The Best Online Fishing Game 918Kiss Fishing Ocean King

There is no denying that the world we live in today is full of non-stop hustling and bustling. After a day’s stress and work, all of us could use some entertainment to wind down before calling it a day and resume the routine at the first break of dawn. 

There are all kinds of entertainment that we can take time off with, such as movies, TV shows, or books. If you prefer to have me-time over the weekend, then, there are sporting events, food festivals, recreational activities, and plenty more. 

What activities do you like to do to take delight in and get entertained the most? 

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918Kiss Fishing

The Merman of Ocean King is a strong one to take down, would you be the hero to do it or would other players defeat him? Let’s find out!

Do you have online fishing games on your list of entertainment?

Doing different types of activities will reward you with a different outcome, such as a better mood, a fitter body, improved skills, you name it. But there is one kind of entertainment that not only does its job at keeping you entertained for a long time, but it also wins you money. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, you ought to believe it because it is true! 

Online fishing games are, as the namesake implies, online games that not only keep you entertained for as long as you wish to play them but also let you win some handsome cash. 

What are online fishing games? 

Fishing games are some of the best online arcade games you can play. They are easy to learn, fun to play with, and most importantly, they reward you with a steep payout. 

And this is no gimmick from us to lure you in, but there were numerous times where players have received payouts up to RM 3,000 and more when playing fishing games from one of the best online gaming platforms, 918Kiss. The best part? They all started with a capital of RM 30 only. 

For a game that lets you play with a small amount, but churns at least 100x of profit in return, it is no wonder why fishing games are loved and played so often by players of all legal ages. 

How to play online fishing games? 

If you are familiar with how fishing games work, and you are reading this section of the article, you would probably laugh at how you were worried about learning how to play when you first heard about them with hindsight. 

If you are a new player, don’t worry, though. 

The rules for any fishing games are the same – the more fishes you shoot, the more you earn. And the rules end right here; nothing more, nothing less. Simple, right? 

When playing, you will come across fishes with different sizes, shapes, and values. The value of the fish you shoot is the value that you will be accumulating. You will shoot at the fish with cannons. There are different cannons that you can select, and each comes with different functions and abilities. 

The key to maximizing your return of investment when playing fishing games lies in picking the right cannon for the right fish. 

If you would like to learn more about how to improve your skills to win more money, be sure to stay tuned to our upcoming articles! 

918Kiss must-try fishing game – Ocean King

When you type online fishing games in the search bar, you will likely come across hundreds of results. Then you start scrolling and wonder how you can narrow down your options. Well, let us narrow down the options for you – pick Ocean King fish game from 918Kiss. 

To kickstart, you ought to know that with 918Kiss, other than playing Ocean King on your desktop, you can also play this fishing game on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop because the 918Kiss app is available for download. 

When you log in to 918Kiss on your mobile, you will see Ocean King on the first page of the game library. If you are playing the game on your computer, you can search for the game using the search bar. 

You will likely notice two games, which are Ocean King 海王终极版 and Ocean King 10000 炮. Both games are the same, except, Ocean King 10000 炮 has higher odds and will require more credits from players to play.

Ocean King 海王终极版 and Ocean King 10000  

As soon as you enter the game, you will see that the background of the game is not of an ocean, but rather, it is an underground sea cave with an illuminating green light. Other than the sea cave, you will also come across pink and purple crystal formation, deep blue ocean floor with the remnant of fossils, and a spiraling inferno cave that goes only downwards. 

The constant movement of the sea creatures makes the 918Kiss Ocean King fishing game that much immersive and true to life. Make sure you don’t get too distracted by it! 

Ocean King 海王终极版 and Ocean King 10000 – Understanding the game 

Before you begin playing Ocean King, click on the Information or Help icon. Upon clicking into it, you will find information on the paytable, game settings, game modes, game rules, special features, keyboard instruction, and more.  

1. Credit and odds setting 

When playing Ocean King, you get to choose from three credit and odds settings, which are: 

a) 100 times, x10 – x100 

b) 1000 times, x100 – x1000 

c) 10000 times, x1000 – x10000 

2. Fish odds 

There are all kinds of fishes in Ocean King. 

You will come across colorful species like anglerfish, killer whale, monkfish, clownfish, lionfish, flounder, shark, octopus, sea turtle, and plenty more. 

Each fish has its odds, the littlest one being x2, carried by a flying fish. The species you should look out for are the sea dragon, giant crab, giant anglerfish, octopus tentacles, giant crocodile, and Merman. 

Sea dragon: x100 – x250 

Giant crab: x100 – x500 

Giant anglerfish: x100 – x500

Octopus tentacles: x100 – x500

Giant crocodile: x100 – x500

Merman: x200 – x500 

The higher the odds, the more payout you will receive, but the harder it will be to kill the species. 

3. Special features 

How do you make an already-interesting fishing game more interesting? Add special features! These features in Ocean King will help you hunt like Roland Martin, the American pro sport fisherman, and win lots of money. 

a) Bomb crab: A savage crab, this is. As the name states, a bomb crab lets you release several bombs; the impact of the bomb is so strong, it can take down almost all of the fishes within the blast zone. With the bomb crab feature, you can also take down species with high odds. 

b) Magnet bomb crab: A magnet bomb crab works almost like a bomb crab, but it releases only one bomb. Similarly, any species that fall into the blast zone will add to your wallet. 

c) Nail crab: On land, we have the Snowpiercer. In the ocean, we have fish piercer. A nail crab releases a nail bomb which will pierce through the fish, and bounce off the edge, taking down other fish in the blast zone. 

d) Whirlpool fish: A whirlpool fish releases a whirlpool-like bomb. The affected area will develop a whirlpool, and it will suck all of the fish of the same kind.  

e) Chain lightning: When using the chain lightning feature, you ought to connect (chain) as many fish as you can. When you have, the chain releases electricity continuously and shocks the fish. You can only use the chain lightning feature on a snapper, clownfish, butterflyfish, flounder, lobster, spearfish, and octopus. 

f) Firestorm: If you trigger the firestorm feature, you can shoot for free for 30 seconds, and at the end of the 30 seconds, your payout will multiply. 

4. Cannon 

When you are playing Ocean King, you can switch between three cannons, which are the regular, high speed, and tracking cannon. 

5. Mode of cannon 

You can switch between two cannon modes in Ocean King, namely the lock and auto mode. The lock mode allows you to pick a specific species and shoot at it continuously, whenever it appears. The auto mode will continue to fire following the direction of your mouse cursor.  

These modes will come in handy when you want to keep the game going without having to keep an eye on it. 

How to play Ocean King 918Kiss fishing game

Ocean King is a multi-player fishing game, allowing four players to play simultaneously. When you are in the game, you will notice four cannons placed on the top and bottom edge of the screen. 

The digits shown beside your cannon is the credit you are accumulating in real-time. Each time you shoot, the credit will decrease because the bullets have value as well. To play, aim at the fish using the target and shoot.  

A tip for you: 

The bigger (higher value) species become harder to shoot when a school of smaller species swims together. When this happens, your bullet either only hits the smaller fishes or ricochets. 

Species with higher values are also harder to beat. You can shoot at them multiple times, but it is unlikely they will budge. Plus, species like sea dragon, giant crab, giant anglerfish, octopus tentacles, giant crocodile, and Merman swim in a peculiar manner, which adds to the difficulty of aiming and shooting at them. 

When playing Ocean King 918Kiss fishing game, make sure you: 

a) Pick the right cannon and change the mode accordingly to help you aim and shoot effectively. 

b) Utilize the special features to help you hunt down more fish at once and add to your payout.  

What other online fishing games can you play?

With the above, we hope it is enough to get you hooked and want to play Ocean King by 918Kiss! When you do, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. 

Other than Ocean King by 918Kiss, we would like to introduce you to some other amazing online fishing games from Spade Gaming – Fishing God and Fishing War.

If you would like to learn more about these fishing games, read up about it in our next article!