9KING Guideline How to Check 9KING Promotion

View 9KING's Latest Events through Promotion

9KING, which is the first online entertainment app in Malaysia, offers a variety of games to give its members a better gaming experience. On top of that, you can participate in the 9KING events to get double returns on your winnings. In conclusion, this article will explain to you how to view 9KING promotions to claim for more bonuses!

 The Variety of 9KING’s Promotion Types

The 9KING “Promotion” page allows you to find out about five types of promotions, including “LIVE CASINO”, “SLOTS”, “SPORTSBOOK”, “LOTTERY” and “OTHERS”. The first four categories are based on the types of games, while you can find the special offers in the “OTHERS”. What are you waiting for? Get the latest promotions and win big now!

4 Steps to Check on 9KING Promotions

Follow the steps below to check on 9KING promotions

 Step 1:

Enter 9KING game lobby and click on the “Promotion” button (which is at the far right of the function list below).

4 Steps to Check on 9KING Promotions-1

 Step 2:

Swipe left or right to check on the types of your favorite promotion.

4 Steps to Check on 9KING Promotions-2

 [9KING Reminder]

The types of promotion including “LIVE CASINO”, “SLOTS”, “SPORTSBOOK”, “LOTTERY” and “OTHERS”.

 Step 3:

Click on “the promotion” for more details.
(Example: LIVE CASINO & SPORTS New Member First Deposit RM30 Free RM50)

4 Steps to Check on 9KING Promotions-3 

 Step 4:

The promotion details will be shown as below.
(Example: LIVE CASINO & SPORTS New Member First Deposit RM30 Free RM50)

4 Steps to Check on 9KING Promotions-4


9KING Entertainment app offers you the most comprehensive and qualities online games. In addition, 9KING is always grateful to members who spend the most time in supporting. Therefore, exclusive bonuses are offered to members on a regular basis as rewards. Overall, this article will explain how to check your bonus points available in 9KING. Start the game now!

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