Game Intact – Play Slot Games that Pack a Punch and Put the Jackpot in Your Pocket

If you are a frequent online slots player, you will agree with me that most, if not all, providers offer a long list of slot games. And when I say long, I mean extensive; their options can spread across a few pages, and the theme of those slot games can span from the scorching heat of the Wild West to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. 

A new player could spend half an hour flipping through the pages and still end up not knowing which slot game to pick. And don’t suppose active players have tried all of the games in the library because chances are, they only play what appeals or is recommended to them. Nod your head if you like to scroll through the pages, only to play the same game over and over. It is much like going to your favorite restaurant already knowing what to eat, but you look at the menu either way!

If you like having options, many of them, and the idea of being able to try a new slot game every day, then the slots world is your oyster. But if options seem intimidating, then you ought to put Game Intact in your must-try online slot casino list.

Game Intact – A Dainty and Compact Online Slot Casino Malaysia


Game Intact, or Gi998, may sound foreign to some. But just like other leading providers, Game Intact offers slots that pack a punch. However, Game Intact stands out among others because the slots and other casino games that it provides don’t come in long lists or pages. Instead, there are about 40 slots, 11 casino games, and six arcade games only. For most players, this could be a deal-breaker because they assume that their options would be limited. But this assumption is futile because what Game Intact does is that it narrows down and filters out the games, to carefully select only the best and most recommended games to the players.

For players that are new to online slots and other online casino games, they will feel very accommodated and at ease knowing that they can expect a variation from the typical slot machine games, but without having to look through a cluttered library!

Once you enter the Gi998 lobby, you can easily navigate through the site and find what you need. By clicking on the ALL GAME, SLOT, CASINO, or ARCADE button at the top panel, it will lead you to a selection page that shows all of the games available in that category. Glide your cursor towards the left or right direction to see the following section.  

Taking a Closer Look at Game Intact Online Slot Casino Malaysia

When you are on the homepage (click on the ALL GAME button), the eye-catcher is the big flashy column that spells ‘TOTAL JACKPOT’ in caps lock and gold colour font. Because the column is at such a strategic spot, it does its part in enticing players to try their luck and put their skills to test. The best part is the amount of the total jackpot increases by the second. Each letter that I type in this article to hit my word count, the amount shoots up by tens to hundreds of RM!

If that is not enough to tempt players into depositing and start playing, then the Surewin Reward event will. The Surewin Reward event is like a bonus round that guarantees all players an equal chance to bring home some handsome cash. What makes this interesting is that it comes with easy and straightforward rules, so any players will find it easy to understand and participate.

This event will convert all of the winnings of a player for a selected game to points. These points will determine which ticket a player gets, and the player will receive it once he or she hits the specified target. There are gold, silver, and bronze tickets. These tickets allow players to take a spin at the Lucky Wheel. Each pocket in the Lucky Wheel indicates an amount, and the amount where the pointer stops at is the money* players can bring home. It also goes without saying that players should aim for the gold ticket because the highest pay amounts to one million!

*terms and conditions may apply 

Other than specifying which slot games are trending in Game Intact, the site also introduces their latest slots addition. It is easy to tell which slot games are trending or new because there is a spinning stamp at the top right corner of each game that writes NEW/新 and HOT/火. Another great thing about Game Intact online slots is that it tells you how many paylines a slot game has before clicking into the game. This way, players can save a lot of time in finding out how many paylines a slot game has and then decide easily which online slot will fit their budget snuggly. On top of online slots, players can also play fishing slot games (click on the ARCADE button).

All of the online slots and fishing slots in Game Intact have a jackpot. For players that are not too familiar with the ins and outs of betting, but still wish to strike it rich, then they are in for a treat because these are some of the most straightforward and less risky games, and they make bagging home the grand prize much more attainable. Besides, each slot and fishing games are distinctive, so players will always get a new wave of excitement and anticipation. Some of the settings for the online slots are such as the blue ocean with eccentric fish, emoji land, Halloween, Christmas, the World Cup, dainty women in ancient and imperial China, and much more.

With all things considered, it is safe to say that every player, new or old, will find something that they like and enjoy. And with so much attention put in providing the best slots and other casino games to the players, Game Intact surely does not let anybody down.

Most Popular Slot Games in Game Intact

All of the games you see in Game Intact are the best of the best, but just like eating in a fine dining restaurant, only a few will receive the Michelin star, and I will highlight some of those online slot games in a moment. I will also introduce the names of the other slots you can play. All of these games are popular among the Gi998 slots community, and we promise you will never get bored of it, no matter how many times you have played it.

(A) Online Slots

Game Intact offers slot games with paylines ranging from one, nine, 15, 20, 25, and 50.

7 Fortune, one of the must-try, Gong Xi Fa Cai, and Funtastic Fruit are slots with only one payline.

Mayan Temple, another Michelin slot, alongside the Fire Kingdom, Highway Kings, Wild West, Fortune Drum, Captain’s Treasure, Night of the Soul, and Fantasy Journey are slots with nine paylines.

If you want to play slots with 15 paylines, you can try Ocean Adventure, Genie Rich, Dragon Gate, Panther Moon, World Cup Frenzy, Water Margin, and God List.

Slots with 20 paylines are such as Wild Safari, Green Gold, Dolphin Reef, Christmas Gift, Easter Bunny, Ne Zha Demon Born, and Golden Lotus.

Bonus Bear, Sushi Delight, Lucky Pet, the Great Blue, Pirate Legend, and Lucky Beasts are slots with 25 paylines.

If you want a more challenging slot gaming experience, try Eggy Bunnies or Emonji! These slots have 50 paylines and will increase your chances of winning significantly.

Game Intact also offers 243 Ways slots. When you are playing this type of slot game, any combination of three or more matching symbols can be a win, as long as they appear anywhere on adjacent reels, starting from the first and going left to right. One of the biggest advantages of playing 243 Ways slots is that players have so many different ways to win the game.

Besides, they are cheaper to play with, because unlike traditional online slots, you don’t have to pay for each line. For example, if you play a slot game with 15 paylines, you have to invest 15 coins. But with 243 Ways slot, you can bet as little as ten coins on each spin. Another advantage is that it is easier for players to expect when they should get a payout.

Game Intact only has three 243 Ways slots, which are Ragnarok Firestorm, Twin Dragon, and Tutti Frutti.

(B) Fishing Games

 Game Intact only has two fishing games, which are the Ocean Project and Galaxy Wars. Fishing games are easy to play because players only need to shoot at different objects to garner points. There is also a bonus round, or some will call a mini-game, where the Big Boss will appear. To win the game, players must defeat the Big Boss.

All of the slots and fishing games in Game Intact have interesting and visual names, which make it easy for players to imagine the games. For instance, it is easy to tell that the Christmas Gift slot game has slot symbols such as a present, Santa Claus, a wreath, a reindeer, a snowman, and a candy cane. And the background music is something from the Christmas playlist.

The bright colours and lively background music are some of the components that make the games so captivating. But what really brings them up a notch is the quality of the graphics and streaming quality. They are not pixelated, nor do they look distorted. And the game proceeds seamlessly with each button you click and action you take.

Game Intact does not offer any free slot games or fishing games, though. But if you are new to playing slots, the bright side is that you can always start with one payline. Once you get the hang of it, you can increase the paylines and work your way further up. Like that, you can train your skills, manage your budget, and still enjoy the game to its full potential. For fishing games, you can check out the videos of other pro players playing the game and see how they tackle each object, what weapon they use, or what strategy they apply to make the most out of the game.

Game Intact shares tips on how to win and play a specific slot game and fishing game on the Gi998 Facebook page. This Facebook profile is public, so anyone can follow and benefit from the insights. The tutorials are in video format, a screen recording from a pro player playing the actual game, which helps players get the real feel. The best part is, these videos are about five to six minutes only, so rather than becoming jaded and impatient trying to finish a 20-minute tutorial, it is easy for players to focus and make a mental note on all of the strategies and effectively apply to their own games.

Another great thing about becoming a Game Intact online slot game Malaysia Facebook member is that you get to know first-hand what are some of the promotions they are having or bonuses a game is giving out to the players. You can search for Game Intact’s Facebook page by typing AB33 – Gi998 on the search panel.


How to Become a Game Intact Member

Pairing a smooth user interface that makes it super easy even for players that are not tech-savvy to manoeuvre the site with proper security systems, Game Intact online slot game Malaysia truly offers players an all-in-one gaming platform with endless entertainment. Don’t miss out on the fun any further! Sign up as a member at 9King to become part of the Game Intact community now! Here are the steps to register:

Step 1: On your search bar, type 9King. Click on the first link; it should state

Step 2: On the left panel, click on Register.

Step 3: Fill in your information, and proceed with the registration.

These three steps will register you as a 9King member. To enter the Game Intact game room, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the homepage, click on SLOTS on the top panel.

Step 2: Select Game Intact game room.

Step 3: Key in your betting amount, and click PLAY; alternatively, you can deposit. If you are entitled to a rebate, click on CLAIM REBATE instead.

Follow these six quick steps, and you will be closer to achieving your dream of hitting the jackpot hard like a piñata!

DreamTech Gaming - Another Great Platform You Cannot Miss

Sharing is caring, so here is another online gaming platform we want you to try out – DreamTech Gaming.

In a short span of four years, DreamTech Gaming is offering its services to online gaming enthusiasts across Asia and Australia. They are now inching towards expanding to the European market.

Much like Game Intact, DreamTech Gaming has plenty and a variety of online slots. They are well known for offering high Return to Player (RTP) percentage and quality slots, illustration wise. They create a very immersive gaming experience that heightens players’ senses and keeps them engaged in the game for a long time.

Whack-A-Mole, Bird Island, Secret Treasures, Candy Kingdom, and Field of Honour are some of the most popular slot games. DreamTech Gaming also offers branded slots, adapting slot themes from popular movies and cartoons. One of the popular ones is the Saiyan Battle, a slot game based on the story of Dragon Ball. Investiture of Gods and Nightclub are some of the latest additions in their library.

If you would like to learn more about DreamTech Gaming, its games, and what it has to offer, read up on our next article!