Brief Intro of DreamTech Gaming

Founded in 2016 with a dream to introduce a different kind of slot game to the world, DreamTech Gaming has been planting their roots in the Asian market by developing various Asian-themed slot games since they have started.

DreamTech Gaming was born in Malta, and after some three years of hard work, they have expanded exponentially. Now, DreamTech has several established offices throughout Asia and Australia.

  1. DreamTech Gaming has established itself as the alpha leader of the slots industry, and they are well known for their exquisite game design with well-balanced gameplay. Their main goal is to penetrate the European market once they have accumulated a strong customer base in the Asian market.

Slot games with a unique twist

The work of DreamTech Gaming speaks for itself as the quality of their slot games can be seen the moment you enter any of their games. Graphics play a pivotal role in any games, and the graphics of DreamTech Gaming is phenomenal as it is a par above the rest in the industry.

As for their game varieties, the general gameplay is quite extensive. This also means that every game produced by DreamTech Gaming is unique on its own. Instead of recycling previous game models and ideas from other slot games, the company creates their games from scratch. For instance, they have games with a normal set of paylines, games that use cascading symbols, and games that utilize payway-systems. With the diversified range of games, it is more than enough to satisfy the appetite of any gamers.

It doesn’t just stop there; the game features of DreamTech Gaming is nothing short of legendary. Bonus games, wilds, multipliers, instant wins, and other features are extremely well-presented in each of their online slots. Not to mention, their maximum wins and return to player (RTP) percentages fall on the higher end of the scale, and are known to be slightly above conventional industry standards. All of their games have special features. This is a smart move that will keep the players’ gaming experience fresh and exciting.

DreamTech Gaming has its games made in two main international languages, which are Mandarin and English. Language is important as it is the key to understanding and learning how to play their games. By offering their games in two international languages, DreamTech Gaming has extended their reach and presence through different regions of the world, and have enabled players of all backgrounds to come together and share the same passion.

Will all of these qualities combined, players can expect nothing but a spectacular and unique gameplay experience that can only be found in DreamTech Gaming. Although there is still room for improvement, it is quite clear that this company has all the ingredients necessary to become one of the big-time players.

DreamTech Gaming can flourish due to the power of online slots. The influence of online slots is not one to be taken lightly. Online slots have proven to be the most popular choice for almost every player, and this trend is likely to continue. Online slots are a perfect fit for any web-based casinos, and there are numerous reasons for their popularity.

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Slots are as easy as A, B, C

Most table games and card games provided by online casinos are also “games of skill.” Though the player cannot predict what outcome will occur when playing these games, there is still a certain amount of know-how required to receive the best possibility of a win or payout.

Online slots have become extremely popular among the players as slot games demand little prior knowledge to play. A player who is completely new to slots will be able to start playing the game in a matter of minutes without any teaching or guidance. Slot games usually offer simple instructions to guide players to play. Game controls are also clearly labeled and introduced to a new player as he or she starts the game.

Besides that, pay tables in all of the online slot games will show players the different payouts that can occur when the symbols land on different winning combinations. Not much learning is required, but it surely comes with a whole lot of fun.

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We‘re excited about our first game with Yggdrasil Gaming,Ice and Fire Offer .

Online slots and its betting options

Some players may be concerned about the investment required to play certain casino games. Card games like poker and blackjack require a buy-in amount to play, along with putting down additional funds to bet on a hand. The benefit of online slots is that they give more freedom to the players regarding placing the initial bet.

Though players can activate every payline on a game and wager the maximum amount allowed, it is not required, and many slot games let players make a bet starting from a single credit (most minimum) on just one payline. In between, the combinations are almost endless, especially on more advanced video slots that have numerous paylines. The players can also adjust the coin amount and the total number of coins for betting on each line, so there are options for everyone.

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Gameplay as solid as the vault

The online games at any reputable casino operate with a random number generator (RNG), which is the standard. The RNG makes the outcome of any spin unpredictable. What the player sees is entirely random and has no outside influence as to what symbols will land on the reels. Integrating this system prevents any online casino from gaining an unfair advantage and gives the player a fair shot at winning.

Of course, there are looming threats on the internet that may try to rig these types of games. All online slots feed through remote servers in conjunction with the software developers, which makes the games resistant to tampering. The popularity of online slots is due in large part to these security measures and fair play standards.

Progressive jackpots that pack a punch

Online slots can be modified to include different features and bonus games to create a more exciting experience. One of the most popular additions to online slots is the progressive jackpot. Essentially, a progressive slot plays the same way as its counterparts.

The main difference is that progressive slots have a built-in combination that pays out a jackpot to the player when it lands on the correct activated payline. Progressive jackpots are distinctly appealing because they sometimes increase in value to numbers over a million currency units. Many table games and card games are not compatible with this type of integration, which is why slots earn praise for their jackpot-friendly gameplay.

Just Like the Real Thing

It is hard to resist the thrill of going to a land-based casino and enjoying the games that are offered by the venue. However, this type of trip can cost you a bomb in terms of taking up a lot of your time and money. Come to think about it, playing the games at a brick and mortar casino sometimes is just not worth the investment.

The lack of an alternative is why online casinos are created. The issue is that some games are hard to replicate in this strictly offline format. Online slots have the advantage here because they can easily replicate a machine found on the casino floor. Newer video slots are essentially big computers that offer payouts to the player, so it is only natural that an equally impressive game is available on one’s computer. Enjoying slot games from home is the perfect example of an online casino’s appeal.

Convenient with no hassle

Above all else, online slots and the casinos that host them are built for convenience. Players who are casino enthusiasts have the simple option of playing from home. Also, many online slots are available in a mobile format, meaning the player can access these games from a phone or tablet no matter where they are.

The online format of a card game or table game is equally convenient, but these games require more focus from the players regarding effectively winning a payout. With online slots, the player simply needs to spin the reels and can easily take a break at any time.

A natural fit for online casinos

Online slots remain popular with players because they possess all the traits of a great casino game without having many drawbacks. They are available at the best online casinos by the hundreds and give players a relaxing yet exciting experience. Throw in the factors of convenience and simplicity, and the online slot proves to be the most versatile and accessible casino game available. Though it started on the floors of casinos, the slot machine has turned into the most fitting game for the online format.

What is the best slot game to play?

After learning all there is about the good stuff of online slots, we bet you are dying to know sort of slots you can get your hands on. In this section of the article, we will let you have a glimpse of some of the hottest and newest DreamTech slot games.

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Ready to melt in the heat of DreamTech’s hottest slots?

1) Whack-A-Mole

Remember the game we used to play at the arcade when we were younger? The moles would pop out of the holes randomly, and, with the perfect hand-eye coordination, you must whack them with the mallet? Well, this game has “grown” alongside technology and is now a game that will win you lots of money.

With five reels and 25 paylines, Whack-A-Mole has the Scatter symbol and Wild symbol. With a minimum of three Scatter symbols, you can get ten free spins. The Wild symbol can substitute any symbols on the reels except Scatter to increase your chances of striking more symbols.

Whack-A-Mole comes with a bonus feature that will increase your payouts too! When “UH!” appears, your reward will receive a multiplier of either 5x, 10x, or 25x. When “OW!” appears, your multiplier becomes 30x, 50x, or 60x. If “OOPS!” appears, you will receive a payout of either 100x, 200x, or 300x. The harder you whack the moles, the larger the multiplier. So, hit them until they yelp “OUCH!” because this will reward you with a multiplier up to 500x to 1000x.

2) Investiture of Gods

Investiture of Gods is a slot game with five reels and 25 paylines. In it, there are the Scatter and Wild symbol features. The Scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the grids, and when three or more Scatter symbols appear and match, the reward you will receive is ten free spins. As if ten free spins aren’t enough, you can trigger MORE free spins during the free game.

On the other hand, the Wild symbol functions as a substitute that can replace any symbols on the grid except the Scatter symbol to form a winning combination.

Heavy on the Asian culture, Investiture of Gods showcases what it is like playing slots from heaven. The symbols are images of ancient deities, one being the well-respected Ne Zha. Striking the Ne Zha symbols will reward you with the biggest payout.

In the background, there are multiple oriental building structures with significant Chinese pointy roofs.

Investiture of Gods is ranked the top 3 best slot game of DreamTech with an RTP of 94.74%.

3) Saiyan Battle


Saiyan Battle may be more suitable for the younger (of legal age, of course) audience, but there is no limit to having fun, right!

Saiyan Battle is a branded game because the theme and symbols are derived from the cartoon most of us watch growing up, Dragon Ball. With an RTP of 97.57%, Saiyan Battle is a slot game with medium volatility, five reels, and 20 paylines.

The 1-star bead icon is the Wild symbol, and it can replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. When three or more Dragon Ball icons appear from the left payline going to the right, you will receive the free-game immunity, up to 300 free games!

You can play all of the games above for free via the Free Tryout feature. Even with the demo version, you can stand a chance at striking all of the bonuses so you can have the full experience of playing the slots in DreamTech.

Fresh from the DreamTech Oven:

1) Ice and Fire

Adapting little influence from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, you can notice the sci-fi, out-of-the-world creatures, and avatars when you click to open the slot game.

Ice and Fire has a 5×5 setup with a Cascade win system and two bonus games. The first bonus game is the Multiplier feature. You can trigger it by striking three dragon egg Scatter symbols anywhere on the grid. With the Scatter symbol, you can get ten free spins. Extra Scatters will give you five extra spins. The upgraded version of this bonus game is the Win Multiplier. It starts with a 1x but increases by 1x after every cascade. All of your wins are subject to the Win Multiplier, and you can trigger this feature time after time.

The second bonus game is the Free Game feature. You will receive this free game feature if you land four cascade wins in a row during the base game. When you are at the free game round, you will be presented with two dragons – ice dragon or fire dragon. Choosing either one of the dragons will reveal eight, ten, or 15 free spins with 100 or 150 extra Wilds in the house. You can retrigger the Free Game feature anytime, but not the Multiplier feature.

2) Sin City

In Sin City, you are part of a gang that commits vices like the bombing of a bank and the hijacking of a cash car. The reward for being rebellious is huge bonus prizes and multipliers! With an RTP of 97.27%, Sin City is a medium volatile slot game that is available in the mobile app.

You will trigger the Shootout feature or Safe Blast feature when you obtain four or more cascading wins. With the Shootout feature, each police officer that appears will be shot, and a big prize will be awarded. With the Safe Blast feature, you get to blow up a safety box and receive a multiplier up to 10x. Striking three or more Scatter symbols will trigger the Free Game feature.

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Start playing only the best slots by joining DreamTech today

Are you feeling lucky today? No matter the answer, the slots on DreamTech are designed to give each player a fair shot at winning. Great storylines, realistic graphics, high payouts, and a medley to choose from. What else can you ask for? Start playing only the best slots today with DreamTech.