AE Sexy Online Live Casino Malaysia – A Feast for the Eyes and Grease for Your Pockets

If you are reading this article, I am guessing you are interested in becoming part of the online betting community, and that the title of this article has piqued your interest a little more than the ones you have skimmed through for the past minutes. I mean, a feast for the eyes and grease for your pockets? That sounds juicy, fatty, yummy, and satisfying. And I don’t think you have seen any online live casino Malaysia put up a description like that.

Of course, juicy, fatty, yummy, and satisfying are just adjectives. They do a great job in stirring up your interest and curiosity, but they should never be the reason you choose a site and dump your money with feverish haste. After all, learning how to choose the right online casino Malaysia is like having to find yourself a lifelong partner. Alright, maybe this is not the best analogy, but you get the idea – there are plenty of choices.

After some time of searching, you become confused, uncertain of which option is the best option. Then you grow impatient and give way to whichever option feels right. Over time, you start to notice little things that aren’t to your liking. Bit by bit, these shortcomings amplify, as if put under a microscope. Alas, you either become apathetic towards the games, or you lose heart when it comes to matters of the online betting. 

The above may sound like a whole lot of exaggeration, but little do new players know that picking the wrong or non-suitable online casino Malaysia can tarnish their experience. Doing enough homework and research are crucial parts of the process when choosing which platform to best acquaint yourself with, and one that will give you the most value.

It sticks out a mile that the later parts in this article would be me telling you why AE Sexy online live casino Malaysia is the best lifelong part-, I mean, online gaming site you have come across. Not to forget the reasons you ought to sign up as a member pronto after you finish with this article.

But before I dive right into persuading you with facts, let me enlighten you with a resourceful lesson on how to choose the right live online casino Malaysia for yourself.

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How to Choose the Right Online Casino Malaysia

Before you sign up excitedly, only to get let down by random things, it is a good practice to ask yourself the following questions:

(1) Does the online casino accept players from Malaysia?

I know, you might have gone ‘abuden’ for a second there, but before you become a member, it is always good to make sure that the online casino you have selected accepts local players.  

There are a lot of grey areas in Malaysia when it comes to the matters of betting, and some respectable online casinos may not accept players from a country with a condition like ours. In some cases, an online casino will let you register and deposit, but when it comes to withdrawing your payout, it could be troublesome because you may be required to show proof of your citizenship.

To save yourself from difficulties, reach out to the customer support of the online casino you have picked and ask them if they allow you to sign up, make a deposit, play, win, and cash out your winnings.

(2) Is the site trustworthy and credible?

A good number of online casinos in Malaysia are legitimate. However, there will always be bad sites that spoil the market. Here are some bad practices of an unreliable casino site:

(a) It is not willing to pay 100% of your winnings and comes up with reasons that prevent you from receiving the whole sum

(b) It offers low Return to Player (RTP) rates

(c) There are unreasonable wagering requirements to comply with

One of the ways to prevent yourself from falling victim is to read reviews about your preferred site. And don’t be alarmed if you come across one or two complaints, because they are indications of an authentic site! 

(3) What games does the online casino offer?

An online casino is no different than its offline counterpart in terms of the games. Only, online casinos have better varieties. Therefore, if you are exploring and trying to see which game you will be fond of, then you are in good hands.

If you have a go-to, like Baccarat Malaysia, slots, poker, or Roulette Malaysia, and don’t see yourself trying a new game, then there is no need to worry about finding a casino that has all types of games.

(4) Is the customer service prompt and professional?

Because the games take place virtually, having prompt and adept customer service is crucial. They are the first point of contact for players when they have questions to ask or issues to clarify. So, the faster they attend to the inquiries, the better.  

Customer service should be available 24/7, and preferably, via a live chat. It raises a flag if a site only offers support through email or phone. 

(5) Do the wagering requirements make sense?

All live casinos in Malaysia offer bonuses and promotions because it is one of the tactics to attract and retain players; some of these perks are so handsome, players can bet without having to fork out their own money. Players can also stay in the games longer without having to spend a fortune.

But to redeem these bonuses, players must fulfill a wagering requirement, a multiplier that stands for the number of times they have to play through a bonus before they can withdraw their winnings.

For example, if AE Sexy gives you a bonus worth RM 20 with a 5x wagering requirement, you need to spend RM 100 on eligible games before you can withdraw any pending winnings you have gained. If you don’t meet the requirement, AE Sexy can cancel your bonus and take away all of your winnings.

Some online casinos have such ridiculously high wagering requirements players are losing money instead of gaining them. To make sure the money you have invested is worthwhile and you collect your hard-earned winnings, take time out to read the terms and conditions, word by word. It is a heavy read, but if it is going to save you from any money-related hassle, it is worth the time!  

(6) Do you stumble upon issues navigating through the site?

If you are tech-savvy, but find the site hard to navigate, ditch it.

If the design of the site looks less than mediocre, ditch it.

If the site is slow to load, ditch it.

We know better not to judge a book by its cover, but if an online casino site is hard to go about, looks ugly, and loads very slow even if you have high-speed internet, it either has a low budget, weak or no developer team, or both combined.

(7) What are your deposit and withdrawal options?

A live casino often offers more than one payment method – bank transfer, online transfer, in-site wallet, and more.

It is not a deal-breaker if a casino doesn’t have your preferred payment method, but it will always only be close to perfect.

Now that you know how to choose the right online casino Malaysia, you are well on your way to becoming a smart player and can confidently recognize which site will bring value and entertainment to you, such as AE Sexy! In the following paragraphs, I am going to show you why choosing AE Sexy online live casino Malaysia is a safe and excellent choice.

Getting to Know AE Sexy – Live Online Casino Introduction

AE Sexy came about four years ago. Not a very long time, but because they are honest with their approach and great at what they do, it didn’t take them long before they matched up to their competitors and became one of the firsts among equal.

They gather skilful individuals from different industries such as technology, marketing, technology, arts, and more to form a team that comes up with crazy and eccentric ideas.

The result? Well. They have created the AE Sexy casino you are interested in learning more at this very moment and the go-to for thousands of other Malaysians.

Over the years, AE Sexy has expanded and built the Venus VIP Group in Macau, the Philippines, and Cambodia, which offers VIP lounges and UUPay, a bespoke currency exchange service. In Cambodia, bettors can visit the Venus Entertainment City brick and mortar casino.

Today, AE Sexy is famous for its high-quality lottery, Esports, and live casino games.

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AE Sexy in Becoming the Trendsetter – Live Dealers that Wear Bikinis Only

What happens when you have a team of really creative people, and they come up with crazy and eccentric ideas? You get an online live casino whose dealers wear nothing but bikinis only!

Yes, you read that right. Instead of the usual skin-tight dress, the live dealers in AE Sexy wear bikinis. They also let you choose which dealer you want to play your game with – Asian or Caucasian; cute and flirty or sexy and sultry.

Once you enter the game, they will greet you with the brightest, sweetest smile. As the game progresses, the dealer will do a little dance to the live music playing in the recording studio, blow you a couple of kisses, throw in a wink here and there to get the mood going for you. Such an idea is a breakthrough in the Asian online casino industry, and you will NEVER get this at a land-based casino.

The live dealers are no calang-calang people either. They undergo professional training to learn how to deal with the cards and answer your inquiries, which you can submit via the live chat.

And because they use some of the most advanced technologies in the studio, you can expect an impeccable streaming quality that will not lag or glitch.


What Kind of Live Online Casino Games Can You Play?

There are three categories of live online casino games you can choose:

1) AE Sexy

AE Sexy is the place where players can play the most popular live casino games in the company of sexy live dealers.

You can play Baccarat Malaysia, which comes in two varieties (classic and insurance), Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, and Roulette Malaysia. Each live game lasts about 22 seconds.

You can also notice why AE Sexy live casino games stand out in the crowd as soon as you enter the game room, with these three features:

(a) Interaction with the live dealers

Not only can you see them in bikinis, but you can also interact with them! You can start a conversation on the live chat box, and the live dealer facilitating your table of the game will reply to the camera.

On the side of the live dealer is a screen displaying her name and contact detail. If you would like, you can initiate a private conversation.

(b) Multi-table game system and Quick Bet function

AE Sexy clearly states the types of wagers you can bet on the screen. Besides, you can switch between tables quickly. Do so by clicking on the Change Table button on the right side of the screen. There is also a quick bet function. All of these can help you grab hold of any opportunities, place bets conveniently, and increase your odds of winning. 

(c) Road Maps

A road map helps players assess the history of a game, spot trends, and predict future results. You can find it at the bottom of the screen when you are playing Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo.

If you want to switch it up with another game, you can click on the Home button on the top right corner.

AE Sexy also uses icons to identify the Banker’s and Player’s trend. After each round of game completes, an enlarged visual will appear, showing the results. A voiceover will also come to play, announcing that either the Banker or Player has won.

Here’s a friendly reminder: Don’t play the games in front of your girlfriend or wife as they might get jealous!

2) AE Lottery

The AE Lottery comprises Thai lottery such as Yeekee, Thai Government lottery, Thai Quick lottery, Stock lottery, Lao Government lottery, and Hanoi lottery. There is also the China lottery.

Adding into the bargain are features like customized draw time, drawing analysis report, and self-drawn lottery.

*AE Lottery is not available in 9King

3) AE Esports

AE is one of the platforms that is dominating the Esports industry.

There are more than 5,000 online Esports and games to choose from, including mainstream ones like CS: GO, Dota, and League of Legends. What an impressive library!

Other notable features are such as:

(a) Having more than 60 payment channels

(b) Multi-languages to accommodate players worldwide

(c) Game prediction system

(d) Guaranteed steady live Esports streaming

*AE Esports is not available in 9King

Types of Bonuses and Promotions

There are different types of bonuses and promotions for new and existing AE Sexy members. Some of which are:

(a) Welcome bonus (for new members only)

(b) Daily reload bonus

(c) Weekly turnover bonus

(d) Cash rebate

(e) VIP daily reload bonus

(f) VIP weekly reload bonus

*bonuses and promotions are subject to availability

How to Become an AE Sexy Member

Together with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for players to navigate the site and flawless security systems, AE Sexy online live casino Malaysia truly offers an unprecedented gaming experience. And if you don’t see it for yourself today, you’re going to be missing out! Sign up as a member at 9King and stimulate your senses and wallet! Here’s how:

Step 1: On your search bar, type 9King. Click on the first link; it should state

Step 2: On the left panel, click on Register.

Step 3: Fill in your information, and proceed with the registration.

These three steps will register you as a 9King member. To enter the AE Sexy game room, follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the homepage, click on Casino on the top panel.

Step 2: Select AE Sexy game room.

Step 3: Key in your betting amount, and click Play; alternatively, you can deposit. If you are entitled to a rebate, click on claim Rebate instead.

With three simple steps, you can be part of the sexiest and hottest live online casino gaming community and play highly exciting games like Roulette Malaysia, Baccarat Malaysia, and more!