LGD Gaming - The Best Online Casino Where The Excitement Never Stops

LGD Gaming is one of the best online casino websites in Malaysia and across Asia, which really makes it stand out from the rest. And part of the reason why is because they are a platform known for operating with many experienced dealers with the use of sophisticated high end equipment within the online casino environment.

The end result is a smooth gaming experience and highly comprehensive technical support that allows players to try out games from many different sections of the platform, giving them the opportunity to play from wherever they are.

So if you are looking for an online casino with top functionalities that provide a premium experience in Malaysia, LGD Gaming is the place for you. As its continuous development of high end games and casino functions rival or even surpass that of traditional online games, which in turn, has helped drive the whole online casino industry in Asia to newer heights.

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More On LGD Gaming’s Origins

Ever since the platform was founded in 2017, it has continued to grow in size and market share of the online betting landscape. Accessibility is a big part of their modus operandi as their games can be played online on any mobile device via a simple download from their website, and it allows players across Asia and the rest of the globe to play free games from their platform. LGD Gaming uses a proprietary HTML 5 platform to deliver premium games to their customer base, which allows gamblers in Asian countries such as Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, and many more, allowing them to play and enjoy their favourite games via their laptops and mobile devices.

As of 2021, LGD Gaming announced that it will continue to focus on improving its HTML 5 platform and release even more new games into the Asian market, giving its players more options to play free and choose from. Operating out of Thailand, the platform has come a long way ever since its humble beginnings as a provider for live dealer games. Since then, they have been steadily refining their gameplay experience with interesting bonus offers and increasing their already wide selection of live dealer games to include other table games such as Fight Bull and Three Cards.

Streaming their games live from the Genting Crown Casino, LGD Gaming is able to focus on giving its players an incredible gaming experience, featuring beautiful live dealers and games that cater specifically to the Asian market. During its four years of operation, LGD Gaming has certainly cemented its reputation as one of the best live dealer games in Asia.

What Does LGD Gaming Offer Its Customers?

Not only do they offer faultless games, they also provide players with important features to ensure a pleasant experience when it comes to finding their way around the platform. Said features include:

Integrated Systems

Even if you are a new player, you have nothing to worry about. Its user interface is designed to ensure players can navigate with ease so that they can focus on what truly matters—the gameplay. The website is designed to simulate that of a real casino, packed with useful features that will instantly guide players to where they want to go. In short, all the classy touches included in the website will surely entice any players to try out the games they have on offer.

Develop Your Own Website

As if a comprehensive gameplay experience was not enough, LGD Gaming also offers players the choice to develop their own brand by allowing them to create their own website via their complete website package solution, instantly relieving customers of the burden of deciding what the visuals and layout of their websites should be.

Comprehensive Services

Think of this as LGD Gaming’s after-sales service. To ensure players have a gaming experience as smooth as silk, they offer many services that address any customer queries or conflicts to create a hospitable gaming atmosphere. More on that below.

Availability Of A Mobile App

This allows players to play free games on the go wherever they are by downloading LGD Gaming’s mobile application. Now they get to play existing games via live-activity video games available on the mobile app. Not only that, the mobile app also comes with smart control that will allow players to experience full HD video that feels very similar to a real casino.

24/7 Round The Clock Customer Service

To provide a high-class customer experience, LGD Gaming’s customer support is one of the most responsive in the industry. By engaging experienced representatives capable of resolving issues on the go, and employing phone delegates that work round the clock to resolve customer queries, many issues are resolved as quickly as possible. Players can also talk to customer service representatives through live chats, email, and other web communications systems should they encounter any issues.

To maintain the standards of their customer service, LGD Gaming continues to work with professional third-party advisors that regularly assess their customer service routines. Where after each assessment, feedback is sent on how they can further increase customer satisfaction and allow their players to play with no worries.

Multiple Languages

Since it is likely that not everybody in this world might speak fluent English or Chinese for that matter, as a player, you will be able to choose from two widely known languages on the website including English and Chinese. Also, given that the platform focuses on players in Asia, the platform will instantly become more accessible to any newcomers. Languages can be toggled on the homepage to your preferred language.

It also includes support for other Asian languages such as Thai and Vietnamese too.

Absolute Security

Security is always significant in the eyes of a reputable platform. And as cyberattacks on online platforms are always evolving and becoming more rampant, engineers are now placing a greater emphasis on security than ever before. In order to prevent scammers from defrauding its players, LGD Gaming has taken every step to ensure that its security measures meet the global standards and guidelines, with the platform only ever releasing games to safe and licensed online casinos.

Features And Games On LGD Gaming

LGD Gaming is well known for providing high-end online live games to players across Asia. Famous for their table games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, and more; those games have brought the standards of betting to a whole new level by having trained and experienced vendors to meet the global standards. What’s more, players can instantly jump straight into the action and start playing with their fellow gamers, meaning you do not have to take the time to install these games on your mobile device.

And to keep things fresh, players can customise certain visual aspects of the website to their liking. This feature came about after many requests from their player base, which demonstrates that LGD Gaming is always listening to their players. Not only that, they continue to keep things exciting by offering players an exclusive red envelope bonus that is always available for you to have.


Once players sign in, they will find themselves at the homepage and will be greeted with a dashboard. It is an easy-to-use dashboard where players can choose from six different games. These games include Fight Bull, Three Cards, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Roulette.

Players can also use the dashboard to check details such as their profits, online gamer profiles, their betting history, and even visit the game mall to spend their winnings. The top right corner of the dashboard contains features that allow players to manage their profile and change other settings on the dashboard to their liking, or log out of the platform once they are done. The interface is straightforward and easy to navigate without any assistance.

So here are the few popular games on LGD Gaming that players will find to be absolutely thrilling:


A game every online casino player learns when they are still in kindergarten, LGD Gaming offers Baccarat and its many variants on its platform. And players can easily find them in the lobby. Not only that, players can bet up to $1000 on various betting tables.

Live Roulette

One of the most famous games in the world, you will be able to find several roulette variants on LGD Gaming apart from the original. Whether it’s the higher odds each player has of winning the rounds or whether it’s the option to place a multitude of different bets—red, black, double zero, etc—LGD Gaming takes this classic and improves it with their own look and feel.

Dragon Tiger

This is another popular game among casino players, with some calling it the 2-card variant of baccarat. In this game, players can choose between two cards; the Dragon or Tiger. Then, players must bet on their preferred card–the one they believe will be higher than the other in value. This game is so simple that even newcomers can jump into it right away.


Fight Bull

Commonly described as the Chinese variant of poker, Fight Bull features six standard card decks and is played in the presence of live dealers. But how it differs from normal poker is players are competing against the casino, rather than among themselves. By having the best five-card combination, a player will try to win a pot containing all the bets placed by players during a match, and common tactics such as bluffing can be seen during gameplay.

Three Cards

Despite its obscurity among online casino gamers in Malaysia, Three Cards is a game that features one deck of cards and a table that can seat seven people. Each player has three betting options; Ante, Play, and Pair Plus. Each player can bet on both or Pair Plus when the game starts.

The player and dealer then receive three cards each, and anyone with a higher hand wins the game. During a round, players can decide if they want to raise or fold.

Sic Bo

A staple for players within Asia, Sic Bo is a game where players bet on the outcome of the dice; big or small, and also place side bets with specific outcomes such as Triple Ones, Triple Sixes, Odd numbers only, Even numbers only, etc. It is a game that offers a wide range of betting options and can give players a stimulating experience and the potential to win huge returns.

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Some Tips And Tricks To Get You Started

After reading about the best that LGD Gaming has to offer, you are probably eager to play and start winning. But before you do, here are some tips that you should take note of.

Do Some Research About The Casino You Plan To Join

You don’t want to go in blind, you should always have an idea of what to expect; whether you get to play free, or if there are some hidden costs to consider. If you are too lazy to do some research, however, you can always read some reviews or go into some forums and see what other users have to say.

Some criteria where you can base your selection can include the size of the gaming library, the titles featured in it, and the genre of games it has. Also, consider what the bonus offers and promotions are like if your interest is to move money efficiently and quickly.

Read The Bonus Fine Print

Another tip to consider is to look at the bonuses and look at what the fine print or terms and conditions have to say for themselves. Sometimes different platforms will offer different bonuses, and they could come in various forms such as deposit bonuses or promotional codes. However, they are not always as straightforward as they seem, as just about all of them come with special rules and requirements.

But what you really need to look out for are the wagering requirements needed to be eligible for these bonuses. This includes the maximum bet amount, the wagering contributions of each game type. In legitimate online casinos, the wagering requirements can be cleared across a variety of game types under reasonable wagering conditions.

Consider The Software

One other subtle aspect to consider is the companies that make the games. This is often an overlooked item whenever we join an online casino website. Software providers are very important for online casinos as they create the table and slot games that we enjoy. While there are many providers to choose from, over the decades, these are some of the best providers that have managed to create a name for themselves.

  • Yggdrasil Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • Quickfire
  • iSoftBet
  • Evolution
  • Pragmatic Play

These software developers have released a number of hit games for the top online casino websites across the world. These names are highly recognised within the online casino community, but if you wish to be on the safe side, then it definitely helps to pay attention to who is the provider. Chances are you will find similar games from the same provider which will be equally as enjoyable.


So if you are looking for a great online casino website to play on, then LGD Gaming should be one to include in your list. Its appealing interface, presence of the best high-quality games—as good as Real Time Gaming (RTG) games—and is a website that is extremely easy to navigate. Not only that, you will get to play with beautiful live dealers, from a wide selection of table games to play free from.

To the online casino player, this is the best they can ask for.


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