9KING Guideline How to Apply Withdrawals for 9KING App

9KING Entertainment App: Apply Withdrawals

Introducing the new 9KING App, enjoy Malaysia’s hottest casino games! Giving you access to the most popular casino games compatible with both Android and iOS. A simple withdrawal steps providing players with the fastest, safest and most reliable way to withdraw funds.

Simple Steps to Withdraw 9KING Money

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to apply for withdrawals through 9KING.

 [9KING Reminder]

Please fill in the bank account details before withdrawals.

 Step 1:

Log in to the 9KING and select the game room you wish to withdraw.

Simple Steps to Withdraw 9KING Money-1

 Step 2:

Click the “Withdrawal” button to enter the withdrawal page.

Simple Steps to Withdraw 9KING Money-2

 Step 3:

On the withdrawal page, select “Withdrawal Bank” and key in the withdrawal amount.

Simple Steps to Withdraw 9KING Money-3

 [9KING Reminder]
The minimum amount of a single withdrawal is RM50 and the maximum amount is RM100,000.

 Step 4:

Confirm the withdrawal details and click “Submit” button to complete the withdrawal request.

Simple Steps to Withdraw 9KING Money-4


Want to know your cash flow on 9KING? The function of “History” lets you know all your record of deposit and withdrawal money. If there is any issue on the credit, contact our 24 hour online customer service, customer service officer will have you solve your issue immediately

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