Online Fishing Games: You know how to play, but do you know how to win?

Online Fishing Games: You know how to play, but do you know how to win?

Unlike real-life fishing, your net will be full to the brim every time you fish online!

Tips that Will Help You Catch Loads of Fishes When Playing Fishing Games

Have you played online fishing games before? If you have for a long time, maybe you have tried some of the tips in this section. But if you are new, then these tips will change the way you play fishing games. 

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What is the objective of playing fishing games?

Before we dig deeper, we must first understand the objective of playing fishing games. 

When playing online fishing games, the objective is to shoot as many fishes to collect coins. These coins, which equal to the real money you can take home, will reflect directly in your account (displayed at the bottom of the screen).

Tips to Catch Loads of Fishes and Win Real Money

These tips will teach you how to catch as many fishes as you can and collect as many coins to win real money without having to spend like mad.

(1) Keep shooting until the fish is taken down

Many players think that they should go easy with their bullets because each bullet costs money. The latter is true, but players should not hold back when shooting. 

Players tend to falter when the fish they are aiming and shooting at doesn’t die. Depending on the type of fish you encounter, fishes with higher payout rates, which are a lot bigger in sizes, will require more bullets because they are harder to kill. 

But just because it is harder to take down, doesn’t mean players should surrender. Instead, players should charge on and shoot at the targeted fish continuously. It is through consistent shooting that the fish will die. 

Extra tip: All fishing games are multiplayer games, which means other opponents in the game could be eyeing or shooting at the same fish. Before you begin to fire, watch closely. If you notice a player is already attacking the fish you are aiming for, find another prey. But if you see the player has given up on the fish, go right at it! It won’t take a lot of your bullets to take it down. 

(2) Apply the mustache tactic 

If you are not familiar with fishing games, take baby steps by aiming at smaller fishes. Yes, your payout won’t be as much as the senior players, but it will save you bullets and money. 

Many new players are too ambitious and have the proneness to shoot at bigger fishes because of the payout and disregard the smaller fishes. More often than not, these individuals end up wasting their bullets, not killing as many fishes, plus losing money and credits. 

The mustache tactic teaches us to take advantage of the smaller fishes because senior players will put their priority in shooting larger fishes. 

It also tells us to zero in on the fish we are targeting because stray bullets, the bullets that did not hit your intended target at the first try, will not garner you any credits. 

(3) Apply the ballpoint tactic 

The previous tip says to avoid stray bullets, but for this tip, you will shoot stray bullets intentionally. 

With the ballpoint tactic, you need to aim and shoot at the edges of the game frame. When you do, the bullets will ricochet. 

While the bullets bounce, pay attention to which direction it is heading to and what fishes are nearby. Shoot at the fishes close to where the bullets will hit. 

With the ballpoint tactic, you get to have several bullets firing towards the same fish at once, which increases the chances of you defeating the fish. 

Extra tip: The ballpoint tactic works best when the fish goes towards the corner of the game frame. 

(4) Hitchhike 

Each round of fishing games can accommodate a minimum of four players. Surely, at least one of them will be aiming for the fishes with high values. 

To save your bullets and secure your chances of a successful feat, you can choose to hunt the same fish your opponent is hunting. When the fish starts to frail, take over and shoot at it vigorously. 

This trick lets you secure a big win, at the same time, save your bullets for later use. 

A hitchhike, not the proper term, by the way, may seem like cheating, but it is an innocuous tactic that you should practice! 

(5) Control the speed of your game 

When you learn to control the speed of your game, you will be able to maintain composure throughout the gaming session. 

For example, when you aim at a small fish, shoot one bullet at once (pew). If the fish is slightly larger, shoot two (pew-pew). Then, three (pew-pew-pew). 

Gradually add the number of bullets you fire at once when the size of the fish increases.

(6) Gradually increase your ammo 

Once you get the hang of the rhythm, increase your ammunition. You can do so by changing your weapon to a more advanced one. 

An advanced weapon requires fewer bullets to kill off different kinds of fishes, high or low-value.  

What Do We Love About Fish-Shooting Games?

If you have played games of fish before, you will agree that everything about fish shooting games is to be loved! If you haven’t, here are four reasons why we do: 

(1) Gameplay

When playing fishing games, all you need to do is aim and shoot. With this being the case, you don’t have to consider luck or mathematical odds, as if playing online casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, or slots.  

How heavy your net relies on how good you are at aiming and shooting, plus, understanding the characteristics of each weapon to shoot effectively. 

(2) Graphics 

Visually-pleasing fishing games automatically grabs the attention of the player and appear more inviting. In return, players are more inclined to click into the game. Apart from that, they do a lot in keeping players engaged and entertained throughout the entire game.

It’s like how when a nice pair of shoes or an expensive vehicle catches your eye, these fishing games have vivid colors, lively fishes, and imaginative sea backdrops that will keep you captivated, and have fun, plus, refreshing fishing session. 

(3) Sound effects 

Fishing games are only complete if there are background music and sound effects to accompany the graphics. Depending on the theme of the fishing game you are playing, some backdrop tunes can be cheeky and mischievous, fast-paced and action-packed, or oriental with a hint of pop vibe. 

Fishing God from Spade Gaming has bonus features like Flash Jellyfish and Bomb Crab. When you trigger and utilize the Flash Jellyfish feature, which strikes electricity across the ocean and electrifies fishes, a high voltage and electricity-like sound effect will play. 

And you have probably guessed it already; when you set off the Bomb Crab feature, you will hear the sound effect of a blast. 

When a mini-game comes up, a voiceover will play in the background, signalling you to get ready. Likewise, when you successfully take down the big boss, its character will have a voiceover that says phrases like “this is not the end! I will take my revenge!”. 

Sound effects are little touches that make fishing games that much immersive and get players even more invested and into the mood of playing. 

(4) Reward 

Other than the entertainment value, players of all legal ages from all around the globe take part in online gambling games because of the monetary satisfaction they gain when they win. 

For individuals that are not familiar with the gambling scene, they tend to believe that gambling is an activity where you only stand a chance to win if you start with a big modal. 

The reality of online gambling is that players get to choose how much they want to spend on each set of games. And the biggest myth-buster is that even if they don’t have a big modal to start with, they can still win. 

For instance, when you are playing online fishing games, you can choose from three modes. Each mode will have a different bet credit, the first being the most affordable, and the last being the heftiest. The third mode generally contains a progressive jackpot. 

And this is no stunt to lure you into playing fishing games, but there were several times where players have won payouts up to RM 3,000 – RM 4,000 with a capital as low as RM 30 only. 

The idea of gambling is simple: the more you invest, the bigger your rewards. The only thing that sets high rollers and mediocre bettors apart are their payouts. High rollers are individuals that spend large sums of money when they gamble. 

As you can see, online fishing games are some of the easiest-going gambling games. They are fun, straightforward, and don’t need you to have any prior game knowledge to play the game. The best bit is that anybody stands a chance at winning money. 

Do You Want to Play Fishing Games?

Now that you know the tips to win fishing games, and why you will fall in love with them once you start, do you want to play fishing games? 

Start catching and winning with 9King fishing games! You can play Fishing God and Fishing War from Spade Gaming game room, Ocean King from 918Kiss, or Fu Fish from Playtech. Catch our next article where we show you the game plan to make the most of your fishing session!

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