway it’s not basically the sole one that everybody poker players are reasonable at. There are totally extraordinary poker variations you’ll have the capacity to endeavor your hand at. You’ll exclusively turn into a gifted player once you consider your shortcomings and qualities.

Play Systematically

Play Systematically

In the event that you wish to prevail in the gifted dimension in betting, you should play the game methodically with the abilities and furthermore the techniques you have learned. partaking in the game as often as possible, regardless of your successes and misfortunes, can encourage you to get mindful of it and play higher.

Play Responsibly

Play Responsibly

While it’s important to play every day, it’s important to play mindfully, on the off chance that you wish to keep partaking in. affirm that you just constantly play at interim’s your cutoff points. The likelihood of you getting dependent and overspending while partaking in poker, are frightfully high.

Don’t Show Emotion

Don’t Show Emotion

Betting, when you don’t appear to be inside the correct attitude, can about dependably end in misfortunes.Abstain from participating in poker once you are flushed, amid an undesirable state of mind, or whenever once you basically can’t assume straight or keep alert.

Knowing when to Quit

Knowing when to Quit

Breaking even, to ask back all the money you have lost amid a diversion, will be awfully enticing. Notwithstanding, realizing when to stop, especially once a progression of misfortunes, will one keep from chapter 11.

A player with a high win-rate will experience shorter and shallower downswings than a player with a low win-rate. Take a look at the following simulation, which compares the negative variance of a 2bb/100 win rate to that of a 5bb/100 win-rate:

How to Have a Professional Casino Poker Career Online

What do these numbers mean? Let’s start with the red boxes:
83.73% of the downswings Player A will experience will be over 300 BBs
63.16% of the downswings Player B will experience will be over 300 BBs
So, only ~16% of Player A’s downswings will be less than 300 BBs, compared to ~37% of Player B’s downswings.

And now the blue boxes:
82.41% of Player A’s downswing stretches will last over 5000 hands
60.18% of Player B’s downswing stretches will last over 5000 hands
So, ~18% of Player A’s downswings will last fewer than 5000 hands, compared to ~40% of Player B’s downswings. (A downswing stretch is defined by the amount of hands it takes to get back to the peak of your graph.) (variance calculated on pokerdope.com)

As you can see, Player B’s higher win-rate means he experiences shorter and shallower downswings.

The amount you wager is affected by what activity you wish to evoke from your adversaries. There are 2 direct guidelines to consider here. On the off chance that your point is for your adversary to crease, at that point you wish to achieve this with the most diminutive wager possible. You might chance fewer chips inside the occasion you’re alluded to as, and most players crease to a little wager even as normally as they are doing to a full-pot wager. On the contrary hand, in the event that your target could be a choice, at that point the option applies. making a wager that you essentially wish to encourage alluded to as is suspected as a value wager, anyway by and large you’re more joyful making a considerably greater wager that is less apparent to ask alluded to us than a lower wager that is extra liable to get called, as you may increase extra from it. 
We trust that you must the finish of this article feeling illuminated about the advantages and dangers of expert poker. In case you’re as yet uncertain, don’t stress: it doesn’t need to be an on the spot choice. Take a stab at expanding the amount you play and perceive how you feel. In case you’re as yet not certain, simply continue playing as a leisure activity. All things considered, poker shouldn’t be all-devouring. It can at present be fulfilling, both sincerely and monetarily without being an occupation.


You no longer need to go to a physical 4D lottery shop. 
Now, you can enjoy the 4D lottery games around the world by just visiting online casinos.

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Live Games Intro: Guide to 3 Card Baccarat ONLINE!

Guide to Online 3 Card Baccarat (ANYWHERE, ANYTIME)

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Known as one of the baccarat playing forms, the 3 Card Baccarat is easily the simplest and fastest online poker game to be played. It is no surprise that it caught the attention of the online world. In its earliest card game form, Baccarat is commonly known as Punto Banco. 3 Card Baccarat may be new, but there are already three different variations of the game online. In 3 Card Baccarat, only the collected points matter. Some ground rules should be highlighted first to get a better understanding of the game.


Game Rules of 3 Card Baccarat

Game Rules of 3 Card Baccarat

At the beginning of the Three Card Baccarat, a deck of 52 cards will be dealt with between a dealer and three players. The members of the game are required to place their bets and are free to choose how they wish to play their bets. The players of the game are required to understand how the value of the cards dealt with is calculated to determine the outcome* and eventually, the winner. 

  1. Cards between the values of 1 (also known as the Ace card) and 9 are accounted for the value it is. For example, card value 7 is counted as 7
  2. Cards that are valued 10, J, Q, and K are accounted for as zero (0).

*The outcome is determined based on the value closes to 9 or totals to the value of 9. 

Placing the Bet & Playing the Probabilities

Placing the Bet & Playing the Probabilities

When placing the bets, players are allowed to call either one of the following bet options – Banker, Player, Tie or Pair Plus (also known as Pair) while the dealer, on the other hand, is only able to call for Pair Plus as the betting option.

Choosing the Banker or Player to make a bet on is to guess which person has the bigger point value from the cards dealt.

Pair Plus or Pair is where the bet is made an assumption that any of the hand played, Banker or Player, has a pair of the same card. For example, the cards have a combination of two card value of 8. This, however, does not apply to card values of 10, J, Q, and K and therefore, is not considered a Pair when the cards are drawn appear to have any combination between 10, J, Q, and K.

For each option provided, a calculation of probability is taken into consideration. When the bet is placed on either the Banker or the Player and either one wins, the probability favors at 1:1. This means that the chances either one side winning is even at 1. The tie has always been advised to be avoided as there is a poor edge on the house when a tie bet is placed. That said, the event that a tie happens is 1 in 8 probabilities. A 3 card bet takes place when the place is bet on the Banker and the hand is dealt with 3 cards, the odds favor at 1:16.

Onto the Next & the Outcome

Onto the Next & the Outcome

Once the bets have been placed, the dealer then moves on to draw the cards. The cards are placed in the sequence where the first card goes to the player and the next card goes to the dealer and it goes on till both sides have three cards on each hand. As mentioned, each player is given 3 cards to be dealt with and all the cards are placed facing upwards. The same goes for the dealer as well.

To determine the outcome, the face cards are totaled together. However, once totaled, the first digit of the total is dropped and only the second digit is taken as the value.

For example, a hand of 7-7-3 totals to 17, the first digit which is 1 is discarded and the value is determined on the second digit which is 7.

Now, that the rules have been laid down. We have also had a glimpse of the probabilities and outcomes. Let’s see how the game plays out. 

It’s the Time to Start the Game!

It's the Time to Start the Game!

Whether it is your first time or the one-hundredth time, if you know the rules, the game is just like a walk in the park. After having placed your bet, the dealer draws out the cards. The cards dealt with from both sides are the following:

Player: 8-7-3 (this totals up to 18, this second digit is taken into consideration)

Dealer: J-Q-7 (this totals up to 7 and is taken as it is)

When compared, both hands come up to a total of 8 and 7, respectively. Therefore, the player wins and is rewarded with the same value of the bet placed, making it double.

Also, take note that the set of cards dealt by the dealer which has J and Q is NOT a pair.

Let’s give the game an added fitting called setting. The setup of an online casino enriches the casino game like none other. With the rise of online game experiences, it is deemed a necessity to have in place live casino game settings to have players and banker interact and have a good game of bets! 

AG Live Game Room: VIP Bacarrat & MiCard Baccarat

9KING Live Casino AG

There are several live game room options to choose from and they are safe to be used. Here, we will be looking at the VIP Baccarat Casino and the AG MiCard Baccarat Casino. These game rooms are a collaboration of 9KING and AG in the goal bringing in the best gaming experience to the players. 

Brief Introduction on VIP Baccarat Casino

Brief Introduction on VIP Baccarat Casino

The VIP Baccarat Casino offers a wide range of options. The setting is as such that the player can choose to use the finesse option which is The Open without bets and can change their Baccarat brand boots after 30 runs. Additionally, the player gets to determine the speed of the game and who gets to be the dealer.

Tell You about AG MiCard Baccarat Casino

Tell You about AG MiCard Baccarat Casino

The added advantage in this live game setting is that the player with the highest bet has the advantage to take a look at the cards.

It is undeniable that the world of casino and gambling has been digitized and it is being enjoyed by many and all levels of players, from the amateurs to the professionals. The accessibility and connectivity that has been gained through online casino platforms have allowed a higher expectation in the experience of online casino game to be registered in the mind of the players. Like all things instant and smooth, the players expect a game that is entertaining, fun and dealt with higher speed. The function of having the dealer interact with the players gives a whole new meaning to the experience in the form of interactivity.

As much as 3 Card Baccarat is easy, simple and highly entertaining, playing the game always requires a lot of luck. Moreover, with each game played, there is no denying that the game would also require some exceptional skills and experience. Keep the rules of the game in mind and never underestimate the consequences of a bet. May the force be with you!

How to choose the right live casino?
Let me give you some advice and choose the right live casino.