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Introducing New 9KING Game Room App

Due to the recent rapid rise of mobile games, we are here to Introducing the all-new 9KING app. 9KING is constantly improving to bring a better gaming experience to its members. Register as a member and download 9KING for free in just a few steps to enjoy the game at anytime, anywhere! What exactly is 9KING available for you to choose from? Follow us to find out more about 9KING now!

Introducing New 9KING Game Room App -1

Feel the Ultimate Gaming Experience of 9KING!

Can’t wait to experience the new 9KING launched by 918KISS? Scan the QR code below to start the download and install 9KING now! 9KING offers a variety of features and a diverse gaming experience, making it easy to win big! 

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6 Highlights of 9KING You Should Not Miss

(1) Most Popular Games – Over 1000 Games 

Thousands of market leading games including Live Casino, Sports, Slots, Lottery & 4D providing players with the most complete one-stop Online Entertainment City. 

9KING Most Popular Games - Over 1000 Games   

(2) Fast And Easy Deposits And Withdrawals 

A variety of deposit and withdrawal options providing players with the fastest, safest and most-reliable way to transfer funds.

9KING Fast And Easy Deposits 9KING Fast And Easy Withdrawals 

(3) Professional 24 Hours Customer Service 

A team of highly trained and friendly customer service professionals are available to help with any inquiries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

9KING Professional 24 Hours Customer Service   

(4) Biometric Authentication For Added Security 

The innovative built-in fingerprint and facial recognition function greatly improves the data security while keeping it super convenient.

9KING Biometric Authentication For Added Security   

(5) Quick Transfer Between Game Room 

The fastest, safest and most-reliable way to transfer funds between each game room.

9KING Quick Transfer Between Game Room   

(6) Online and Start Betting Anytime, Anywhere 

Free 9King app download, feel the excitement anytime anywhere at your own comfort and privacy. 

9KING Online and Start Betting Anytime, Anywhere


Had you registered as member in Malaysia 9KING entertainment APP? 9KING entertainment APP can only be used when you log in your membership account. Therefore, if you are not a 9KING entertainment city member yet, please refer to How to register as 9KING member guide, play in the most unique Malaysia online entertainment app.

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